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Model assessment of an influence of waste water treatment plant with GIS
Kočová, Iva ; Matějíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Komínková, Dana (referee)
The subject of this thesis is a description of various types of mathematical models aimed at the spread of pollution in the river downstream and selection of the most suitable type of model and design the new one with using MATLAB. The application of the model is performed on Karlický creek, where it will be put into operation a new wastewater treatment plant Vysoký Újezd. Using the assembled model there are presented three simulation studies showing the dependence of time on the concentration of nitrate. These are:  Simulation of accident of the wastewater treatment plant Vysoký Újezd  Excessive intake of nitrate caused sheet erosion from adjacent agricultural land  Combination of both simulations Individual studies present the effect of nitrate on the water quality in Karlický creek, which falls into two categories of protection, Český kras area and Nature Reserve Karlické údolí. The aim of the above simulation studies is to demonstrate the spread of the nitrate into the various compartments along the entire length of the watercourse, and to show the loss of the nitrate over time and to compare the effects of point and diffuse sources of pollution. The model is calibrated according to the samples taken in Karlík creek during the period from 30 June 2008 to 31.12. 2009th . The results of...
Optimalization of the coagulation process of surface water with high content of aluminium and natural organic matter
Pivokoňská, Hana ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Komínková, Dana (referee) ; Pitter, Pavel (referee)
7 ABSTRACT The submitted doctoral thesis deals with the optimisation of chemical treatment process of water with the high concentration of aluminium and natural organic matter (NOM). Natural organic matter in connection with the higher concentration of natural aluminium is the common components of some surface water in the Czech Republic. The high aluminium in water reservoirs can lead to the higher concentration of residual aluminium in drinking water and then it can cause some health problems. Both of these components can be removed from drinking water by chemical treatment process based on the destabilisation and the aggregation. Chemical treatment aims at the formation of aggregates that are separable by filtration through a layer of granular media. The efficiency of the NOM and Al removal is influenced by many chemical and physical factors (the reaction conditions under which the aggregation takes place, the type and dosage of destabilisation reagent, the reaction pH value, the mean velocity gradient, and the period of its duration). For this reason it is very important to optimise the condition of water treatment. The main problem is inadvisable type and dose of the reagent and unsuitable intensity and duration of mixing. Common water treatment technologies are based only on the reagent doses...
Impact of nitrogen on accumulation of Cs by Calla palustris
Benediktová, Eva ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Petr, Petr (referee)
This work deals with the evaluation of Calla palustris utilization for phytoremediation and clarifying how nitrogen influences the uptake of cesium from aqueous solution. The plants were subjected to nitrogen exposure, which consisted of five different concentrations of NH4+ and NO3- and 0.5 mM CsCl, for eight days. The greatest amount of cesium (13.5%) accumulated the plants without the addition of nitrogen, the smallest amount accumulated plants with concentrations of 6: 3 (3.9%), 8: 4 (3.6%) and 10: 5 NH4NO3: NH4Cl (3.5%). Calla has proved to be suitable for phytoremediation, however with the need for longer exposure. Besides these main hypotheses it has been moreover shown that the state of plants affected the uptake of cesium and that nitrogen influenced the condition of the plant. Further it has not been observed noticeable difference in uptake of cesium in roots and stems with leaves.
Impact of potassium on accumulation of Cs by Calla palustris
Poláková, Monika ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Petr, Petr (referee)
Environmental contamination with radionuclides is a growing problem in the world. Phytoremediation seems to be a suitable method for the removal of radionuclides from the environment. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of potassium on accumulation of stable isotope 133Cs and evaluate the suitability of plant species Calla palustris for phytoremediation. Plants were grown in a water solution in a greenhouse and after one week of pre-cultivation were exposed to stable isotope 133Cs (0,5 mM CsCl). Potassium was added in five various concentrations in the form of K2SO4. The level of cesium in plants was measured after 8 days of exposition. Plants without added potassium absorbed the most cesium (11,52 %). Plants with the highest concentration of added K2SO4 10 mM (3,45 %), 5 mM (3,62 %), 2 mM (5,57 %) absorbed the least. Higher 133Cs accumulation was measured in the plant roots than in the above- ground plant parts. Total uptake of cesium by Calla palustris suggests the possibility to use Calla palustris for phytoremediation.
