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Analýza růstu okouna říčního \kur{Perca fluviatilis} v nádržích České republiky
This thesis summarises published knowledge on factors affecting the growth of European perch Perca fluviatilis and evaluates its growth characteristics in five chosen reservoirs using otolith analysis. The growth differs between reservoirs and this differences are explained by reservoir characteristics applying correlation analysis followed by linear regression. Otolith analyses shows that females reach bigger sizes than males. Several reservoir characteristics are proven to effect European perch growth of age classes of 0+ to 5+ and its annual size increment.
The development of the balance of payments of the Czech Republic since its entry to the European Union
Křížová, Marie ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Sankot, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis and description of the balance of payments of the Czech Republic in years 2004--2013. The first chapter is theoretical and focuses on its definition, structures, accounts and relation to the external economic balance. The second practical part describes the development of accounts of the balance of payments, its balances, the international investment position and the foreign debt.
The Experience Learning in Kindergarten
The work focuses on the issue of experiential learning in the preschool age child. The aim is to create a program of experiential activities to be used in kindergarten. The theoretical part is characterized by the preschool child's experience and learning process, it describes the different kinds of learning, more specifically experiential learning and its features, and the conditions that are required for them to create at nursery school. It furhter includes paly and drama as fundamental methods of experiential learning and a description of the experiential learning phase for implementation in kindergarten. The practical part contains the initial offer of experiential activities based on the goals of RVP PV. By means of observational methods, videorecording analysis, and interviews with children and parents, I detected how children adopt experiential learning and what learning outcomes the program contributed to. I found out through research that experiential learning for children of preschool age si appropriate since it produces results in education and children accept it willingly.

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