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Monetary policy and exchange rate commitment of the Czech National Bank
Králová, Lucie ; Burian, Stanislav (advisor) ; Milan Robin, Milan Robin (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to value the effect of the exchange rate policy of the Czech National Bank on the internal economy. In this case, exchange rate policy means the introduction of foreign exchange intervention, which was joined by the Czech National Bank in November 2013. In the theoretical part is the most attention paid to the foreign exchange market, foreign-exchange interventions, which are among the indirect monetary policy instruments. There are also described the functions and roles of the central bank. In the practical part of the thesis is an analysis of macroeconomic developments in the Czech Republic and other selected European countries. There is the comparation which allows to evaulate the realized exchange rate policy of the Czech National Bank. This part of the thesis are also discussed possibilities deadline for the completion of the exchange rate commitment and its form. The last chapter includes opinions of respected economists and organizations on exchange interventions.
The map od the parnassian Poetry: Vrchlický, Čech, Zeyer
A goal of this work is reception of the parnassian poetry since it's first publication up to 1945 and create a summary of collection of poems by three mentioned authors (Vrchlický, Čech, Zeyer) with the aid of Lexikon české literatury and Caslin database. For each author is created a separate file with graphic representation. The work also affects frequency of publication of individual titles, changes receptionists accents in time and annotated summary with the main tendencies of the researched phenomenon.
Patients´ rights and duties from the point of new legislation view.
The health care in the Czech Republic has recently undergone significant changes that have led to higher quality of care and greater patient satisfaction. But the truth is that despite the widespread availability and relatively high level of health care there still are some shortcomings, especially from the point of the use and implementation of the patients´ rights and duties. If a person finds himself in the role of the patient, it is obvious that he feels vulnerable and is worried about one of the most important values of his life, which health undoubtedly represents. Thus, if a patient puts his health into the doctor's hands, he should be sure that with him will be act on the basis of a relationship and not a paternalistic. Knowledge of rights and duties of patients is therefore particularly important in terms of strengthening the equivalent relationship between doctor and patient. As a result of consistent compliance with the various rights and duties are reduced risks that threaten during hospitalization and increased patient satisfaction with the care provided. At present, legislative regulation of patients´ rights and duties in the Czech Republic is based on the Constitution of the Czech Republic and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms, however one of the most important legal documents relating to the issue is the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, which aims to safeguard human dignity and human rights and freedoms of the individual with regard to the application of biology and medicine. An important milestone in this issue also became Act no. 372/2011 Coll., on the provision of health services, which entered into force on 1st April 2012 and replaced the Act no. 20/1966 Coll., on Health Care. This diploma thesis, as the name implies, deals with patients´rights and duties, while the analysis of the issue focuses on new legislation. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In the introduction to the theoretical part, some basic concepts related to the topic are firstly defined. Following chapters deal with the legislative anchoring of medical law as a whole and selected principles of medical law. The last two chapters, in direct relation to medical legislation, deal with patients´actual rights and duties. The practical part is focused on the research knowledge of rights and duties of both the patients themselves as well as healthcare workers. It is based on qualitative research methods conducted through the semi-structured interview. The research simple group consisted of six respondents from the general public, and six surveyed healthcare workers. The task of this section is to bring current knowledge concerning the overall awareness of patients´ rights and duties. The aim is to analyze the current legislation of the issue and map knowledge of patients´ rights and duties in both the lay and also professional public. The research shows that public awareness of patients´ rights and duties, despite their new anchor in Act no. 372/2011 Sb., about health services, has not increased far enough. Although at first glance the general knowledge of the issue, the public, on their own initiative does not seek to increase their knowledge of their rights and duties in relation to the providers of medical services. In contrast, awareness of health professionals regarding patients´ rights and duties is at the good level, but this can be attributed mainly to the fact of their daily movements in the field of the issue. This diploma thesis presents actual information about patients´ rights and duties from the point of current legislation view. At the same time it maps the knowledge of patients´rights and duties and healthcare professionals and points to the broader psychosocial context in the issue. The results can therefore be used both to improve public awareness of their rights and duties, as well as the education of all staff in the assisting professions.
Communication Strategies of Municipalities of the Second Grade
Králová, Lucie ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to suggest the appropriate communication strategy of selected municipality, in this case the municipality of Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts in the field of communication and communication strategy. The practical part consists of the analysis of the contemporary status of the communication strategy of the selected municipality. This analysis describes the municipality and analyses the ways of the municipal communication with the target groups and means of the communication used to do so. The second part of the practical part is a survey focused on the citizens´ contentment with the municipal communication. The survey is subdivided into the five component aims. Based on the analysis of the communication strategy and the survey, the complex communication strategy of the municipality Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou is formulated. It consists of a SWOT analysis, proposal of the communication strategy and its realization.
