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Current mirror higher-order filters
Novotný, Matouš ; Herencsár, Norbert (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
Submitted work engages in suggestion of frequency-selection filters with usage of more active elements of the MCMI (Multi-Output Current Mirror and inverter). The preamble of thesis is applied to theory of frequency-selection filters and possible usage of them. The projected circuit layouts with the active elements are discussed in terms of the impact of parasitic properties of the real models. The part of thesis is numerical suggestion of found solutions, their simulation in suitable program.
Electronic data storage system
Valkovič, Marek ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Stančík, Peter (advisor)
The work presents the design and real world implementation of an information system serving as an electronic disk with web based access and administration. The task is being solved using the PHP scripting language and MySQL relational database management system. The study examines PHP and SQL databases, states basic facts and explains how they are connected to create one single complex system. Issues of an internet based payment system are being considered too. The proposed system features complete file management capabilities. Separate access rights can be set for individual users. The administrator of the application can display several interesting statistics. Results of the work are being demonstrated on the final web application.
Testing and charging of accumulator cells
Sršeň, Jan ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
Direction of the master's thesis is design and construct electronic device for testing available accumulators. Than there are in detail subscribe some metods of charging cells and their right usage to select type of cells. Also eventually problems that can become if the choice is false. Next part contains description of principles as several type accumulator works and their loading characteristic witch are important know for choose the best testing way. The most important knowledge is detection of stop point charging when accumulators are charged and following charging can be dangerous. Because there are more methods to detect this point so in thesis are overwrite. The most important part is design of tester. That is mapped to more segments witch communicating together. Controller part of intelligent tester contains ATmega128 microcontroller so there is present a passage of program code. Last section of master's thesis describe a physical consruction and explain division for smaller parts and hole process of tester function.
Design of security infrastructure for electronic archive
Doležel, Radek ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with design of security infrastructure for electronic archive. In theoretical part is disscus about technical resources which are based on security services and protocols and methods which are used for protection. On basics of theoretical part is designed model of security infrastructure and it is built in laboratory. Model of security infrastructure is based on Open Source Software and as safety storages for private user authentication data are used cryptographic USB tokens. This master's thesis includes design and construction of real infrastructure of secured electronic archive. In each part of master's thesis is put main emphases on security and clear explanation from the beginning of desing of model of security infrastructure for electronic archive to finish of construction.
Frequency filters using current active elements
Homola, Radek ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Koton, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master´s thesis is about MO-CF, DCCA and CC frequency filters with current active elements proposal. Current active elements, their features, structure and utilization are shown in introduction. A progress propose of universal filter is described in thesis. With the use of active elements has been established an universal filter with basic parameter changes capability (quality and limit frequency). SNAP software was used in this propose and the characteristics simulation have been done in OrCad-PSpice. For control changes of quality and limit frequency was used active element DCCA. The main circuit board of universal controlled filter was made with the EAGLE software. Created sample was measured for each type of filter, the different quality and limit frequency. These values were compared with simulated values of the filter.
Methods of access to PostgreSQL databases in .NET Framework
Henzl, Václav ; Kouřil, Jiří (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
The results of this work are two major projects - NpgObjects and PagedDataGridView. NpgObjects is a simple ORM framework to enable the mapping database tables to objects in the common language runtime. It contains a specially designed generator which generates classes in C# from information obtained from the database. These classes are mapping on the database tables one to one. NpgObjects allows all the basic database operations - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. PagedDataGridView is a component for displaying tabular data. In cooperation with NpgObjects can paginate database data and manage the flow of data into application. It provides a comfortable user interface, which can easily navigate between different pages of data.
Distance and area measurement techniques based on GPS
Konecký, Jakub ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of my dissertation work was to create an application for pocket PC with operating system Windows Mobile and touch screen, an application that would enable to position the current location of the pocket PC based on the GPS data, on distance measurement between two and more points of which the location is obtained from GPS, and on measurement of territory surface defined by certain number of points obtained from the GPS. The application also enables to display the characteristics of the received GPS signal, information about the number of visible satellites and also information about maximum deviation from positioning. In order to increase the accuracy of the positioning, an averaging function has been implemented. As additional function, a possibility of route location has been created. It measures the passed distance and records some other route characteristics. The application has been successfully tested on pocket PC E-ten M600+ and GPS receiver Navilock but it has been designed with general-purpose and should be compatible with all devices working with operating system Windows Mobile and touch screen. The text section of my dissertation work describes the positioning principle on the basis of satellites with known position, deals with the accuracy of these systems and describes few possibilities how to increase their accuracy. It also discusses the NMEA 0183 Protocol that is used by the majority of GPS modules for communication. The text section also describes several mathematic and cartographic calculations needed for realization of the application. In the end of the text section there is a detailed description of the created application.
The controlling of peripherals by the web interface of 8-bit microprpcessor system
Majerčík, Miloš ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with description and subsequent implementation of web interface and control device for selected periphery devices through the use of processor module RabbitCore RCM3700 which is based on microprocessor Rabbit 3000. The importance of web interface based control is currently raised because of higher customers’ claims. Interactivity of these devices contains wide range of services, from simple event communication by text messages to complex driving systems for home which create the base of intelligent house. The customer can choose either the complete and more expensive solution or self-created one. There are two possible ways of creation. The first way is through the use of personal computer. The second one, more complex but also more effective, is by single-chip microprocessor. In this thesis the second one way is used. The module with processor with build-in web interface was used. Description and the way of control are given for this module and also for selected periphery devices, the LCD and digital temperature sensors. At the end the hardware and software part of control device is designed on the basis of gained information. The thesis contains also its brief description.
10 port GSM relay switch with GUI
Bartulec, Tomasz ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Janovič, Filip (advisor)
System hardware and software design for a GSM switch with ten switching outputs, controlled via SMS. Description of used GSM module and its properties, feasibility and requirements, design and description of supply circuits for module outputs to relay outputs decoding, plug-in realisation of outputs. GSM module application software creation, remote SMS control requests implementation, sender's phone number check and information about completed requests by call-backs. Adding AT command to set up device. Development of web server providing control of switch throught Internet browser, solving communication between server and device, and data management. Testing of created SW and evaluation of final design from aspects of usage.
Solution proposal and analysis of properties of current operational amplifier in bipolar and unipolar technologies
Pawlas, Radovan ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Vrba, Kamil (advisor)
This master thesis is about current operational amplifiers and mainly about their internal structures and possible modifications of these structures. The Current operational amplifier consists of several elementary blocks and these blocks are shortly described and used in internal structures of proposed operational amplifiers. Basic elementary blocks of the current operational amplifier are current mirror, diferentional amplifier, current source, transimpedation amplifier and additional elements of a circuit. In this thesis, several elementary structures of the operational amplifiers are introduced. Each amplifier passed through the analysis of the circuit in software MicroCap 9.0. In this software is done the simple DC analysis of the internal structure of the current operational amplifier in connection with a feedback. The solution was focused on bipolar and unipolar technology for each connection. I deal with a method of feedback connection to the operational amplifier and explore real characteristic of the appropriate amplifier in the designed feedback. In principle this design has important influence to the resulting properties of the circuit. Within the analysis of the circuits have been found, how each current operational amplifier works in a defined current range. Every type of surveyed amplifier is closely described, the internal structure is depicted and graph of current transmission of amplifier is shown. At the end of this thesis the amplifiers are compared and there are introduced their advantages and disadvantages.

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