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Criminal and Adventure Motives in Pavel Kohout's Novels
Horáčková, Kristýna ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with analysis of Pavel Kohout's Novels, which were formed in the period of seventies to the nineties. This analysis is focused especially on observation of criminal and detective motifs in novels Katyně, Kde je zakopán pes, Hodina tance a lásky and Hvězdná hodina vrahů. Due to the close interconnection of works and their author, the first part deals with the life of the writer, and emphasis is put on the period after the year 1968. The thesis also deals with the topic of criminal literature, with its development and with definition of rules, which could be found out within this kind of literature. Our intention is to analyze individual works in the terms of particular motifs and methods, which appears in Pavel Kohout's novels. The roles of the main characters and their action in connection with crime are analyzed in particular works. We also observe to what extent are the works influenced by rules and principles of criminal literature. To the characteristic feature of selected novels belongs especially the work with suspense and with reader's expectation. Key words: detective story, criminal literature, investigator, victim, motive, rules, expectation, perspective, composition, versatility
Návrh způsobu odloučení dřeva z nadsítné frakce kompostáren
Horáčková, Kristýna
The thesis is focused on the issue of composting. It is based on the requirements of the legislation to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste, that is disposed of in landfills and composting support. The thesis describes the composting process, the possibility of composting facilities, the oversize folders of compost and evaluation of the current technologies, which are used for composting. The second part primarily deals with the drafting of the method of separation of wood from the oversize fraction of compost. There are described two proposals -- the wet and dry method of separation of wood. Both methods are subsequently evaluated with considering to a composting facility and the quantity of processed waste.

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