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How are the interactions between a father and his child altered by the imprisonment of the father
Stránská, Ester ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
(in English): Imprisonment does not have a direct impact just on the person who committed the crime it also affects the life of the people close them, especially if the perpetrator is also the parent. This work is aimed to determine how imprisonment affects the interaction between children and incarcerated parents, their fathers. Changes in interaction are explored in contact, mutual communication, parenting roles and relationship between the child and the imprisoned parent. The research, which brings the data obtained using questionnaires and interviews with persons in custody, is based on information provided primarily by foreign experts.
Mentoring in the Criminal Justice
Kaplanová, Šárka ; Válková, Helena (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
(in English): KAPLANOVÁ, Šárka. Mentoring in the Criminal Justice. Prague: Faculty of Arts Charles University, 2014. 75 p. Master degrese thesis The aim of the Master's thesis is to introduce a mentoring service and create a comprehensive work about the principles, the benefits and the risks of mentoring. The main part is focused on the mentoring, its principles, benefits, and outlines the important area of dilemmas and risks. The secondl part is focused on the description of the research and the presentation of its results. In conclusion summarizes the results of the research and proposals for improvement of mentoring services and to carry out next research. The research method is the analysis of the questionnaire and content analysis. The research sample consists of clients which used mentoring services. Key words: Social control, restorative justice, reintegration, mentoring
Usage of alternative punishments - practice of home detention and community servis in the jurisdiction of Česká Lípa
Rašková, Anna ; Matoušková, Andrea (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
(in English): The main goal of the theoretical part is explaining the principles relating to alternative sanctions, focusing on community service and home detention. The content bachelor thesis is methodical process of the Probation and Mediation Service in the preparation and execution of a sentence of home detention and community service. Thesis is eventually focused on the activities of the Centre in the Czech Lipa, using statistical data for a specified period.
The current questions of the juvenile justice system with a special focus on the educational measures
Pacvoňová, Renata ; Válková, Helena (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
This thesis is aimed at the current issues of juvenile justice system, especially the educational measures. The center of attention is the youths responsibility for their illegal acts, alternative process and measures, which are set up against the delinquents. Statistics show how the criminality of young people appears at present and what sanctions are taken against them. The main focus is aimed at the educational measures, which are specific to the type of sanctions imposed on young delinquents. The practical part shows the description of sample cases, where educational measures were imposed on young people. In conclusion is a recommendation and some incentives how to improve the current situation in juvenile justice system.
Home arrest in the first year of the effectiveness of the new Criminal Code. First experience of the application practice, compared with the treatment and practice in Germany
Krchňavá, Zuzana ; Válková, Helena (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with home arrest, its legal regulation in the new Criminal Code of the Czech Republic and its application practice in the first year of effectiveness, taking into account the amendment of this regulation in the second year of effectiveness and at the same time providing a comparison with the treatment and practice in Germany. For a better understanding of the topic, the thesis introduces at the beginning the new division of criminal offences according to their seriousness and the system of sanctions brought up by the new Criminal Code. The thesis then deals with home arrest as a new alternative punishment; the aim of alternative punishments is outlined and the historical regulations on the home arrest are stated there for the sake of interest. The main part of this thesis is represented by chapters dealing with legal regulations on home arrest and its execution, taking into account the recent amendment of this law. After that, the thesis deals in detail with controlling the home arrest execution by the Czech Probation and Mediation Service workers and with shortcomings of the controlling resulting from the missing electronic monitoring. In the following part, treatment and practice of home arrest in Germany is described as compared to the legal regulations in the Czech Republic....
Eutanasia: legal, medical and ethical issues
Jiroutová, Michaela ; Vodáčková, Daniela (referee) ; Hulmáková, Jana (advisor)
I chose the topic Euthanasia: legal, medical and ethical issues due to personal interest in these issues and due to interest in the dying. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to summarize the main points associated with euthanasia, particularly concerning the legal point of view but also ccncerning medicine and ethics. The first chapter contains Basic terminology, where I present to the reader basic principles and categories of euthanasia from a general and certain authors' point of view. In the second chapter I present to the reader the Historical context of euthanasia, where I describe the development from the Antique era up to the present. This chapter deals with evolvement of medicine and ethics in relation to euthanasia and summarizes the main conceptions throughout history, including the current ones. In the last part of this chapter I present the conception of autonomy as related to the following chapter, which deals with the legal point of view on euthanasia.

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