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The use of stem cells in the treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Řehořová, Monika ; Jendelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Jiruška, Přemysl (referee)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease caused by degradation of motoneurons (MN). No effective treatment is currently available. Cellular therapy is considered to be a promising experimental treatment that could target the pathology of complex disease through many potential mechanisms. We compared the effect of three types of repeated applications of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC): intrathecal administrations, intramuscular administrations and the combination of these applications. Best results were obtained after combined repeated hMSC administrations. We observed the rescue of MN, neuromuscular junctions and decreasing levels of proteins involved in the signaling of necroptosis (Rip1, cl-casp 8), apoptosis (cl-casp 9) and autophagy (beclin 1), decreasing astrogliosis and the level of astrocytic connexin 43. Neural precursors derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (NP-iPS) are considered as other promising candidates for ALS therapy. Intraspinal administration of NP-iPS increased mRNA expression of BDNF and IGF-1, on the other hand decreased expression of proapoptotic casp 3. We also observed their effect on expression of components of perineural nets (PNN). Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) are the other cell candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative...
Design of a high-speed electrical machine.
Šolc, Martin ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to design of highspeed induction motor with power 30 kW, 60 000 rpm. In the beginning of the thesis basic problematic of highspeed motors, used materials and motor types is discussed. The practical part of the thesis concerns design of the motor itself, creating a model in ANSYS Maxwell software, performing several simulations and optimalization of the designed machine. In the last parf of this thesis each simulation is evaluated and the final model of the machine is introduced.
Finite Element Analysis of High Speed Induction Motor With Axially Slitted Rotor
Klíma, Jiří
This paper deals with an analysis of three phase, two pole high speed induction machine with axially slitted solid rotor. The finite element model of induction motor with axial slits has been developed and motor has been analyzed for several slips in order to get performance characteristics. Setting the simulation is crucial and will be discussed. All-important fields and performance characteristics are presented.
Design of Line-start synchronous machine
Lolová, Iveta ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor, because in these days the world focuses on energy saving more than ever. Line-start permanent magnet motors represents a possible replacement for asynchronous motors, which are the most used kind of motors and constitute one of the greatest energy consumption apparatuses in the world. The efficiency improvement of induction motors is usually achieved through design optimization of induction motors resulting in limited degrees of success. This thesis also thoroughly explains LSPMSM topology and compares properties of the line-start permanent magnet motors and asynchronous motors. This thesis deals with the design of line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor based on previously designed asynchronous motor. In the last chapter LSPMSM is investigated in RMxprt and Ansys Maxwell.
Increase of efficiency of a single phase induction machine
Muczka, Vojtěch ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to efficiency increase of one phase induction machine through material change of induction cage and rotor slot shape optimization under the condition of maintaining the same locked-rotor torque. In the first part of this thesis is the explanation of induction machine principles. Next is the comparison of measured and simulated parameters of small one phase machine from ATAS company. The following part is dedicated to the analysis of rotor slot shape and ring size influence on machine parameters when using pure aluminum instead of resistive alloy. The next chapter deals with slot shape optimization in the program RMxprt, controlled by genetic algorithm written in MATLAB interface. In the final part are the resultant slot shapes simulated in Ansys Maxwell using finite element method and then the measured, simulated and expected parameters are compared.
Line start synchronous machine
Kaczmarczyk, Ruben ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Klíma, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with explanation of the construction of a line start synchronous machine. Furthermore, the calculation of the asynchronous machine is made on the basis of the production documentation. The analytical calculation is done in the RMxprt program, then the calculations of both methods are compared. In addition, rotor adjustment of the specified asynchronous motor is performed, including the insertion of permanent magnets into the rotor. Ansys Maxwell program then optimizes and analyzes the engine, and also checks engine's start-up. Finally, the results are compared and summarized.
Following the phenotype development of TgHD minipigs by invasive and noninvasive approach
Ellederová, Zdeňka ; Baxa, Monika ; Vidinská, Daniela ; Bohuslavová, Božena ; Vochozková, Petra ; Šmatlíková, Petra ; Klíma, Jiří ; Valeková, Ivona ; Ardan, Taras ; Juhás, Štefan ; Juhásová, Jana ; Konvalinková, R. ; Klempíř, J. ; Pokorný, M. ; Krupička, R. ; Kauler, J. ; Hansíková, H. ; Motlík, Jan
Recent promising treatments for Huntington’s disease (HD) may require pre-clinical testing in large animals. In 2009, we generated HD transgenic (TgHD) minipigs with one copy encoding the N-terminal part (548 aa) of human huntingtin (HTT) with 124 CAG/CAA repeats integrated into chromosome 1 q24-q25. The successful germ line transmission occurred through four successive generations.
Oxidative stress in primary porcine fibroblasts expressing mutated huntingtin
Šmatlíková, Petra ; Askeland, G. ; Vaškovičová, Michaela ; Klíma, Jiří ; Motlík, Jan ; Eide, L. ; Ellederová, Zdeňka
Molecular events, such as protein aggregation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and transcriptional dysregulation have been linked to Huntington’s disease (HD) pathogenesis. Oxidative stress has been considered as one of the key players in disease progression. Though, it is still not clear whether oxidative stress causes HD, or if it is a consequence of other primary events.
Mitochondrial phenotype in minipig model transgenic for N-terminal part of human mutated huntingtin
Hansíková, H. ; Rodinová, M. ; Křížová, J. ; Dosoudilová, Z. ; Štufková, H. ; Bohuslavová, Božena ; Klíma, Jiří ; Juhás, Štefan ; Ellederová, Zdeňka ; Motlík, Jan ; Zeman, J.
Huntington’s disease (HD) is neurodegenerative disorder caused by an abnormal expansion of CAG repeat encoding a polyglutamine tract of huntingtin (htt). It has been postulated that mitochondria dysfunction may play significant role in the pathophysiology of the HD. But it is still not known yet in detail how mitochondria are able to cover energy needs of the cells during the progression of the HD.
Possibilities of improving efficiency of high-speed electrical machine
Nevrzal, Filip ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Klíma, Jiří (advisor)
First part of this bachelor´s thesis briefly presents basic construction and principle of induction machine, distribution and description of individual losses. In the next part, there is a close look at the measurement of given machine. Next, there is a description of making a model in RMxprt and subsequent comparison of simulated data and characteristics to measured data. Last part describes and compares proposed changes of this motor simulated in RMxprt.

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