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Nanofibre medicated membranes 8.
Kučerová, Iveta ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Berka, Pavel (referee)
Thesis in theoretical part provides an overview of oral drugs in the biopharmaceutical point of view. It describes the main difficulties of this application route and presents selected facts about new approaches to improve the bioavailability of poorly absorbable substances. These approaches, in recent years, also use nanofiber membranes. The experimental part focuses on the in vitro evaluation of diamine delivery from nanofiber membranes in vehicle buffered at pH 7.4. The tested membranes contain the active substance in three graduated concentrations (20%, 30% and 40%), and specifically differ in basic weight. To evaluate the delivery the fluxes of diamine witin the first linear section of delivery are used, the percentage of substance released within 60 minutes was used to the evaluation of releasable proportion of diamine. Determination of diamine was performed by HPLC. The release of nearly all releasable diamine amounts were always obtained in 15 minutes from the beginning of release. The release rate of the diamine from nanofiber membranes is high. Important, however, is the finding that the rate of drug release is not probably significantly dependent on the drug concentration in the nanofiber membrane, but it is significantly influenced by the basic weight of membranes. The variability...
Terms of expansion of selected organisation into international market
This thesis describes the selected organisation. There is presented a SWOT analysis of the company in this thesis. Describes the terms of expansion of selected organisation into international market, specifically for entry into the German market. The result is a proposal for the application of the chosen company to market a full description of the situation on the market.
Sales promotions and their use in T-Mobile Czech Republic
Kučerová, Iveta ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Schejbal, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes the theoretical basics of sales promotion as part of marketing and commercial communications in general and in particular as applied in the practical example of T-Mobile. The work also evaluates T-Mobile's Christmas campaign and its use sales promotion tools. This assessment is based on my own research and analysis, the results of which are compared to T-Mobile's own analysis of the campaign. Finally, the thesis presents possible solutions for future campaigns.
Analysis of the competitiveness of small business
The bachalorś thesis is described and characterized by a particular small business. Furthermore, its competitiveness, competitiveness analysis, and analysis of its major competitors. Based on a comparison of the chosen company to the competition is based on a proposal to improve business competitiveness and market position.

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