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JELÍNEK, Jaroslav
The objective of the present diploma thesis was to verify the influence of monosex populations in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fishfarming on growth rate, growth heterogeneity, feed conversion ratio, yield and product quality in the operating conditions of a small fish farm with a recirculating aquaculture system. In six tanks with a volume of 0,3 m-3, 60 individuals with an average unit weight of 614 ? 135 g, all-male, all-female and mixed- sex (in 2 repeats each) were deployed. The fish were fed with feed in the usual and registered feed doses 4 times a day. At the end of the experiment, 119 days average fish weight reached 1445 ? 911 g. The composition of the populations was found to have a statistically significant effect on the food conversion ratio, gonadosomal index, and fillet yield. Statistically significant differences were not found in specific growth ratio (SGR), growth heterogeneity, or muscle composition (fat and protein content). The yield of fillets without skin reached only 40.74 ? 1.81% for all-female group. An economically advantageous alternative to a mixed -sex groupe with a sex ratio of 1: 1 was a all-male fishfarning groupe where the yield of skinless fillets was 46.99 ? 1.12%. Food conversions were also more favorable for all-male groups (FCR = 1.08 ? 0.08 and 1.04 ? 0.12) compared to all-female (FCR = 1.18 ? 0.21 and 1.25 ? 0.19 ). The fat content of the muscle at the end of the experiment varied between 5.10-10.53% for each group without proven dependence on the type of the group, the protein content showed only minimal differences, varied between 15.18 and 16.46%, dry mass contained muscle from 24.23 to 27.95% without proven dependence on the type of occupancy. Significant economic impact has the composition of groups when evaluating the yield of fillets without skin as the final product.
Employment of persons with disabilities
Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
The subject of this Master's Thesis is to present some legal aspects of employment of persons with disabilities. This thesis deals with the subject particularly with respect to national policy of employment and individual labour-law relations. The largest part of text is devoted to the efforts of the state to reach higher employment rate of persons with disabilities and to compensate their inherent handicaps. This thesis is divided into seven thematic parts. The introduction is followed by part that defines basic terms of employment of people with disabilities which are not legally defined. The issue concerns the terms which are regularly mistaken in common conversation such as disability and handicap. The third part contains an overview of the most important documents, of significant international organizations, which contain the definition of persons with disabilities. These most significant international organizations are the International Labour Organisation, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the European Union. The fourth part contains the definitions of person with disabilities according to five acts of Czech legislation. Every act uses different legal term for persons with disabilities and it defines them in different way. Some acts do not contain...
The Law in the letters of the Apostle Paul
Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Větrovec, Pavel (referee)
The Law in the letters of the Apostle Paul This thesis is devoted to the Pauline understanding of the Mosaic Law. The first chapter describes the historic circumstances: the meaning of the word "Law" and the understanding of the Law in the Jewish tradition and in the early Christianity. The second chapter of this work analyses the most important passages of Paul's letters which deal with the Law or with other connected topics. In the third chapter Paul's conception of the Law is compared with the Jewish one. Finally, the Pauline conception of the Law is confronted with the understanding of the Law in the later texts of the New Testament.
Paul's understanding of the Law in the letters to Romans and Galatians
Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
Paul's understanding of the Law in the letters to Romans and Galatians In the work ist first of all defined the concept of the Law and its importance for Jewish religion. Then is described the meanings of the concept in the letters of Paul. The next part deals with the letters to Galatians and Romans. Both letters are put in their historic continuity and then are described the parts, which deal with Law or another conected topics. The author used the commentaries and another specialist literature and explains the parts of the letters. After that follows a synthesis of all explained informations, which has to show the concept of the Law in the history of God's actions, according to Paul's understanding, which was presented in his letters. The addition of the synthesis deals with the relation of Paul's opinions to the temporaly situation, with the Jewish traditions and with the needs of our church at present. Keywords Paul, the Law, the letter to Romans, the letter to Galatians
The organizational development of the concern CKD in the 30th years
Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Jančík, Drahomír (advisor) ; Jakubec, Ivan (referee)
The theme of this thesis is to analyze the organizational development group CKD in 1928-1938. The main subject of study are changes in the structure of organization management in the period. These changes were implemented for different reasons, which should better reflect the circumstances of the microeconomic situation of CKD. The thesis is divided into six chapters, the third to sixth chapter directly addresses the issue of routes.
The competitive fight between the industrial enterprise ČKD and Škodovy závody and attempts to solve it in years 1928-1931
Jelínek, Jaroslav ; Jakubec, Ivan (referee) ; Jančík, Drahomír (advisor)
This work deals with the competitive fight between the industrial enterprises Českomoravská - Kolben - Daněk (ČKD) and Škodovy závody in years 1928-1931. It concentrates on the negotiations of the settlement of disputes between the involved parties. This work is divided into two main thematic chapters. The first chapter deals with the origin of the concern ČKD that began in 1871 with the origin of his home enterprise První českomoravské továrny na stroje v Praze, which went on thank to the fusion with the company Elektrotechnická akciová společnost (former Breifeld- Daněk a spol.). Owing to these three fusions the world-famous trademark ČKD arose. The second chapter deals with the competitive fight and with the effort to eliminate it. This chapter contains eight thematic units dealing with the causes and consequences of the competitive fight between the enterprises. Attention is paid to three attempts at agreement in 1929 and 1931. In 1931 the contract on collective production and selling of cars under the collective management of ČKD and Škoda závody was concluded. Both enterprises supposed that the long-time competition has been averted. The above mentioned contract was in the end avoided and the competitive fight became bigger than it used to be before.

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