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Load bearing reinforced concrete structure of multipurpose building
Kudrna, Jiří ; Krůpa, Pavel (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
This work deals with the structural solution of reinforced concrete floor slab, deep beam and its support of multipurpose building. The structure is designed and assessed in according to valid standards. The continuous one-way slab is analyzed by Finite Element Method, deep beam is solved by Strut-and-Tie model.
Changes to the contents of proline and relative electrolyte leakage of the selected genotypes of poppies depending on the influence by low temperature
Kudrna, Jiří ; Hnilička, František (advisor) ; Orsák, Matyáš (referee)
The object of this thesis is to study the effect of low temperatures, proline content and relative elektrolyte leakage in a selected range of varieties of opium poppy. Experiment included 18 poppy varieties with different contents of morphine. Poppy seeds for this experiment were provided by GB Oseva Pro s r.o., o.z.VÚO Opava a Český mák s.r.o. Poppy seeds were sown in containers of a size of 7,5x7,5 cm. Used cultivation medium is mixture of garden substrate A with quartz sand in a ratio of 2: 1. Plants were grown under controlled conditions in grow chamber Conviron E8. Before starting the experiment, the temperature was at 10 ° C during day and 5 ° C over night. Light cycle was 13 hours light and 11 hours darkness. The maximum value of irradiance was 800 micromol. The experiment was initiated in phase of rosette develoment. At this developmental stage were the plants exposed to frost temperatures (-5 ° C) over night and chill temperatures (10 ° C) duringthe day. After a week the plants were regenerated for 1 week at 5 ° C over night and 10 C during the day. All tested plants were in two day intervals measured of proline concentration after exposure to low temperature stress. At the same intervals as proline, were measured the values of relative elektrolyte leakage (Rel%).The obtained results show that the influence of low temperature causes increase of proline level. Control winter-crop variety Zeno exhibited the high kontent of proline (693.33 microg.g -1) in comparison with the spring poppy varieties. After regeneration were afected varieties Lazur, Opal, Buddha, Korneuburger Weisser, Aplaus, Major, Sokol, Zeno reduced the content of proline under the influence of higher temperatures. On the other hand the varieties Ofeus, Tatranský, Opex, Orbis, Maraton, Florián, Marianne and Albin were reversed with an increase of proline level. Proline concentration levels were constant and unchanged in case of varietes Postomi and Akvarel. Values of relative elektrolyte leakage were increased proportionately with length of exposure to low temperatures on the tested plants. The lowest value of membrane damage was after exposure to low temperatures observed in case of variety Zeno (23.53%). In the case of spring varieties was lowest membráně damage estimated in a variety Korneuburger Weisser (44.88%), while the highest was in the variety Orfeus (53.15%). It demonstrated the different responses of individual poppy varieties at low temperature. Most sensitive to low temperature were varieties Orfeus, Postomi, Akvarel, Orbis, Sokol and Marianne. As less sensitive to stress caused by low temperature seems to be spring varieties Opex, Buddha, Korneuburger Weisser, Albín.
Network Game: Destroy the Submarine
Kudrna, Jiří ; Řezníček, Ivo (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis describes the design and the implementation of the 2D network game "Destroy the submarine". In this game each player controls his submarine and tries to destroy the submarines of his opponents. The game can be played by more players via the computer network or on one PC. The application is developed in the C++ programming language with the help of the Qt framework. It is a multi-platform application.
Load bearing reinforced concrete structure of administration building
Kudrna, Jiří ; Kadlec, Jaroslav (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
This work deals with structural solution of two-way column-supported slab cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slab. The structure is designed and assessed for ultimate limit state in accordance with ČSN EN 1992-1-1: Design of concrete structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings.

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