Impact of road traffic on chemical status of the Chvalka creek
Nagy, Miroslav ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Jana, Jana (referee)
The aim is to assess the chemical status of a water course Chvalka in Prague before/after rain events and the effect of discharge from the Pražský okruh (Východní spojka) using laboratory analysis of water and sediment. From the results we can say that the creek Chvalka is heavily polluted by human activities before mouthing of discharge from Eastern clutch. These runoffs (except Cl) have on the physico-chemical indicators of water quality of the creek little or no influence. In contrast to the heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Cr and Zn), the highest concentrations were measured just at the locations affected by runoffs from Východní spojka. Sampling and laboratory analysis of sediments were for small changes in concentration overtime and time demands made only once. Because of little data to comparison can pronounce that runoff from Východní spojka have an impact on increased concentrations of Zn and maybe even Ni.
Impact of urbanization on ecological status of the Smržovský creek
Polák, Michal ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
This thesis handle with the ecological status of Smržovka stream, respectively handle with change of the ecological state of stream due to urbanization. Smržovka stream, concretely the right tributary of significant river Kamenice Jizerské hory Mountains rises in the Jizerské hory Mountains protected landscape area, which is almost intact due to water pollution and gradually flows through an urbanized area with a relatively high level of infrastructure and sources of pollution. For the ecological status assessment of stream were used the following three indicators: hydromorphological mapping, physico-chemical water analysis and evaluation of biological components of makrozoobenthos in terms of saprobity. The work provides information on water quality in the stream with that this unique data can be the basis for the study of other small streams that spring in urban mountainous areas.
Impact of antropogenic activities on ecological status of the Meredský creek
Rosypalová, Hana ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the evaluation of the ecological status of small watercourse Meredský creek situated in Central Bohemia. Meredský creek springs in the village of Záborná Lhota, runs through the village of Chotilsko and behind the village of Čím empties into the river Vltava. This creek is affected by the urbanization, in the catchment area there is continual livestock grazing and there are several bigger water areas and smaller ponds situated on the creek. The landscape is completed by the mixed and coniferous forests and meadows. The evaluation rate of the pollution was determined according to the selected physical and chemical indicators of the water quality directly in the flow or evaluated in the laboratory conditions, biological status was determined by the community of aquatic macroinvertebrates (saprobity index, ASPT index, BMWP score, Margalef´s diversity index) and hydromorpohological status (average status) was evaluated too. The final ecological status was evaluated according to the Czech State Standard 75 7221 and requirements given by the environmental quality standards. Concentrations of ammonia, total phosphorus, nitrates, chlorides, dissolved oxygen were accomplished as not meeting environmental quality standards. According to the saprobity index, ASPT index, BMWP score water quality is average. Meredský creek reached the 3rd Class of hydromorphological status. According to the chemical status final ecological status is established as not meeting the requirements of the environmental quality standards and general measures leading to the better ecological status are suggested.
Proposal of waste water treatment in small village Velké hydčice
Bambule, Luboš ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
This thesis deals with sewage disposal in the village of Great Hydčice. In this thesis I evaluated wastewater treatment. I summarized the main issues of water polluted treatment methods and types of wastewater treatment plants. From this overview section I then chose the most suitable treatment and waste water treatment for the community with regard to the financial possibilities and environmental requirements of the municipality. This choice I then added on the results of the questionnaire which indicates respondents awareness of the root wastewater treatment plants. Based on the data the result of the thesis can be applied to other small municipalities, with regard to the total population and the financial possibilities of the place.

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