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Criminal Law Protection of the Environment
Kříž, Jan ; Sobotka, Michal (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
Criminal Law Protection of the Environment The subject matter of this diploma thesis is the topic of criminal law protection of the environment in the Czech Republic. The main attention is paid to the current legal regulation of criminal offenses against the environment in the Criminal Code. In addition to a more detailed analysis of the individual criminal environmental offenses, the thesis deals with the basic theoretical background of the criminal law protection of the environment, with the issues of legal liability in the field of environmental law and with the comparison of criminal liability with administrative liability. Further is discussed the question of criminal liability of legal entities in connection with environmental protection and at last but not least is also described the historical development and current forms of individual international, European and national legal sources of criminal protection of the environment. Keywords: Environmental Protection, Criminal Liability, Environmental Crime
Research on effectivity of outreach in physics
Kolář, Karel ; Dolejší, Jiří (advisor) ; Kireš, Marián (referee) ; Kříž, Jan (referee)
The thesis introduces many examples of outreach activities, primarily from the Czech Republic and other European countries. Various possibilities of measure- ments of factors of their effectivity are discussed in the thesis. The used methods were: literature review, conceptual assessment tests - pre- and post-tests (CCI, PPCI), questionnaires (IMI), data analyses of participants of activities, semi-structured interviews (for validation of concept inventories), and the work also has a glimpse of ethnography because the author has organised outreach activities for ten years. The individual chapters of the work are dedicated to: the overview of outreach activities, research methods, translation of the Calculus Concept Inventory (CCI) into Czech, the first steps for developments of the Particle Physics Concept Inven- tory (PPCI), loyalty of participants of competitions, and description of various metrics which can be used for statistical evaluation of events. 1
Career choices of men and women
Kříž, Jan ; Kirovová, Iva (advisor) ; Sněhotová, Jiřina (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the factors responsible for the different vocational choices between men and women, which then manifest in the uneven distribution of both genders in specific fields of human labour. The goal of this thesis is to create an overview of psychological theories pertaining to the motivational forces behind the vocational choices, while also explaining its distinction. The literary overview part of the text tends to the clarification of the terms from the areas of gender studies and vocational psychology, both of which are closely related to the topic of this thesis. The following part offers a peek into the Czech labour market, as well as foreing labour markets, with the intent of showing the disparity between the gender distribution in specific areas with statistical data. The main body of this work comprises of psychological theories which offer explanation of the motivational factors behind the vocational choice with regard to gender as one of the main agents. In the second part of this thesis comes a research project design in the form of a qualitative, semi-structured interview with students that took part in an incongruent gender-vocational choice, to get an insight into the introspective perception of their experience. These statements will be analysed and compared with the...
Intellectual property rights protection of computer programs, information systems and related services
Kalíšek, Jindřich ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee) ; Pítra, Vladimír (referee)
Ochrana počítačových programů, informačních systémů Jindřich Kalíšek - Disertační práce a příbuzných služeb právem duševního vlastnictví Strana 1 z 3 Intellectual property rights protection of computer programs, information systems and related services Thesis Abstract 1) Dissertation thesis titled Intellectual property rights protection of computer programs, information systems and related services deals with the main legal approaches and their selected alternatives to the legal protection of computer programs, information systems and related software services. 2) The goal of the thesis is to analyse and provide the reader with consistent up-to-date information in particular on the two main forms of legal protection - copyright protection and industrial property protection of computer programs, to concisely describe their development, current status and key legal norms (international, EU and national) and that establish them. 3) The dissertation consists of an introduction, nine chapters and a conclusion. The thesis is divided into four units - introductory explanation, part of copyright law, part of industrial property (IP) law and final comparative part. 4) In the Introduction, the reader will get acquainted with the key concepts and issues elaborated in the thesis, as well as with the basic theoretical...
