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Home gastronomic advisor
Jelínek, Jakub ; Eckhardt, Alan (referee) ; Skopal, Tomáš (advisor)
The propounded work deals with collecting recipes from the Internet, their storing into database and consequential retrieval of these recipes according to user's criteria. Recipes can be obtained based on patterns described by regular expressions, or by using automatic recognition mechanism. For each obtained recipe there are identified its ingredients, their amount and activities required to complete this recipe. Preparation time is automatically estimated, if not already present. There is also mechanism that prevents same recipe to be stored repeatedly into database. For recipe retrieval, there are designed rules for ingredient matching that supports semantic affinity (doughnut - pastry), semantic divergence for similar ingredients (ice - ice cream) and simple way of taking specified amount in relation to the required into account. On the basis of this matching rules are created three user selectable criteria for determining relevance. User and programmer documentation is part of this work.
Optimizations in the GNU Compiler Collection targeted at scientific computing
Jambor, Martin ; Jelínek, Jakub (referee) ; Hubička, Jan (advisor)
Many members of the scientific community look for alternatives to Fortran to increase maintainability, reusability and interoperability of their projects and component and to achieve rapid development and deployment. C++ appears to be an ever more appealing alternative because evolving compilers and coding techniques continually boost the efficiency of the resultant code. This work describes what C++ scientific code typically looks like, and discuses a number of contemporary optimizing techniques compilers use to remove overhead caused by levels of abstraction. Moreover, it proposes a new Intraprocedural Analysis of Aggregates to expose even more information stored within objects and track object behaviour. It also describes implementation of intraprocedural propagation of constants within aggregates built on top of this analysis. Finally, it discusses its efficiency and potential for future work.
Use of archive maps for for the analysis of wet meadows changes on example Černilov cadastral district
Jelínek, Jakub ; Richter, Pavel (advisor) ; Kadlecová, Petra (referee)
Analysis of landscape development of area of Černilov with regard to the wet meadows by using maps of stable cadastre. The subject of this thesis is to describe and evaluate changes in the landscape with regard to the surface of wet meadows in the cadastral territory of Černilov, in the last 175 years. Three kinds of map source from three different intervals were used, Imperial imprints from stable cadastre, archival aerial photographs and actual ortofoto maps. The theoretical part is made in form of literal recherche, in which are described issue of wet meadows and are characterized socially - economical and physically - geographical aspects of area. Practical part considers evaluation of maps source in GIS program and it's result.
Financial impacts of the economic crisis on Czech festivals of classical music
Jelínek, Jakub ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to map and interpret the financial impacts of the economic crisis on a selected group of classical music cultural events by describing the influence of the possible decline in financial resources on their output and efficiency. The first part of the thesis presents the theoretical basis of culture financing and cultural policy in the Czech Republic and sums up the fundamental economic theories of the behaviour of economy during economic crisis, thus providing a starting point for further interpretation of the performance of these organizations. The second part of this thesis comprises qualitative research of possible variables on a representative sample of classical music festivals. The research is carried out through a content analysis of their annual reports and a secondary analysis of other data provided by relevant institutions. The final section of the thesis attempts to evaluate the impact of the economic crisis on the cultural sector, to confirm or disprove the initial premises and to evaluate generally the financial stability of the Czech classical music festivals.
Creation and check tutorial model on base aqua fitness programme for adolescents.
Teoretical part has been oriented to processing an integrade wiew of activities, which are possible to practice in water environment to develop movemental faculties and skills. In practical part was created interventional program, which should develop endurance, fitness and not finally should eliminate psychical stress.

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