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Evaluation of Low Noise Stone Mastix Asphallt with CRmB
Zavřel, Tomáš ; Frýbort, David (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The aim of diploma thesis is to design mixture SMA LA 8 with crumb rubber modified bitumen (9,9 %) and a modifier additive TecRoad (22 %) and the test of water sensitivity, the resistance to permanent deformation and to frost cracking, the determination of the stiffness and fatigue characteristics. Test methods are described and evaluated.
Pavement Long-term Evaluation with Recycled Base Course
Kadlubiec, Janusz ; Urbanec, Květoslav (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
My work deals with monitoring communications sections, which were renovated zrecyklováním existing surface. I documented these communications and to assess their condition after the time of use. Subscribed sections I put into the database PMS.
Double Layer Porous Asphalt with Aspahlt-rubber Binder
Klimeš, Petr ; Hegr, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The possibilities of double layer porous asphalt usage and rules for design of porous asphalt mixtures are introduced in this work. The porous asphalt mixtures PA 8, PA 11 and PA 16 are designed with different content of asphalt-rubber according to Marshall Test method. The water sensitivity, drainability, particle loss of these PA are determined. The permanent deformation and drainability of double layer PA 8 and PA 11 were also determined. The possibility of usage of this double layer porous asphalt with expected decreasing of traffic noise was proved.
Evaluation of Motorway Intersection Ramps Surface Skid Resistance
Kachtík, Jiří ; Mališ, Luděk (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the master´s thesis is to evaluate the current measurement of skid resistance road surface properties of selected interchanges. Assess their development depending on the type, speed and number of vehicles, type of asphalt wearing course, directional and height ratios ramps of motorway intersections.
The Prediction at Capital Markets
Kudrna, Jan ; Jiří,, Polách (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the utilization of artificial intelligence methods for prediction at capital markets and includes project of utilization of the chosen parts of chaos theory and artificial neural networks for prediction at capital markets.
The influence of test specimens preparation and instaling of grid on low temperature characteristics of bituminous mixture
Sklenář, Jan ; Dašek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
This thesis was focused on studying of asphalt mixture behaviour with Crumb Rubber modified Bitumen at low temperatures. The work is divided into practical and theoretical part. The practical part is focused on manufacturing of test specimens and using of thermal stress restrained specimen test according to ČSN EN 12697-46. The literature review, description of the specimens manufacturing process and analysis of the measured values are introduced in the theoretical part of the work. Three kinds of test specimens were manufactured from one asphalt mixture.
MSCR test in dynamic shear rheometer
Střasáková, Monika ; Coufalík, Pavel (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The laboratory properties of bituminous binders in relation to permanent deformation are described in this bachelor‘s thesis. The principle and procedure of MSCR test will be explained in the theoretical part. The principle of empirical tests (needle penetration, elastic recovery and softening point) will be also described. The properties of four bituminous binders will be evaluated in practical part. The comparison of binders will be performed based on test results.
The comparison of needle penetration and cone penetration test of asfalt rubbers
Sychra, Martin ; Dašek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The laboratory properties of crumb rubber modified bitumens (dynamic viscosity, needle penetration, cone penetration, softening point, resilience and elastic recovery) are determined in bachelor’s thesis. The relationship between these properties is described.
Load bearing structure of administrative building
Kudrna, Jan ; Perla, Jan (referee) ; Šimůnek, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design and assessment of reinforced concrete load bearing structure office building of two floors above ground and one basement floor. During the design were appropriately combined manual idealized models solved structures with complex models of selected parts of the structure calculation by finite element method. Were assessed elements: locally supported ceiling structure above the first slab above, three reinforced stairs and beam. All selected elements were assessed at the ultimate limit state, reinforced concrete slab and the serviceability limit state.
The influence of crumb rubber content on low temperature characteristics of bituminous mixtures
Doležel, Václav ; Dašek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is the design of asphalt concrete for very thin layers with crumb rubber modified bitumen and the perform of low temperature characteristics tests according to ČSN EN 12697-46 standard.

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