An Author's Right in the Information Society and Across the Internal European Union Market
Mikita, Peter ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Srstka, Jiří (referee) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
Copyright law is a special category of civil law which, with the upswing of the Internet, has become important for different types of stakeholders in the global information society. The 'participative web' operates with content generated by users. This user-generated content has often disputable origins in terms of copyright clearance. The Internet has opened the possibility for developing new forms of communication between anonymous or individual users who are not easily identifiable. Especially peer-to-peer file sharing and recently the information services offered and operated by the so-called 'cyberlockers' are the reason of questioning the role of copyright protection online which needs a beneficial solution. Copyright infringement in the era of information society is a complex phenomenon with a multiplicity of contributing factors like the importance of information data with big business potential, personal attitudes shown by internet users towards the value and scarcity of intellectual property, or legal responsibility of internet service providers (ISP) who paradoxically act from the safety of the so-called safe harbours as intermediaries of information exchange, representing a new element in the communication chain between rights holders and users. Commercial and business models operating...
Legal protection of computer programs
Šurina, Štefan ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee) ; Pítra, Vladimír (referee)
1 Abstract (English) Legal protection of computer program The subject of the thesis is the legal protection of computer programs. The thesis provides for various perspectives of legal protection analysis, namely static protection, dynamic changes and perspectives for enforcement. The aim is to summarize the complex view on forms of protection and disposals of computer programs, especially taking into consideration extremely fast technological advances in the latest decades. This view on legal protection is further extended by a short analysis of development of protection and enforcement of rights related to computer programs within the digital environment. It is essential to view the protection of computer programs as a very specific subject of legal relations. Computer programs have emerged just recently and the opinions on their protection still vary. The primary form of protection is the copyright protection. However, computer programs are defined typically by their functional character which is not reflected by standard copyright protection. Legal protection is therefore amended to reflect these aspects via implementation of specific rights based on directives on protection of computer programs. The thesis reflects also judicial advances, especially taking into consideration the shifts in the...
Regulatory mechanisms affecting etiopathogenesis of obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Cinkajzlová, Anna ; Haluzík, Martin (advisor) ; Krčma, Michal (referee) ; Kříž, Jan (referee)
Subclinical inflammation plays a pivotal role in the development of obesity- related complications including type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Macrophages are considered important players participating in the initiation and progression of subclinical inflammation within as well as outside of adipose tissue. The first part of this dissertation thesis was focused on macrophage characterization and their quantitative and qualitative changes accompanying metabolic improvements after bariatric surgery. We have demonstrated that the number of macrophages in subcutaneous adipose tissue is reduced regardless of their M1 or M2 polarization manifested as positivity of both the M1- associated CD40 antigen and the M2-associated CD163 and CD206 antigens 6 months after bariatric surgery. Thus, as suggested by previously published data, subcutaneous adipose tissue macrophages seem to have a mixed phenotype. We further confirmed a higher number of non- classical monocytes, which play a role in the control of vascular integrity, in obese subjects as well as a classical monocyte-derived origin of CD163 positive monocytes. Our data also support the previous suggestion of the soluble form of CD163 antigen being a suitable marker of metabolic complications of obesity. The second part...
Experiments supporting the teaching of thermodynamics at high school level
Kácovský, Petr ; Drozd, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Bochníček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kříž, Jan (referee)
Title: Experiments supporting the teaching of thermodynamics at high school level Author: Petr Kácovský Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Zdeněk Drozd, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: This doctoral thesis is aimed at chosen aspects of teaching of thermodynamics on high school. The thesis can be divided into two main parts: The research part deals with investigation of typical students' conceptual difficulties in the field of thermal phenomena and its primary goal is to identify the most distinctive misconceptions of observed population. More than 500 students were questioned using a conceptual test both as pretest and posttest; approximately half of them also participated in the retention test which took part two years after pretest. The results of the conceptual test are connected with data obtained on the basis of the simultaneously conducted research of students' attitudes. The developmental part of the thesis - partly inspired by previous misconception research - deals with arranging, documentation and testing of experiments relevant to teaching of thermodynamics. In total, 46 experiments were arranged, students-tested and published in the electronic Collection of Physics Experiments. These experiments are primarily intended for teachers as inspiration...

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