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The Name Change Process in the Czech Republic
Stuchlá, Anna ; Sherman, Tamah (advisor) ; Kopecký, Jakub (referee)
Personal names are one of the few areas of language regulated by law in the Czech Republic. Name change then represents an often complicated process that is dealt with on various levels of social interactions. Language Management Theory is based on differentiation between language and metalanguage activities. These metalanguage activities are the subject of study, and are often called language management (Nekvapil, 2009: p. 1, 2). In language management research, theory also considers processes happening on micro-level of daily interactions, on macro-level of language-planning institutions, the way these levels interact with each other and even the linguistic, communicative and sociocultural dimensions of metalanguage activities. This is why it was chosen as a research method to describe the name change process, which is the major aim of this thesis. My research is based on an analysis of current laws and interviews with seven respondents who changed their names. The comparison of these two levels showed that the current norms are not based on common communication and may cause problems in everyday interactions. These problems are more related to communicative and sociocultural management, and therefore discussion with experts from these fields seems to be appropriate.
Marketing Analyse of the cultural website
Kopecký, Jakub ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe marketing analyse of cultural website The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part with initial expertise and the practical one with emphasis on the information about company, their competitors, customer analysis, SWOT analyse and Porters analyse. The thesis is based on literature and interviews with the founders of the company.
Argumentation in interaction: The sequential structure of accounts in television debates
Kopecký, Jakub ; Kaderka, Petr (advisor) ; Kraus J., (referee) ; Orgoňová, Olga (referee)
Argumentation in interaction: The sequential structure of accounts in television debates Abstract This dissertation concentrates on the sequential structure of argumentation in spoken interaction. The point of departure is the concept of argumentation as linguistic action based on accounting for a controversial position with the purpose of convincing listeners of its acceptability or in order to defend it when it is challenged. The dissertation's specific aim is to describe the interactional context of argumentation using material from TV debates. The study utilizes ethnomethodological conversation analysis combined with elements of argumentation theory. The objects of empirical analysis are the types of linguistic action in argumentation interaction (e.g. the call for argumentation or the challenge to a position or argument) and the means of signaling argumentation. The research focuses on the analysis of the sequential organization of the TV debate, including the system of turn-taking, and on describing the sequential contexts of the argumentation in this genre. Attention is devoted to so-called argumentative sequences, i.e. series of mutual argumentative responses (problematizations) by the debate participants. Also examined are other types of linguistic action which initiate argumentation by...
Utilizing of liquide biofuels for energy supply in the complex Technicka 2
Kopecký, Jakub ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
Theme of this thesis is utilizing of liquide biofuels for energy supply in the complex Technicka 2. This work is divided into three parts. The first part dealt with the issue of liquid biofuels, both globally and within the Czech Republic. In the next part are noted technologies for heating, power and cooling of of liquid biofuels. In the third part is noted evaluation of using cogeneration unit from Seva, a.g. for komplex Technicka 2 in different types of traffic.
Digital Technologyin a Staging Process and Performance
Kopecký, Jakub ; Tománek, Alois (advisor) ; Žižka, Tomáš (referee)
In my dissertation, I discuss the digital technologies as a natural part of society development. Therefore as a source of artworks subjects. Digital technologies have become commonly avaliable mean, which has transformed a society perception in many ways. What formerly remained hidden in the unrepeatable image of the past, has changed into record of a digital interpretation. We are recorded, shooting, detected, aimed, irradiated, x-rayed, scanned. Uniqueness and unrepeatability of a moment is defocused by the permanent illusional interpretation of information. If (our) technology is changing the way of our thinking, it also has to change theatre necessarily. And not only formally, but also internally , thematically. That is why I do not discuss digital technology as a mere practical tool, but I write about it as about the artistic instrument. First and foremost, I consider it to be a social and theatrical topic.

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