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Breast cancer biomarkers after neoadjuvant therapy.
Skálová, Helena ; Povýšil, Ctibor (advisor) ; Kolář, Zdeněk (referee) ; Křen, Leoš (referee)
Chemotherapy is one of the basic therapeutic procedures of breast cancer (BC) which may precede and/or follow the surgical resection of a tumor as a part of neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapy. However, the selective pressure of chemotherapy on tumor cells may change their molecular and expression profile and thus also their chemosensitivity. The aim of our work was to document the expression changes of selected markers in BC after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, which may contribute to the understanding of the role of these proteins and genes in tumor response to chemotherapy and the development of chemoresistance. Immunohistochemical analysis of expression of standard BC markers [estrogen (ER) and progesterone receptors (PR), HER2 and proliferation activity (Ki67)] and intercellular junction proteins (claudin 1, 3 and 4, E- and N-cadherin) before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy revealed a decrease of PR, Ki67 and claudin 3 expression and an increase of claudin 1 expression. The expression of ER, HER2, claudin 4, E- and N-cadherin proved to be stable. Assessment of standard BC markers is performed routinely during a bioptic investigation as a necessary factor for therapy indication. Our results support the current recommendations for the re-examination before indication of adjuvant chemotherapy. Claudins...
Electro discharge machining with a focus on graphite and copper electrodes
KOLÁŘ, Zbyněk
The entry part introduce into the problematic of rework processes by molding injection tools for thermoplastic. Aim is necessity of change current rework process usage by electro discharge machining (EDM) technology.The theoretical part of the thesis describes the physical essence of EDM technology, the system of production of cutting electrodes and related issues. The practical part of work compare the process of production of copper and graphite electrodes with focus on production time and costs. The production parameters of the EDM process were analyzed and the wear of copper and graphite electrodes during the production process was compared. Main result of the thesis is an evaluation of the research activity, interpretation of the results of this activity and a proposal of measures to shorten the production time of the cutting electrodes and the time of the EDM machining by these electrodes.
Specific reading domain metacognitive strategies of the 5th grade elementary school students
Říčan, Jaroslav ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Škoda, Jiří (referee) ; Kolář, Zdeněk (referee)
This dissertation focuses on identification of metacognitive development levels among students in their year 5 in either (a) mainstream elementary schools, (b) elementary schools implementing Dalton education elements in their curriculum or (c) elementary schools implementing RWCT program in their daily activities. The main goal of the empirical study is to verify or disprove the thesis which states that the type of educational programme can influence the metacognitive development of a child in a specific reading domain. That is why author of this text examines the level of (a) the regulation aspect and (b) knowledge aspect of metacognition at research sample of 1103 students from different types of primary schools. The results of this study verify the hypothesis that the type of education program has direct influence on metacognitive development of a student: (a) students of RWCT elementary can better judge the relative effectivity of suggested strategies based on the task situation (metacognitive knowledge) and together with student from Dalton plan elementary schools they are able to (b) recognize false answers from correct ones and are also (c) more accurate in their error approximations of answers related to reading comprehension (metacognitive regulation). Students from RWCT elementary...
Selfevaluation of pupils during transition between 1st and 2nd primary school level
Dvořáková, Dita ; Kolář, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kasíková, Hana (referee)
The topic of my graduation final thesis is "Pupils self-evaluation during the children transfer from 1. to 2. level of a primary school (and teachers help with determining self-evaluation criteria). The thesis is composed as theoretical - empirical work. The mail goal of the theoretical part of my final thesis is to define main terms of pupils self-evaluation during the evaluating criteria formation and teachers help with determining self-evaluation criteria using didactical and psychological literature. The main goal of the empirical part of my final thesis is to map the occurrence of self- evaluation of pupils during their transfer from 1. to 2. level of the primary school. The empirical study was carried out during two years. It was focused on 5th grade pupils and subsequently their situation one year after- in 6th grade. The basic method was observation of educational process and the observation was completed by dialogues with teachers, pupils and the school director. The result is, that the self-evaluation at the first level of primary school is strongly taken into account and is used during almost all pupils activities. The situation on the second level of the primary school is different, the self-evaluation is only used by several teachers and there is no continuity between these two levels...
Motivational function of educational evaluation
Kubíková, Jitka ; Kolář, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (referee)
This thesis is focusing on school evaluation from the point of view of its specifics and functionality in regard to its motivation purpose. The findings regarding evaluation are shown in an independent chapter showing the positive and negative aspects of forms of assessment in practical application. Following chapter dealing with motivation describes needs in relation to school activities as well as brief explanation of causal attribution. More attention is paid to the achievement motivation, especially to characteristics of needs for achievement in relation to pupils' responses to mental stress in task situations. There are briefly mentioned some of the newer motivational theories and their application in school showing the possible modification of outer motivation to autonomy. Widely processed are methods and aspects of evaluation that support motivation and provide pupils with examples for self- assessment. Qualitative research is focused on assessment processes leading to positive motivation. Concluding proposition summarizes several recommendations for teacher in the role of evaluator. Keywords School evaluation, motivation, achievement motivation, self-appraisal.
The role of selected molecules in biologic behaviour of human breast cancer
Gojiš, Ondřej ; Mandys, Václav (advisor) ; Kolář, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kinkor, Zdeněk (referee)
The role of selected molecules in biologic behaviour of human breast cancer Abstract Ondřej Gojiš In human breast cancer the rate of immunohistochemical discordance between primary tumour and secondary deposits were reported to range from 28% - 42% for ER and was 17% for PgR. Depending on the study and techniques utilized, discordance rates of Her2 ranged between 0% - 37%. It has been showed that PAX2 competes with SRC-3 for binding and regulation of HER-2 transcription. Human breast cancers that were PAX2 positive and SRC-3 negative had the lowest recurrence rate, and the relationship between PAX2 and SRC-3, with regard to levels that determine relapses, were found to be inversely dependent. This suggests a transcriptional link between the two subtypes of breast cancer, namely ER positive and HER2 positive tumors. Immunohistochemical profiles were performed for 30 metastatic deposits using antigens for SRC3, Pax2, ER, PgR, Her2, CK5/6, Ki67 and EGFR. SRC-3 was positive in 66.6% of cases and Pax2 in 73.3%. No correlation was observed between the patient's age, cancer grade, histotype, lymphatic node status, and protein expression. Using all seven antigens, the primary tumor's protein expression differed from that of the brain deposits in 13 cases out of 14 (93%). Constant expression of SRC3 and Pax2 was...
Chinese education on the treshold of III. millennium
Ouroda, Karel ; Kolář, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Váňová, Miloslava (referee) ; Rýdl K., (referee)
This thesis study, on basis case study Chinese education, answer the question two fundamental questions, namely whether Czech and Chinese school system can probably be reciprocally communicate across insuperable dissimilarities and whether Czech and Chinese pedagogy cannot one another cooperate for invincible mutual dissimilarities. Like solution these questions it's possible submit, that reciprocal cooperation among school systems and partner exploitation piece of knowledge and experience in these direction it's possible and as well is the in mutual enrich oneself pedagogy of both country. As we are in Czech pedagogy till now miss systematic work about Chinese education, yet it can be at least document, that intrest with started display recent years in some faculty in Brno university, on where proceed preparation teacher middle vocational school and training centre. It's then together also about faculty non - teacher's. Is it in her essence intrest about comparative research middle vocational schools, where already was processing first scientific study those problems. On the other side of is necessarily acknowledge, that is going however only about final work supplemental pedagogical studies or bachelor work, sporadic also about diploma work The basically type school system in China is the classical model,...

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