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Protection of a child as a subject of human rights within the scope of international and European Union regulation of international abductions
Kozáková, Jana ; Scheu, Harald Christian (advisor) ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee)
The diploma thesis is entitled "Protection of a child as a subject of human rights within the scope of international and European Union regulation of international abductions" and deals with the position of a child within the legal norms governing human rights, children's rights and international child abductions. The thesis examines how a child is viewed, whereas as an object or as a subject of rights. The thesis is divided into three chapters, which gradually move from a general explanation of the basic concepts to the specific regulation of the child's position within the framework of international child abductions. The first chapter defines the basic concepts of the object and subject of human rights, generally analyses the position of a man as a subject of international human rights regulation and subsequently the position of a child as a specific category of human rights protection. Finally, the first chapter answers the question of how the concepts of object and subject of human rights differ. The second chapter deals with the legal standards governing the protection of human rights with the emphasis on the protection of the child as a human rights subject. The presented legal standards are analysed from the perspective of the regulation of children's rights and international child...
Study of size-resolved atmospheric aerosol using cascade impactors
Kozáková, Jana ; Schwarz, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Michal (referee) ; Krejci, Radovan (referee)
This dissertation includes two main research projects: 1) the investigation of the intermodal fraction and 2) the influence of regional air pollution transport on Ostrava. Introduction and aim of the first project. Fine and coarse particulate matter (PM) of atmospheric aerosol are considered as separate pollutants and overlap in the particle size range of about 1 - 2.5 μm (aerodynamic diameter dae; PM1-2.5) which represents the intermodal fraction. Sources of both fine and coarse fractions contribute to PM1-2.5 to different extents due to changing meteorological and spatial conditions. Therefore, there is an ongoing discussion as to whether PM1 should be included for monitoring as an additional fine particulate pollutant by the ambient air quality standard. The intrusion of the one fraction to the other one can lead to some inaccuracies in the source apportionment, epidemiological and exposure studies. The aim of the first project was to examine the associations between PM1-2.5 and the coarse (PM2.5-10 or PM>2.5)/fine (PM1) fraction under different meteorological conditions at various sites in the Czech Republic during winter and summer seasons. Introduction and aim of the second project. The EU air quality standards have been frequently exceeded in one of the European air pollution hot spots:...
Variability of hydropedological characteristics of soil type in the catchment of Tetřívčí brook
Kozáková, Jana ; Kliment, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šefrna, Luděk (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation of hydrological properties variability of soils in forest catchment Tetřívčí brook in the source area Blanice based on selected hydropedological characteristics with respect to soil type, vegetation cover and character of slope. The selected hydropedological characteristics are maximum capillary water capacity, full water capacity, soil infiltration capability - infiltration rate and cumulative infiltration and retention potential of soils. In sum of seven soil subtypes found in forest (coniferous, deciduous and mixed) and meadow (cut and non-maintained) and on the different slope (three categories) were studied in the catchment area. This thesis is built on bachelor thesis, which dealt with the variability of hydropedological characteristics in the experimental pair comparison basins of Tetřívčí and Zbytinský brook. In the thesis were used mainly the measured data obtained from repeated field campaigns in pre- selected sites and data from the database of experimental catchments of Zbytiny. In the selected sites were made soil probes, soil samples were taken using Kopecky cylinders and infiltration measured by a single-cylinder infiltrometer. By laboratory determination and calculation, selected hydropedological characteristics were obtained. The results were...
Charakterisation of fungal aerosol in size segregated aerosol
Shamratova, Kseniia ; Hovorka, Jan (advisor) ; Kozáková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of bioaerosol, properties of airborne fungal spores, describes their significance, concentration, methods of spreading and influence on human health. This work provides information about sampling and detection methods of bioaeerosol. Was proved the suitability of using of the first step of the high volume cascade impactor (Hi-Vol) BGI-900 to collect biaerosol samples for subsequent scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis. Using the optimized method, bioaerosol samples were isolated from the polyurethane foam, which is the impact substrate of the impactor. Bioaerosol samples were taken from 3 locations in the Czech Republic: Prague, Březno, Láz. During the SEM analysis of 15 bioaerosol samples, 605 SEM images were taken, on 340 of them were identified fungal spores. The smallest number of spores were found in Prague. Approximately the same amount of fungal spores was found in Březno and Láz. Fungal spores were identified into 9 genus, 1 family, and 1 species. The percentage of deformed spores in Prague was 48%, in Březno 23%, in Láz 25%. The greatest variability of spores was at the Březno and Láz localities. The most common fungal genus was the Cladosporium genus. No positive or negative correlation was observed between the number of fungi and the...
