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Copper chelating potential of iron chelators from the group of aroylhydrazones
Kříž, Jakub ; Mladěnka, Přemysl (advisor) ; Bárta, Pavel (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Farmacology and toxicology Candidate Mgr. Jakub Kříž Consultant Doc. PharmDr. Přemysl Mladěnka, Ph.D. Title of Thesis Copper chelating potential of iron chelators from the group of aroylhydrazones Copper is one of the essential trace elements. It is present in two oxidation-reduction forms Cu+ and Cu2+ in the human body. The ability of an easy transformation between this two forms is the crucial feature for the activity of copper enzymes, like superoxide dismutase and cytochrome c oxidase. Copper kinetics is quite complicated. The key organ which affects copper kinetics is the liver, but the small intestine plays an important regulatory role too. There are disorders, which are associated with both copper deficiency and accumulation. The best known disorder caused by copper excess is Wilson's disease. It is caused by a mutation in the ATP7B gene. It codes a transporter, which is responsible for elimination of copper. Excessive accumulation of copper causes several symptoms, mainly hepatic and neurological problems. Wilson's disease is treated by chelators, which bind the excess of metal ions in the organism. The aim of my thesis was to verify the copper-chelation efficiency of three selected iron chelators. The...
Depressivity and self-esteem in adolescence
KŘÍŽ, Jakub
The aim of the study is to explore depressivity as one of the symptoms of depression, manifested by the actual disharmony in a person. The study was carried out on a sample of 442 Czech adolescents from grammar schools and high schools from two regions of the Czech Republic. A sub-objective was to explore how the level of depressivity and self-esteem are related and whether self-esteem differs among adolescents classified as depressive and non-depressive. For a section of the research, a quantitative design was selected and a battery of tests was created using the Children's Depression Inventory (CDI), the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), and the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES). We have come to the following findings. The group consisted of 19% depressive respondents (84 individuals) of whom 3,6% were boys (16) and 15,4% (68) were girls. We have found that girls, boys and our entire study group are more depressive compared to normative groups from the Czech Republic and abroad. In the process of verifying the hypothesis, the inclination towards depressivity was found in the gender difference (girls have a greater tendency than boys), but the depressivity rate of only depressive individuals did not differ in relation to gender. The hypothesis of decreasing depressivity during late adolescence was not confirmed. We found that the level of self-esteem and general self-efficacy negatively correlated with the level of depressivity and that depressive individuals have, compared to non-depressive ones, lower self-esteem and general self-efficacy.
Analysis of carriage of Top Drive of drilling tower
Kříž, Jakub ; Kubín, Martin (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is determination of the cause of crack formation at the carriage Top drive for MND Drilling & Services company. The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the load states of the component. Furthermore, the aim is to create a computational model and boundary conditions and to create suggestions of improvements leading to the elimination of cracks. And finally, to evaluate the results of construction improvements..
Material Tensions between Natural Law and Positive Law and Approaches to its Solution
Kříž, Jakub ; Holländer, Pavol (advisor) ; Kysela, Jan (referee) ; Večeřa, Miloš (referee)
1 Material Tensions between Natural Law and Positive Law and Approaches to its Solution Jakub Kříž Abstract The title of my dissertation - "Material Tensions between Natural Law and Positive Law and Approaches to its Solution" - refers to everlasting contrapositions of two different approaches to law: (i) natural law tradition which is concerned with a necessary continuity between law and the requirements of practical reasonableness and that describes law as "rational standard for conduct"1 and (ii) tradition of legal positivism, which understands law only as a social fact. Actually, in the world of jurisprudence, there is no single natural law theory on one side2 and unique legal positivism on the other side.3 It is 1 MURPHY, Mark C. Natural Law Jurisprudence. Legal Theory. 2003, No. 9, p. 244, MURPHY, Mark C. Natural Law Theory. In: GOLDING , Martin P., EDMUNSON, William A. (eds.). The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory. s.l. : Blackwell Publishing, 2006, p. 15. 2 For many of them we can mention classical natural law theory of the thomistic philosophy, new natural law theory of G. Grisez and J. Finnes, legal realism of J. Hervada, "modern" natural law theories such as L. Fuller's concept of the Rule of Law and the inner morality of law or R. Dworkin's theory of the unique right...
