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Time management for Czech film producers
Homolová, Anika ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; MORAVEC, Václav (referee)
In my thesis I focused on time management issues connected to the workflow of independent Czech film producers. I was interested in specific ways producers’ job defines their time management and which methods can be used to help them in keeping their time under control. I have approached four Czech producers with related questions, analyzing the topic in a form of an interview. Based on their personal experiences I was able to create several models of efficient time management which can prove useful to other producers. I based my research on quality not quantity and because of that some of my results may seem subjective. That said I am convinced it was worthwhile to delve into this topic and use the experiences of production personas of Czech film scene as a base for my research and possible help for others.
Slivoňová, Juliána Silvie ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; VLACH, Jiří (referee)
The output of this work is the basis of a creative producer group independent of the public service television and narrowly focused on the senior spectator. It contains a description of the TV environment both from the producer side and from the consumer side. A detailed description of the target group is added on the basis of a comparison of available sociological research and a basic description of the five recommended programs for such a particular production group.
Documentation of Braking Traces Using a Camera
Kopecký, Štěpán ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
The diploma thesis describes the measurement and evaluation of braking traces in cars equipped by system ABS. The result of the work should contribute to improving the quality of photodocumentation of braking traces. To creating a procedure to eliminate as much as possible the loss of information during tracking documentation.
Film Industry and Audience Development
Pojarová, Karolína ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; Horák, Petr (referee)
A study with elements of research and culture theories dedicated to the theme of an involvement of film industry players in the audience development field. The work is aimed at film professionals predominantly and its goal is to present the potential of film literacy and its use for the industrial sector. Positive examples from the European audience development practice are mentioned in order to draw inspiration to the Czech environment. Last but not least, several ways of participation of Czech film producers and distributors in the audience development initiatives are proposed.
Audience preferences of the target group 65+ in the years 2011-2014 on the ČT1 and ČT2 channel
Slivoňová, Juliána Silvie ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; MYSLÍK, Václav (referee)
The content of this work is to define the relationship between viewer and TV broadcaster, to clarify the issue viewer's groups, with emphasis on the target group 65+. It is also trying to disprove the stereotypes that this target group is represented, as well as to map the preferences of the audience at the first and second channel of Czech Television and genre to classify the most successful programs in terms of the senior audience.
Evaluation of CNC Machines versus Conventional Machine in Condition Company
Kopecký, Štěpán ; Prokop, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis describes analysis of CNC machine in company. The analysis of CNC machine focus on economical benefits and compare CNC machine with conventional technology. After studying the technical literature and becoming familiar with CNC millling with contouring control and conventional machines of the company Alubra Ltd. and then product is compared.
Difficulties in the Czech horror film production
Kimlová, Jana ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; PRAŽSKÝ, Přemysl (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Difficulties in the Czech horror film production" deals with the evolution of the horror genre in the Czech Republic from the early period till now. The first part of this thesis brings a general definiton of that genre, considering the typical horror elements and conventions. Furthermore, in the second part, it looks deeply into possible reasons, which cause the lack of succes of inland horror movies, by taking account of the recent trends in the horror genre.
Theatre Movies
Doležalová, Kateřina ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; PRAŽSKÝ, Přemysl (referee)
The focus of this bachelor thesis is theatre movies. According to author opinion theatre movies are those which, adapts dramas and at the same time keep certain theatre techniques. The main part explains and describes film methods and their function in the narration. The next shorter part is dedicated to theatre it explores dominant principles and their forms of using. Author continues with brief summarization of differences between film and theatre. In the concluding part author explores two movies that he considers as theatre movies, trying to delineate how theatre methods influence film.
The Comparison of Czech and British Producer´s Association
Vorlová, Hana ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; VLACH, Jiří (referee)
Abstract: Bachelor´s thesis is named The Comparison of British and Czech producer´s association is aimed on comparison of aktivity and organization of Czech Association of Audiovisual Producers and British Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television. The aim is the comparison of two different associations by various aspect and assess the ways for improvement and inspirations for both of them.
Czech Producer and the Aspects of International Co-Production
Konečný, Lubomír ; KOPECKÝ, Čestmír (advisor) ; ULDRICHOVÁ, Helena (referee)
This master thesis is focusing on European film industry and on the position of Czech producer in this system. In the beginning is cinematography listed into the system of creative industries and there is a definition of what the producer is. Furthermore are presented the possibilities of financing of audiovisual work in local conditions, which is the necessity for potential co-productions. Significant part of the thesis is dedicated to the analysis of structure of European audiovisual funds, which are Eurimages and MEDIA Desk and producer?s networking. In the case study is described the history of growth of Danish company Zentropa which is one of the most successful European companies based on possibilities which offers European film market. In the end of thesis is in short view described the change of industry connected with entering of digital media and social networks to audiovisual industry.

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