Access physiotherapy in disorders of postural stability in patients with multiple sclerosis
The bachelor thesis summarizes the current knowledge of multiple sclerosis. The object of my thesis was to choose the appropriate physiotherapy procedures to influence postural stability in patients with multiple sclerosis. In the theoretical part of it I have dealt with the current situation of the problem, then with ethiopathogenesis, symptoms, pharmacological and rehabilitative treatment. Then I dealt with the functions of the deep stabilization system and methods which can be used to work with. These methods were chosen with regard to the diagnosis MS. The research section includes casuistry of three patients. The kinesiology examination is supplemented by testing in posturograph which patients undertaken at the beginning of the three-month therapy and after its completion. This section contains actual status of the patients, their medical history, designs short-term rehabilitation plan, a description of rehabilitation and long-term rehabilitation plan and overall assessment of therapy and research. The whole research took place over a period of three months. Two patients attending for treatment in a rehabilitation clinic in J.Hradci, therapy third patient was at home through briefing. After three months of therapy, I evaluated the effectiveness of exercise based on the input and output tests, balance tests and examinations on posturograph. I also took into account the patients' subjective feelings. Physiotherapy had an impact primarily on the breathing stereotype and better postural stability when standing. Furthermore, the psychological state of patients also improved. Physiotherapy may interfere with some clinical symptoms of MS. It helps to improve the quality of life, improve self-sufficiency and engage individuals in active life. However, we have to expect short-term effect and that it is necessary to rehabilitate all the time. Also, we must continue to adapt to the development of the disease and the current condition of the patient.
Some possibilities of use of social networks in the field of e-commerce?
Králová, Lucie ; Sova, Martin (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe favourite social networks and the types of advertisement that are provided on those networks. In the second part is explained the term e-commerce and describe its various kinds. The practical part is dedicated to behaviour of chosen e-shops on the social network Facebook and as a result of analysis is proposed marketing communication and advertisement for a model e-shop.
Analysis of selected cartographic work
This thesis Analysis of selected cartographic work deals with the analysis of the state map work, that is cadastral map. The work represents the past and the historical development of this work until today, as produced in the present, its classification, description, forms and applications, what function it performs and accessibility to data, which we can determine from it. The main part is devoted to describing the content itself cadastral map in terms of geodetic and cartographic foundations.
Evaluation of the breed of sheep production Merinolandschaf
The aim of this work is to evaluate the levels of production traits in sheep breed Merinolandschaf. Evaluation of the effect of selected factors on commercial properties in the herd of the breed. This thesis mainly focuses on the effect of age ewes, rams line at impact, influence the frequency of newborn lambs on production indicators. The evaluation of these properties were used data from performance tests and evidence from past years. The thesis should clarify some advantages in breeding should point out shortcomings and problems that occur in the breed while providing solutions to improve the situation in the selected breed. In 2009, the percentage of fertilization to the lowest value of 77.1. The performance tests from 2006 to 2012, we can see that the percentage of fertility by 2010 rising, thanks to the experience breeder. Average intensity of the years 2006 - 2012 was 120.9%. Thanks to the year 2009, the average number of weaned lambs from ewes low number of 107%. Minimum number of weaned lambs in 2009 and to 77.1% and the maximum number was reached in 2010 - 123,4%. Average weight of lambs at birth breed Merinolandschaf for the period was 3.41 kg and 100 days of age 22.55 kg. When comparing fertility ewes depending on their age were detected statistically significant differences at the level p < 0.001 yen sheep aged 5 and 7 year olds. When evaluating the impact of fertility ewes depending on the line of ram, a statistically significant difference at moderate level of p < 0.001 > 0.01 MACEK between lines and between the lines and MESTEK MAGOR and MESTEK. Highest percentage of sheep with singleton was achieved in 2010 and the lowest percent in 2009, while in 2009 it achieved the highest percentage of sheep with twins and multiple litters. Based on the results it can be stated average level of breeding. About this fact testifies above all to achieve reproduction indicators, which were compared with countrywide results.
Burnout Syndrome in Assisting Professions
This Bachelor work deals with the burnout syndrome in assisting professions focusing especially on the personality of the special educator. The introductory part defines the concept of the burnout syndrome and describes its historical development. It also presents the risk factors participating in its origin, approaches the symptoms that may occur during the burnout syndrome and distinguishes it from other mental conditions. The issue concerning the possible prevention and treatment of the already identified burnout forms also an important part of the work. Finally, it deals with the characteristics of assisting professions and with the occupation of the special educator. The practical part is devoted to the research of the burnout syndrome at special educators who have had at least ten years of experience. It is based on qualitative research methods conducted through the semi-structured interview and completed by questionnaire enquiries. The task of this section is to bring current information about the situation concerning the burnout syndrome among special educators. The aim is to find out originating signs of the burnout in the above mentioned profession, and how workers realise their possible symptoms. Not least, the aim was to find out foreknowledge of special educators about possible prevention of the burnout syndrome. The research results showed that foreknowledge of special educators about the burnout syndrome is at a good level. The research also revealed that the symptoms of the burnout appear in cases of individual respondents but the risk is low-level. It was also shown that the respondents are aware of their symptoms. The only danger can be seen in the prevention of this phenomenon because the foreknowledge in this course is not sufficient. This Bachelor thesis can be used to inform both future and existing special educators about the burnout syndrome and its possible consequences. Furthermore, the work could serve as the basis for the burnout prevention or as an outline of treatment options for the burnout syndrome which has already developed.
Every other possible movie
Králová, Lucie ; Vachek, Karel (advisor) ; Kubica, Petr (referee)
I am trying to focus on the problems of documentary films throuht my own absolvent film.

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