Algorithmic Trading Using Twitter Data
Kříž, Jakub ; Plchot, Oldřich (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
This master's thesis describes creation of prediction system. This system predicts future market development based on stock exchange data and twitter messages analysis. Tweets from two different sources are analysed by mood dictionaries or via recurrent neural networks. This analysis results and technical analysis of stock exchange data results are used in multilayer neural network for prediction. A business strategy is created and tested based on results of this prediction. Design and implementation of prediction system is described in this thesis. This system achieved revenue increase more than 25 % of some business strategies by tweets analysis. However this improvement applies for certain data and timeframe.
Simulation of Cooperation of Agents in Jason Environment
Kříž, Jakub ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Král, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with creation of simulator of multi-agent system in which agents cooperate. Reader is introduced to basics of agent systems, their creating and modeling. Design of environment in which agents exist and task they solve is described in this work. There are designed and implemented three levels of racional BDI inteligence of agents with different level of cooperation - without cooperation, weak cooperation and complex cooperation. Whole system is implemented in Jason framework and extensively tested. Behavior of agents is analyzed and levels of intelligence are compared based on simulation experiments. Achieved results prove dominance of team in which agents cooperate more.
Remediation of former In-Situ uranium mining region.
Kříž, Jakub ; Kalous, Jaroslav (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
Remediation process of region, formally exploited for chemical leaching of uranium, is based on pumping water contaminated mostly by residuals of sulfuric acid from the relevant geological horizons. The contaminated water is then treated in a chemical plant. In the treatment process evaporators play the key role. Presently operating evaporators – three units – are of falling film type. Heating service is provided by compressed vapor that is generated by evaporators. For driving the compressors and associated circulating pumps of each unit electric power of 3,4 MW is required. In the evaporators treated solution is distributed into individual tubes by nozzles of cyclone type that are mounted at the top end of tubes. In the evaporators feed solution contains calcium sulfide of low concentration. Once the calcium sulfide concentration in the evaporating process reaches the state of saturation, even locally, fouling is initiated. Thus the solids start to grow on the inner surface of the tube wall and the nozzle’s openings become restricted. The evaporator performance – evaporating rate – gradually declines and when it reaches the bottom limit the evaporator has to be shut down. This is followed by carrying out the cleaning procedure. At the time when the evaporators started operating (1996) the period between shut downs lasted around a half a year. However, gradually, this period has become substantially shorter – presently it may even last one week only. The thesis proposes two ways of approaching the present hardly acceptable state. First, replacement of distributing nozzles by a set of properly perforated sieve trays secures the uniform distribution of solution into each individual tube. Second, evaporators’ duty will be taken over by newly build multi-flash concentrator that will substitute the presently operating evaporators. Configuration of this new equipment is derived from widely used multi-flash distillation of sea water. Heat required by the concentrator’s end heaters is drawn from a gas turbine exhaust gas. Steam provided by Heat Recovery Steam Generator is supplied to the condensing heat exchangers installed on the evaporator’s feed stream. Generator coupled to the gas turbine, fueled by natural gas, provides the electric power of 30 MW for export.
Acquisition of service information from current terminals of GSM and UMTS cell networks, service procedures for mobile terminals
Kříž, Jakub ; Skořepa, Michal (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
This thesis concentrates on the UMTS cellular network and the possibilities of its monitoring. There are several methods of monitoring the UMTS. The technique used in this project is based on monitoring through a cellular terminal. The theoretical part is devoted to the description of the UMTS system and the WCDMA technique. The practical part then deals with the method of UMTS monitoring through a cellular terminal and describes in detail individual screens of the FTD (Field Test Display) program, the Netmonitor functions and their parameters. The next part of this thesis analyses the RRC messages, which were recorded during the realization of services (video calls, calls, data transfers) in the UMTS network. The last chapters of the thesis are briefly dealing with software and hardware servicing of cellular terminals. The attachment then offers two lab tasks, in which the students get acquainted with the UMTS network structure and the behaviour of the cellular terminal in this network.

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