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Socio-economic and cultural impacts of light pollution
Záhejská, Regina ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
The theme is dedicated to a more and more current problematic of light pollution. The subject of this bachelor thesis is an analysis and evaluation of the present state of light pollution in the Czech Republic, where it is focused on a certain example of a sufficiently obvious occurrence of light pollution in practice. The aim of the thesis is the identification of important negative impacts of light pollution concerning to environmental, socio-cultural and economic with an application on a specific city in the Czech Republic, in which the occurrence of light pollution is greatest. The thesis results in the formulation of practical realizable proposals and recommendations for eliminating at least some of the identified negative effects of light pollution.
Economic potential of miner’s area Petr Bezruc in Silesian Ostrava
Ekrtová, Markéta ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
Many industrial activities are being shut down in the Czech Republic nowadays. Abandoned industrial areas are often situated in interested places with great potential and a question remains as to how to treat them in the future. The situation is regarded with a perspective that non-functioning industrial sites are reusable within the urbanized area of the city and it is not necessary to expand the inhabited area. This bachelor thesis analyses the economic potential of an industrial area situated in urban quarter, Petr Bezruc mine. Essential concepts for the topic are defined in the thesis. Furthermore, various approaches to industrial areas that no longer serve to the original purpose are introduced. These approaches are demonstrated on real examples which are carefully selected with regard to the area of Petr Bezruc mine in Ostrava. A suitable way of utilization is chosen using analysis and comparation as academic methods.
Brownfields conversion for cultural purposes
Hánová, Dominika ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Vořechovský, Jan (referee)
Abstract: The subject of the bachelor thesis is the identification and analysis of the factors of success of the industrial brownfields conversion for cultural purposes. The theoretical part is focused on industrial buildings, defines the legislative of protection of industrial heritage in the Czech Republic, including the ways of its financing; It also describes the processes and mechanisms leading to the formation of brownfields, as well as outline the possibility of their revitalization or conversion. In the practical part of the thesis, several concrete projects are analyzed for the conversion of industrial brownfields for cultural purposes in order to identify the specific conditions and factors for the success of their realization. The methods used in the work are structured and semi-structured interviews with project realizators, external observations, as well as research and analysis of available information and data. From this information obtained, the recommendations are presented at the end of the thesis for potential future implementers.
Analysis of Use of House of Culture in Přibyslav
Růžičková, Nikola ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on use of houses of culture built in 1948-1989 in the 21st century. Their position in the cultural infrastructure is represented by the house of culture in Přibyslav. The goal of the thesis is to evaluate the current operation of the house of culture in Přibyslav and to propose the appropriate changes for its future effective use. The theoretical part is focused on the building of the houses of culture after 1945, their functions and use related to the role of culture. Furthermore, it is focused on the situation of houses of culture after 1989 including actual statistical data. The practical part comprises the characteristic of Přibyslav, its cultural infrastructure and especially local house of culture. It includes the evaluation of its operation in terms of organisation, funding, propagation and program of events. Conclusion of the thesis contains a summary of the weaknesses according to the interviews with the representatives of the town and Kulturní zařízení města Přibyslav organisation.
Statues in Urban Agglomeration and Funding of Their Conservation and Restoration
Vašek, Pavel ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
In public space there are statues reflecting a social historical background of the society and through them we are able to understand processes and contexts of its region. The aim is a locations identification of the statues with focus on the Sokolov District and the analysis of funding of their conservation and restoration. The teoretical part of the Bachelors Thesis is the definition of terms, characterization of the statues through centuries and specification of their role in the public space, as well as description of conservation and restoration funding. The practical part is focused on locations identification of the statues within the bounds of the Sokolov District and the analysis of their fudning. Semi structured interviews with responsible public servants are used as a research method. The results are following: historical development has influence on locations identification of the statues and the municipality Sokolov does not practise the conversation of the sights the way that is responsible for and then are suggested recommendations for possible changes.
Conversion of industrial building into cultural site used for theatrical purposes and scenic dance
Tanzerová, Eliška ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Hucková, Barbara (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on conversions of industrial buildings into cultural sites which are used for purposes of theatre and scenic dance. The goal of the thesis is to analyze and evaluate condition of these real industrial monuments in the Czech Republic. Several selected objects are compared with examples from abroad and suggestions for improvement or opportunities for possible further development are discussed. The main objective of this thesis is a theoretical definition of industrial buildings and their categorization. Furthermore, the history of industrial heritage and the beginnings of its heritage protection are investigated. The thesis briefly summarizes transformations of the architecture which is related to industrial buildings primarily in the course of the last century. Further, the possibilities of transformation of industrial sites and their animation are discussed. Economical and socio-economic aspects of these aforementioned projects and possibilities of their new use are an important part of the thesis. The following practical part is focused specifically on the Ponec theatre and afterwards, similar examples of conversions in the Czech Republic are outlined. The aim of this practical part is to compare and apply the findings from the analysis of the historical, functional and economical aspects of this selected object from abroad into the example of the Ponec theatre.
Quality analysis of interpretative trails panels in Protected Landscape Area Český Kras
Kvačková, Barbora ; Kouba, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Lindner, Milan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to implement a qualitative analysis on interpretive trails, which are also considered part of local heritage interpretation. This analysis verifies if the authors of panels used recommendations published in two known methodologies during their preparation phase. This research is applied on eighteen interpretive trails in the protected landscape area of Český kras. In the practical part of this thesis, each interpretive trail has been evaluated by applying nine criteria. The outcome of the thesis is an evaluation of visuals and content composed on the interpretive trail panels for the purpose of attractive communication. The most significant deficiencies of the panels of interpretive trails in the protected landscape area of Český kras are quality of graphical design, whether the text communicates with the reader and if the text does not require linear reading. On the other hand, the most important strengths of interpretive trail panels are that the visual elements are always well connected to the content of the text on the panel and the text is easily read without specialised terms. The interpretive trail that has reached the best evaluation in the qualitative analysis is Vodácká NS Berounka. On the other hand, the trails with the lowest scores were NS Památné stromy Karlštejnska and NS Klonk-Suchomasty.
Urban development of the town of Lomnice nad Popelkou
Musilová, Barbora ; Kouba, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Lindner, Milan (referee)
This thesis deals with the urban development of Lomnice nad Popelkou and conservation areas within its territory. Describes the history of the city and examines causes of the current condition of the monument fund. Describes the efforts of the city representatives in buildings restoration, through the City Development Strategy for period of 2016 - 2023. This thesis assesses the extent to which this strategic document managed to respond to the condition of historic buildings and also the needs of city residents.
Microbreweries as a cultural economic phenomenon
Hlaváček, Václav ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis discusses the microbreweries in the Czech Republic from the perspective of economic and culture. The theoretical part presents the historical context of brewing, then the economic aspects and specifics of microbreweries. The practical part is specifically aimed at microbreweries in the region Podbrdsko, which are characterized and further analyzed with respect to the cultural importance within the locality. This work shows that microbreweries have potential in terms of municipality, especially in the field of tourism. For local residents is a microbrewery opportunity to develop local identity and awareness of the uniqueness of the place and the region.
Economic and socio-cultural implications of developing shopping centers in the historical centers
Maleikovich, Aliaksandra ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
The subject of this bachelor work is to analyze the impact of building large shopping centers in the historic core of the cities of Minsk and Prague, as well as to identify the existing problems and to design solutions. The work consists of two parts: the first part is a theoretical one, where theoretical knowledge, serving as a background for the practical part, will be processed with the help of expert sources. The second part is a practical one, it presents a choice of two shopping centers "Palladium" and "Stolitsa" and evaluates the consequences of their erection.

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