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Investment evaluation of small hydropower projects in PRE
Kovaříková, Lenka ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Kuncová, Martina (referee)
In recent years the greater emphasis is placed on the renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Demand for renewable energy sources is supported by government incentives, which leads to an increasing pace of investment in this sector. Prices for electricity from renewable energies are far higher than the prices of conventional electricity. If the current trend continues, it is only a matter of time before they meet. According to this fact, PRE Company decided to invest in hydropower. This thesis deals with identifying of potential investment opportunities in small hydropower plants from the PRE point of view and the subsequent evaluation of these variants on the basis of multi-criteria decision making.
Evaluation of selected EU countries
Machková, Radka ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Kuncová, Martina (referee)
This diploma thesis targets the evaluation of fifteen chosen EU countries using the methods of multicriteria decision-making. The topic is elaborated from the perspective of a student of the University of Economics, Prague, who chooses a suitable country to gain experience abroad. Students' preferences are recorded in a questionnaire and grouped using direct weights estimation method. The ORESTE, WSA, TOPSIS, PROMETHEE II and MAPPAC methods are described in the thesis and applied to the data using an add-on of Microsoft Excel -- Sanna. Since the questionnaire contains a question on the students' subjective ranking of countries, it is possible to compare the two rankings (subjective and calculated) to determine whether they are comparable and the students' decision-making is consistent.
Heuristic and metaheuristic methods for travelling salesman problem
Burdová, Jana ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Zouhar, Jan (referee)
Minimal length of a travelling salesman's problem had been studied in this diploma these. Travelling salesman must come trough each place just once and then go back to the starting place. This problem can be illustrated as a problem of graph theory, such that places are the vertices, roads are the edges, distances of roads are the lengths of edges. The optimal travelling salesman's problem tour is the shortest Hamiltionian cycle in the graph. It is a classical NP-complete problem. There is no algorithm that solves this problem in polynomial time. This problem can be solved by using various approximation algorithms, they offer less time consumption and lowest quality than optimization. This diploma these had been dedicated to approximation algorithms, for example: nearest neighbor method, minimal spanning tree method, Christofide's method, 2-opt., genetic algorithm, etc.
An analysis of the municipal elections results
Bartošková, Lucie ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Kuncová, Martina (referee)
In 2010 the municipal elections took place in the Czech Republic. In this theses there are applied some of the knowledge from the area of the public choice theory and the game theory to the results of the pre-election surveys and results of the elections. Firstly the methods for allocating seats are applied on data from the surveys and election results. The power indices are calculated for all the proportion of allocation of mandates in order to qualify the bargaining power. The results of elections are analysed and compared with two previous periods and with the pre-election surveys. The bargaining power is confronted according to the indices with the results of post-elections negotiations.
The Super Decisions - Software application for multicriteria decision making based on ANP method
Chylíková, Alena ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Černohous, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the overview of Super Decisions, which provides wide palette of tools for multicriteria decision-making based on ANP (Analytical Network Process) method. This method is more general form of hierarchical AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method. Advantages of the ANP lie in opportunity to use all known dependency relations (including feedback dependence). First, theoretical background is overviewed and the fundamental scale of pairwise comparison is introduced. Also the general outline of steps for building ANP models is involved. The second part of this thesis offers brief tutorial for constructing of both simple network model and multilayer BOCR model that includes also the sensitivity analysis. Explanation based on practical examples follows.
Warehouse Change Project
Moravcová, Lucie ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
At the turn of the years 2009 and 2010 the structure of supply chain of the company operating in the Czech and Slovak republic has changed through Warehouse Change Project. The goal of this diploma thesis is to evaluate changes caused by this project in term of mathematical modeling and multi-criterial decision making; eventually, propose appropriate changes in the logistic system.
Optimization of production and distribution in bakery
Bilá, Tereza ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is optimization of production and distribution. The thesis aims to introduce the production problem in the case that the production limits are known and present its solution using a modified simplex method with lower or upper limits. The vehicle routing problem with one distribution centre and one vehicle will then be introduced. In the practical part of the thesis, these methods are applied in real-life data from the Martínek bakery business. The optimal production, which is targeting to maximize the profit under the given terms, and the optimal distribution from the bakery to shops, will be determined. At the end of the thesis, there is an evaluation of the given targets.
The implementation of multicriteria evaluation methods into the IZAR software application
Vilánková, Veronika ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Kuncová, Martina (referee)
This thesis describes the implementation methods for multi-criteria evaluation into the software application. IZAR is a software product that solves decision problems. IZAR solves single and multi-criteria, continuous and discrete decision problems. This thesis describes the extension of application IZAR. Several methods of multi-criteria evaluation were added into application. Supplemented methods were chosen so that the extended applications use the most basic methods from the decision theory. Introductory part of the thesis describes the basic methods that have been implemented into IZAR. There is summarized the theoretical basis of each method. The central part deals with the description of each method in terms of implementation. Attention is paid to the parts of the algorithms that have been modified or extended so that the methods are universal. Finally, the thesis shows the test examples in which functionality of methods was verified. There is described a group of complicated decision problems and control conditions that were created for these problems to find the right results.
Minimization of the Project Duration as a Linear Programming Problem
Pítr, Lukáš ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
There is a network project with activities on arrows and a set of employees. Every employee executes each activity in a different length of time. The aim of this thesis is to find the activities assignment to the employees where the project duration is minimal. For this purpose, graph theory and linear programming methods are used. The introductory chapters describe the basic concepts of the disciplines of operations research that are relevant to this thesis. The content of the fifth, pivotal chapter is the creation of models through which the optimal assignment is sought. For each model, which is followed by computational experiments, optimization is done in two steps. The chapter is concluded by comparing the solutions which have been found.
The multiple knapsack problem
Černý, Vít ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Suchánková, Tereza (referee)
The knapsack problem is one of the classical operations research problems. It belongs to the category of integer linear programming problems and is most often formulated as a binary problem. This thesis describes different categories of the problem and also some methods for finding their solution. Although there are precise algorithms for finding reliable optimal solution, some of the knapsack problems are so large that it would be impossible to follow the exact algorithms. Therefore, more complex knapsack problems belong to the complexity class of NP-complete. Yet there are a variety of heuristics and methods developed, which can lead to a sufficiently good solution in a relatively short time and relatively simple way. This paper focuses particularly on one of the problems described, the multiple knapsack problem. It is showed on a practical example how the problem can be solved.

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