Size Distribution of Particles from Inhalers - Influence of Inspiratory Flow Rate and Humidity.
Ondráčková, Lucie ; Ondráček, Jakub ; Kozáková, Jana ; Ždímal, Vladimír
The purpose of this research was to determine the influence of inspiratory flow rate and relative humidity on particle size distributions (PSDs) generated by three MDI inhalers (Flutiform, Fullhale and Ventolin) and one DPI inhaler (Spiriva). Particle size distributions were measured by APS 3321 (TSI, USA) for three different inspiratory flow rates – 30, 60 and 90 l/min. Hygroscopicity of particles was determined by comparing data obtained at laboratory conditions and at relative humidity of 90%. During the measurements of number PSDs by using of APS spectrometer, we recorded bimodal distributions for Flutiform and Fullhale and monomodal distributions for Ventolin and DPI Spiriva. The increasing inspiratory flow rate had a negligible effect on the position of modes of individual distributions. The differences in PSD, measured under ambient conditions and at RH of 90%, were also minimal and did not significantly affect the assumed probability of drug deposition.
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Regional Air Pollution Transport and Its Influence to Pollution Hotspot in th Czech Republic.
Kozáková, Jana ; Vodička, Petr ; Pokorná, Petra ; Ondráčková, Lucie ; Ondráček, Jakub ; Hovorka, J. ; Křůmal, Kamil ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Moravec, Pavel ; Schwarz, Jaroslav
The aim of the study was to find out the local effect and the regional air pollution transport effect on the air quality of the Ostrava Radvanice district, the problematic air pollution hot spot.
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Variability of hydropedological characteristics in model catchments of Blanice River headwater area
Kozáková, Jana ; Kliment, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Královec, Václav (referee)
In this thesis are based on the scientific literature defined selected hydropedologic characteristics and is described their impact on motion and amount of the soil and also on the runoff process. In this thesis are quoted methods that can be used for measuring motion and amount of water. Data obtained on several field campaigns and continuous measurement of soil moisture sensors Virrib was processed. Field campaign took place in catchments of Zbytinský and Tetřívčí stream, which are paired comparative experimental catchments. The continuous soil moisture was measured at three places, which differ in their vegetation and soil cover. Data Analysis was concentrate to evaluate soil moisture measured by Virrib, which were compared to soil moisture determined during field campaigns. The continuous soil moisture was measured at three places, which differ in their vegetation and soil cover. The results show that differences and similarities in the vegetation and soil cover greatly reflect on soil moisture. Subsequent comparison of two differently obtained soil moisture should show that the values obtained from Virrib are representative. But comparations of values discover, that in Virrib measurement can be found some inaccuracies. Keywords: hydropedological characteristics, runoff process,...
Glassmaking and landscape. A contribution to the research on postmedieval glassmaking in Českomoravská vrchovina on the example of the deserted glassworks in Milovy (Žďár nad Sázavou)
Kozáková, Jana ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Černá, Eva (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to summarize historical development of glassmaking in Bohemia and Moravia since the end of the eighteenth century until the beginning of the First World War and it contains detailed interpretation of microrelief of the deserted post medieval glassworks in Milovy (District of Žďár nad Sázavou). The thesis is focused on changes of technology of production and refining of glass, effects of glassmaking on land ecology and social development in pursued period. Geodetic-topographical plan of the deserted site, which served as main source material for functional interpretation of microrelief of the deserted glassworks in Milovy, is the inseparable part of the thesis.
The deserted glassworks in Milovy (district of Žďár nad Sázavou). A contribution to research on postmedieval glassmaking in Českomoravská vrchovina
Kozáková, Jana ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Žegklitz, Jaromír (referee)
The main aim of the thesis was to summarize findings of the glassmaking in the central part of Českomoravská vrchovina and to complete current archaeological findings by the surface research of the deserted glassworks in Milovy (District of Žďár nad Sázavou). The thesis is based on the archaeological findings, written sources, toponomastics and iconography. The catalogue of the well-preserved products from the glassworks in Milovy is the inseparable part of the thesis. The products in catalogue are deposited in Horácké městské muzeum v Novém Městě na Moravě a Městské muzeum a galerie v Poličce.

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