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Old - new urban spa
Vítek, Filip ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The project is aimed on the solution for an old, funcionalist winter spa in the city of Brno. The conception implements contemporary spas taking inner physical environment into account. The desing also offers new alternative for racing swimming pool and a substitution for unsuitable Boby swimming pool in the future. People can experience complete renegeration process from swimming, over whirpool and steam bath, to calm stretching places and professional physiotherapist assistance.
Old - new urban spa
Měřínský, Michal ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The bachelor thesis covers the revitalisation of a winter spa and the extension of a swimming pool. The main idea is preserve the origin function of the urban spa.
Old - new urban spa
Porubská, Dominika ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The building of the former town spas occupies a leading position not only in the context of Fuchs's work, but also belongs to the top of European architectural avant-garde. Despite the unfavorable landscape conditions, realization of the Zábrdovice spa has created an environment of open sun and unlimited space, while preserving the undisturbed intimate atmosphere. The project is an impressive indicator of past building techniques and even today influences us with the atmosphere of the time of its origin. That's why it's sad that this monument is currently dwindling. The area is only partially used as a summer swimming pool. The building of the winter spa is devastating, it has a negative impact on its surroundings, destroying its potential. To survive must be the monument exploited. In order for the building to be used, it must respond to today's technical, dispositional, aesthetic and operational requirements. Here we have to address the issue of adapting the building to the present claim, often unfortunately at the expense of preserving historical value. Reconstruction of this functionalist treasure is a challenge for many architects. My endeavor was to find a compromise in which the building will adapt to the needs of people today, while retaining its functionalist spirit.
Castle Zdounky - conservation and restoration in the area
Franková, Tereza ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the present thesis is to carry out an architectural study for the reconstruction of the chateau complex Zdounky, located near Kroměříž in Litenčiče Downs. The chateau complex covers the area of ca. 9 hectares and consists of a four-wing chateau, a Baroque granary, a new farm building with an old orchard, and a large landscape park in the English style with a number of small-scale buildings such as a greenhouse, an ice house and other valuable and remarkable natural sites, for instance an old lime tree alley or a restored animal park. The proposal complies with the intention of the current owners, i.e. to use the complex as a centre for environmental education of the youth and to make it available to the general public with an interest in nature and ecology. Therefore, the main goal of the study has been to find an optimal urban-architectural solution in order to preserve the historic value of the buildings and at the same time allow the possibility of using them for their new purposes. The concept of the reconstruction is influence by the correspondence of the surrounding landscape, the place’s history, the historic value of the individual buildings and the morphology of the terrain. The whole complex is organized in order to give the impression of unity where all the functions are connected in a logical way. It was the division of the complex into public, semi-public and private zones that represented the main guideline for the present plan. The design of the reconstructed chateau includes the semi-public and private zones - it comprises both the educational centre with accommodation as well as the owners’ residence surrounded by a private garden. The Baroque granary is reconstructed and used as a museum. Additionally, a new orangery is added and its facilities used for a cider house (in the form of a small café) where local production commodities are sold. Both of these are open to the general public as well as the chateau park. Furthermore, the design includes a trail around the chateau. For the purposes of the present thesis, it was necessary to find and redraw the old plans, verify and document their true condition and measure the Baroque granary, whose documentation was completely missing.
The monument restoration Bratmann villas - Valašské Klobouky
Zámečník, Marek ; Kolouch, Jiří (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The Master's thesis comes with an idea of general renovation of the building and its surroundings of Elementary art school in Valašské Klobouky. To expand the insufficient and inappropriate space, the new building will be added to present monumental art nouveau Bratmann's villa which will be completely restored to its former appearance from year 1896. The thesis contains widespread analytic part aimed on theoretical preparation for restoration. The plan was to create harmonious changeover between the old building used for musical education and the new building used for the rest of the art education.
Residential House
Kolouch, Jiří ; Veselovský, Ján (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
Project documentation of house with inpact basement residential attic of HELUZ system, roofing roofs of cut roof.

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