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Inclusive didactics in primary school
Křížová, Martina ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis brings the information about the possibilities, which could help the pedagogues to successful inclusion implementation. It introduces the inclusion principles and strategies, brings elementary information about inclusion in the way, how it is brought by the amendment to the Education Act by Decree 27/2016 on the education of pupils with special needs and talented pupils. It introduces support measures, pedagogical diagnostics, issues of learning styles, different teaching methods, different kinds of differentiation, it highlights the importance of the classroom climate and the personality of the teacher. It approaches the specifics of education in the small-scale schools. The practical part of the thesis answers the questions, if the chosen small-scale school fulfills the requirements of the inclusive education. It focuses on fulfilling the principles of metacognitive teaching, individualization and differentiation in schooling. The thesis examines the climate of individual classes and the degree of influence of the class climate on pupils with special educational needs. It introduces the casuisms of pupils, who are provided with support measures based on recommendations from a school counseling facility. It examines the attitude of teachers of selected...
The ideas of socialist agriculture in South Bohemia projected by the Regional National Committee České Budějovice in the years 1949-1958
KŘÍŽOVÁ, Martina
This thesis focuses on the plans of the Regional National Committee in České Budějovice regarding planning for agriculture in the South Bohemian Region between the years 1949 and 1958. It was the collection named Krajský národní výbor České Budějovice 1949 - 1958, stored in the State Regional Archive in Třeboň, which set the title and time frame for the presented thesis. The circumstances that led to violent collectivization and to establishing of collective farms after the communist takeover in 1949 are no less important. This is why the thesis covers also some events of the Second World War and after it. Violent collectivization fundamentally affected the existing way of farming, caused enormous material damage, destroyed the relationship between farmers and soil that had been built for centuries, eliminated peasantry and fatally affected many human lives. The thesis is based not only on archival materials but also on academic literature concerning farming and political situation. The aim of the thesis is to outline the contemporary idea of planning for agriculture in this agricultural region held by regional representation, the vision for regional development and also to attempt to confront it with contemporary reality. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The most important one is the last one which contains the plans and results of agriculture in South Bohemia during the examined period.
Analysis of Genomic Data with the Assistance of Algorithm BLAST
Křížová, Martina ; Burgetová, Ivana (referee) ; Jaša, Petr (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis describes analysis of genomic data with assistance of algorithm BLAST. In theoretic part, it describes genomes, their importance and structure. In this thesis, you can find a description of algorithm BLAST, Smith-Waterman and Needleman-Wunsch and with algorithm BLAST connected Karlin-Altschul statistics. This thesis is discussing types of databases such as spatial, deductive and relational which store genomic data. Second part is concerned with design and implementation of application which use mentioned algorithm and database Oracle 10g R2. Testing and confrontation output of algorithm is also a part of this work.
Moving Objects Indexing
Křížová, Martina ; Ráb, Jaroslav (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with indexing of spatio-temporal data. It describes existing approaches to indexing data and support for indexing in Oracle Database 11g. The aim of this work is to design structures of databases for storing spatio-temporal data over Oracle Database 11g to propose experiments for these databases. Ways of spatio-temporal data storage are evaluated according to these experiments in terms of time demands of queries and appropriateness of using available indexing structure and spatial operators.  
The Analysis of Handbooks for Parents and Teachers of Children suffering ADHD
KŘÍŽOVÁ, Martina
This work attends to the deeper analysis of individual themes about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The themes occur in the studied handbooks which have been chosen for this analysis. The handbooks are intended for parents, teachers and eventually for other specialists who are living with the children or adults suffering from ADHD. The aim of the work is not to find new processes and methods to solve the problem of ADHD but the aim is to bring the view of information which is nowadays available for readers and others interested persons of this problem.
Globální populační problém a ČR
Křížová, Martina ; Jeníček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jiří (referee)
Diplomová práce Globální populační problém a ČR hodnotí současný stav a vývoj světové i české populace. Jedná se především o identifikaci nového fenoménu populačního problému ? stárnutí populace. Druhá část práce je zaměřena na situaci v České republice. Ukazuje, jak problematika stárnutí a úbytku obyvatelstva ovlivňuje společnost, a které kroky je již dnes potřeba realizovat, např.důchodová reforma. V práci jsou zmíněny hlavní příčiny, dopady a možná řešení situace, kdy česká populace nezadržitelně stárne a mění se její struktura.

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