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Design and implementation of tasks in the physical practice of mechanics and thermodynamics
This thesis was created to design instruction papers for the physical experiments, which will be used in the Physical practice of mechanics and thermodynamics in the new premises of the Faculty of Science of the University of the South Bohemia. The work not only documents the theoretical background and approach to measurement, but also describes how these individual experiment sets were prepared and what the problems (and solutions) for each task were.
Portfolio of generic pharmaceutical company focused on maximized sales
Kadlecová, Lenka ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Komárková, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with definition of the main part of optimal portfolio of pharmaceutical company. The goal of the thesis is to identify top ten anatomical-therapeutic groups by sales, which can set up the main part of maximized sales portfolio. Approach of the diploma thesis is authentic strategic decision of man-agement of generic pharmaceutical company that penetrates Czech market. Dispensable materials for manager decisions consist of common access resources. Materials go with information about competition's sales, figures about the medication's movement in distribution chain and data of payer's costs. The decision will be made in simple one-criterion choice. The significance of the anatomical-therapeutic groups will be confirmed by epidemiological data.
Seasonal changes in the metabolic profile of dairy cows
V teoretické části mé diplomové práce bylo cílem zpracovat přehled literatury, která se zabývá chovem, výživou a zdravotními problémy dojených plemen skotu v České republice a významem preventivních metabolických vyšetření. Dále pak popsat postup provádění a hodnocení metabolických profilových testů u dojnic. Praktická část byla zaměřena na zhodnocení vybraných ukazatelů metabolického profilu u dojnic plemene holštýn a český strakatý skot na rodinné farmě Velký Bor, kdy dojnice plemene holštýn dosahovaly užitkovosti 7450 litrů mléka za laktaci a dojnice český strakatý skot 6725 litrů mléka za laktaci. Vyhodnocování probíhalo v metabolicky nejnáročnější fázi laktace, tedy v období po porodu a ve vzestupné fázi laktace. Výsledky ukazují, že při uvedené užitkovosti dojnic plemene holštýn, která byla o 725 litrů vyšší než u dojnic plemene český strakatý skot, mezi metabolická rizika patří nedostatek Ca, Na a energetický deficit. To může vést k vyšší pravděpodobnosti vzniku metabolických onemocnění, především v období po porodu, oproti dojnicím český strakatý skot, které byly z hlediska užitkovosti méně zatíženy. Z hlediska ročního období a rozdílné krmné dávky v zimním a letním období dojnic nebyly výrazné rozdíly v hlavních sledovaných parametrech v krevním séru a moči, které by poukazovaly na vyšší riziko vzniku metabolických onemocnění. Avšak hodnoty bližší zvoleným normám vykazovaly profily v zimním období.
Disorders of mineral metabolism in cattle
My Bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The goal of the theoretical part is to elaborate the bibliography dealing with significant production diseases of cattle with emphasis on the disorders of the metabolism of mineral substances especially of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The bibliography contains a description of the symptoms, therapies and the prevention of particular diseases. The practical part of my Bachelor thesis includes two areas of findings. The first part focuses on the intake of the minerals substances in question contained in food and mineral supplements in dairy cows on the farm Horní Staňkov. The second part follows the contents of mineral substances and alkaline phosphatase in the blood plasma and urine of dairy cows. Based on the examination of blood plasma and urine an overview of the level of saturation with macroelements in dairy cows was made.
Evaluation of ditary habits of nurses of standard wards by NutriDan.
Abstract The bachelor thesis Evaluation of dietary habits of nurses of standard wards by NutriDan program is dividend into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part focuses on personality of a nurse, her education and conditions for performance of her work. Eating habits are assessed among nurses at standard wards. Furthermore, it is focused on nutrition which is important not only for nurses but for all of us. There are all the meal components such as sugars, fats and proteins delat with. They are followed by vitamins, minerals and trace elements and of course drinking regime, which is also important. The first aim of this thesis was to investigace how nurses of standard wards eat. The socond objective was to determine whether there is any diference in the diet, hen nurses are at home or while at work. The following hypotheses were stated to meet these aims: H1 Nurses at standard wards eat irregulary at work. H2 More than a half of the nurses of standard wards adhere to heatlthy diet principles in their free time. H3 Nurses know how to eat properly. There was a method of quantitative research ? an anonymus questionnaire used in the research. The questionnaire contained 18 questions, 10 questions were closed, 4 were half-open and the remaining were supplementary. The questinnaire also included two record sheets, where nurses recorded thein 24-hour diet including the liquids they drank. One answer sheet was for the days hen the nurses were at work and the second one when they were off and were at home. It was possible to use 102 questionnaires and records for the research. The records were then evaluated in the NutriDan programe. The research results show that the energy supply of a nurse at work is lower than its expenditure. They also show that Nurses generally know how to eat properly and thein BMI values are mostly balanced. Most nurses know that their diets vary during their free time and hen they are at work but they try to eat regulary and according to the principles of good nutrition at home. Therefore, there are noticeable differences in their diet and results of NutriDan on the diet inegredients show the same except for proteins and fiber. These nutritional components are neglected at home and at work too. They regularly have breakfast and more than a half of them eat regulary. The regulary eat fruits and dairy products. The diet of nurses is less balanced and less nutritious when they are at work. Nurses are eating irregulary and inadequately at work. Meal at working time is mostly represented by dairy products, fruits, vegetables and food rich in cholesterol and lipids. In practice, the results of the research could be provided to nurses at wards, so as they learn about the mistakes they make in their diets, about their eating habits in general so as they could change or modify their diets. The results could also be publishied in professional journals or articles dealing with this problem.

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