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Statistical aspects of nuclear collective dynamics
Macek, Michal ; Cejnar, Pavel (advisor) ; Kvasil, Jan (referee) ; Mareš, Jiří (referee)
The current PhD thesis presents a collection of selected articles related to the theoretical and numerical study of low-energy collective dynamics of atomic nuclei. The articles were published or recently submitted to international physics journals and were authored or co-authored by the author of the thesis. The eects in collective dynamics have been studied within the framework of two common models-the interacting boson model (IBM) and to a lesser extent the geometric collective model (GCM). The "statistical aspects" in the title relate predominantly to the interplay of ordered and chaotic behavior observed in properties of quantum eigenstates as well as in the classical limits of the models. The main attention was devoted to correlations between the measures of regularity/chaos and the presence of exact and approximate dynamical symmetries. An important subject of the studies were also the relationships between the properties of the classical and quantum solutions of the models both in the integrable regime as well as in the mixed regime containing elements of regularity and chaos simultaneously.
Hypernuclear production in K--stopped reactions
Krejčiřík, Vojtěch ; Kvasil, Jan (referee) ; Cieplý, Aleš (advisor)
The thesis focuses on -hypernuclear production induced by K meson stopped at an atomic orbit. Calculations are performed within the framework of the distorted wave impulse approximation. We use a microscopic model based on chiral perturbation theory for the description of the elementary kaon-nucleon process. The use of the microscopic model is one of the assets of the present work. Another novelty is a proper treatment of the pion distortion in the eective nucleon density available for the reaction. We consider several kaon-nucleus and pion-nucleus potentials. We study various eects on the capture rate of the reaction. We compare our results with experimental data and with previous calculations. Although our results are closer to the experimental values then the results of previous authors, the agreement with experiment is still unsatisfactory.
Study of exotic hypernuclei
Posolda, Petr ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Kvasil, Jan (referee)
The thesis focuses on the study of properties of exotic hypernuclei, particularly of beryllium, carbon, oxygen and neon isotopes with and hyperons. Calculations were performed in the framework of the relativistic mean field theory (RMF) where a (hyper)nucleus is treated as a system of Dirac spinors (nucleons, hyperons) interacting via (mean) meson fields. The exotic hypernuclei were considered as axial symmetric. Up to now, hypernuclear calculations have been performed under assumption of spherical symmetry. This work thus extends hypernuclear calculations to the region of exotic, generally deformed systems. For the above nuclei, the numerical calculations of the binding energies and root mean square radii were performed. Moreover, we studied influence of the tensor interaction between meson and hyperon on the spin-orbit splitting. The results confirmed that the presence of the hyperon increases values of the binding energy of a system and on the contrary, it decreases its root mean square radius. We studied the possibility of the existence of the hyperon bound states in a nucleus. For the above isotopes, no bound states were found for the + hyperons. On the other hand, weekly bound states of the - hyperon are predicted for several isotopes.

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