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Benefits of the studying programme Nursery School Teaching from practicing teachers´ point of view
The central topic of this bachelor thesis is the benefit of university education subjects for kindergartens from the teacher of practice point of view. The bachelor thesis is dividend into two basic parts, a theoretical one and a practical one. The first part is focused on the profession of a kindergarten teacher, her personality, professional competence and skills, and last but not least also on the specific trans of the teaching profession. The conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to undergraduate studies of kindergartenteaching. The practical part deals with university study of kindergarten education, and its benefits for carving out the teaching profession. To carry out the survey, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. A questionnaire and interview surfy was carried out. The respondents were kindergarten teachers who had been studying a combined form of Kindergarten Education.
Management of gray water and rain water
Kocourková, Michaela ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Renata, Renata (referee)
Evolution and advancements of human activity is unstoppable, still we should not forget about basic natural processes which proceed no matter how man can influence them. Water is one of the main constructors of life and is necessary for function of everything live on the planet Earth. It often is categorized among the inexhaustible resources, still there lacks enough drinkable water. It is consumption grows in recent years with fast development of cities. It is the most important part of life on Earth and with urbanization and anthropogenic interference water is negatively affected and thus it is processes in nature. Interfering with water cycle makes for higher occurrences of droughts and floods, the quality of water streams suffers. Urban areas lack the surface where water could soak into the subsoil and underground water resources shrink. Through all these influences with which we affect natural water cycles the need for water and its consumption grows in our societies. For effective use of water comes up the idea of using not only the drinkable water but waste water and other types as well. Sources can be various, rain water, reused water. The focal point of this thesis is to be the impetus of discussion concerning the use of rain water and directly cleaning and reusing the water which comes straight from our homes. Rain water fills up underground water resources and also could be used in place of potable water. Substituting the potable water in activities and industries where such a high quality water is not needed and could be easily replaced with grey water. Grey water, being the waste water that comes from our bathrooms, is easily cleaned and can be used for various necessities. Current state where the potable water is used in absolute majority of human life appears to be extremely wasteful and unecological. Use of grey water and rain water is a possibility of ecological and thrifty water management which could prevent environmental damages and save water resources for the next generations.

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