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Intermediate care for psychotic patients in the Czech Republic
Horáková, Jana ; Votavová, Milada (referee) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis doesn't include abstract in English.The thesis doesn't include abstract in English. The thesis doesn't include abstract in English. The thesis doesn't include abstract in English. The thesis doesn't include abstract in English. The thesis doesn't include abstract in English.
Use of air cargo transport by a chosen company
Pokorná, Iveta ; Novák, Radek (advisor) ; Horáková, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with air cargo transport and its use by a chosen company. The theoretical part gives detailed information on air cargo transport and its providers. The practical part focuses on the use of air cargo transport by a specific company. It describes a system for orders processing and dispatching. The system is demonstrated on an example of a consignment transported by air to Bolivia. The possible improvements of the system are suggested. The practical part also analyses the transport of all consignments within the specific period. The data are used for introducing the company to several transport companies aiming to enter cooperation. The offers received from the transport companies are compared and evaluated.
Comparative analysis of loans to finance housing
Horáková, Jana ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Rajl, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with loans to finance own housing. The thesis is primarily focused on mortgage loans, bridging loans and hans coming from building savings, both of them provided by building societies. In particular parts of the thesis are described basic principles of mortgage hans and building savings loans. There is stated thein legislation, kinds and types of individual housing loans. In the following part is analyzed the current market situation and market development of housing loans in the Czech Republic including the factors influencing this development. In the last part are compared different types of the hans using a model example. In comparison are included fees relating to loans and interest rates, which are published on the official website of selected companies.
The Importance of a Delegation for an Effective Management
Borková, Magdaléna ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee)
This bachleor thesis is focused on delegation in management practice and its importace for effectively managing a company. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first one is theoretical and is based on the study of related literature. In that part, are the terms like structure of organisation, managerial roles, functions and finally delegation on its own, described more closely. In the second part is my own research which is based on basic method of quality research, which is a direct interview. The research for this thesis was conducted on a selected subject and the results were thoroughly processed and interpreted. In the end of this thesis, based on the results, are conducted and recommended some measures, which can help for better and more effectiveness of the company.
The Importance of Motivation for a Leadership
Podhajská, Zuzana ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
Presented diploma thesis follows up a theme of employee motivation as one of the means of leadership practice. First theoretical part is focused on management theory, leadership proceeding from management practice and it presents how to motivate employees so they would work more efficient and satisfactory for an employer and for themselves. At the end of the theoretical part there is a brief introduction of business organisation itself, its structure. There are presented different types of organisational structure and types of leadership. Practical part follows with an issue concerning motivation of employees in a case study of practice in a specific company. It shows how employees are motivated and how this specific company uses motivational tools. Employees were all addressed in an anonymous questionnaire to give their opinion about this practice. The form contained questions about employees position in a company structure, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with this position and what is their motivation. Based on the questionnaire the evaluation of main research thesis was made and concluded into recommendation for the company so the motivation of their employees would be as effective as possible as well as they would feel needed on their position and thus stay loyal to the company.
French System of Innovation
Horáková, Jana ; Vlčková, Jana (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
This thesis is focused on French innovation system and its outputs. The aim is to analyze innovation performance of France, as well as its innovation policy and to find out the meaning of the innovation system for French economy and its competitiveness. The thesis also includes a case study of a shareholder and presents his perspective. The first chapter explains basic definitions and innovation related terms and reviews innovation associated theories. The second chapter examines the French innovation system evolution and its performance based on statistical data. Moreover, the French innovation business conditions and an innovation policy will be discussed. Following the analysis of the French innovation system, the last chapter evaluates whether the target of reinforcing innovation capacity is met. At the same time, the third section presents a player of the system, Raise company, and its position within this innovation system.
The Motivation as a Leadership
Mudruňka, Jan ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee)
Abstract This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of Motivation as a way of keeping people. In the theoretical part is through the help of key words a reader familiar with the concepts of manager, management the role, management functions, leadership, incentive mechanism, participation, motivation the program benefits. After getting acquainted with these concepts, which are further developed and properly explained it is compiled by a questionnaire consisting of 13 questions dealing with motivation and benefits in the workplace. The questionnaire is submitted to the selected five managers. The three owners or co- owners private companies, the remaining two are employed in the public sector. With the questionnaire were brought to the attention of the three women and two men. The individual answers have been commenting and at the end summarized into a single conclusion. From this conclusion it follows that the motivational processes and benefits in individual organisations are set up similarly and that the best motivator is financial reward, or the public praise. Furthermore, it was found: managers prefer individual approach to leadership, a good team and the pleasant environment of the employees want rather than some of the other motivators. Last but not least can from the responses of most managers sense that you may want a the personal development of the employees, but only in a given field. Part of the managers do not agree with the further education of employees due to concerns about competition. The male part of the managers used a rather shorter sharper the answer to the question, the staff applies a rather authoritative way of leadership, while the female part of the managers was rather longer and more sentence. From the responses it is apparent that women apply to their employees rather democratic style of leadership. Key words: Manager, managerial role, managerial functions, leadership, incentive mechanism, participation, incentive program, benefits
Motivation as a leadership
Řezáčová, Kateřina ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Horáková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis discusses topic Motivation as a leadership. The work is divided in two main parts, theoretical part and practical part. Theoretical part is based on literature review, which describes theoretical concepts related to issues of leadership and management. Explained in detail here are concepts like management, managerial functions, leadership, leadership styles, motivation, stimuli, personality determinants, incentive mechanism and motivational system. Practical part focuses on management skills. The aim is to compare experiences and stands of four managers, who work at The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with assistance of guided interview. Objective of this part is to find out which way these managers motivate and lead their employees.
The coaching and its importance for leadership
Effenberger, Viktor ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the coaching and its importance for personal leadership. The first part of the research in literary sources clarifies the fundamental term of coaching and its application. Consecutively, it also explains different models of coaching. Next topic of the literary research is the figure of coach, his role and qualities, and also the characteristics of internal and external coach. The last part of the literary research is dedicated to the issues of personal leadership and management. The core of this thesis uses the pen and paper interview with managers of the ČEZ company to examine the quality of coaching and personal leadership in one of the biggest companies in the Czech Republic, how managers perceive additional training courses, and also to survey the overall leading structure of ČEZ. In the conclusion I summarize the acquired findings.
The importance of motivation for management
Dědková, Kateřina ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to examine methods of employee stimulation. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the concept of motivation, the existing theories of work motivation. The practical part of the thesis examines the use of the interview in a particular company stimulants used by the leadership of this company. The aim of this thesis is to compare the applied instruments, to assess their impact on employee motivation, satisfaction and work performance, and to propose its improvements.

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