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The Influence of Italian Cuisine on Food Culture in the Czech Republic in the 20th Century
Hendrych, Miroslav ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
(in English) The Bachelor thesis deals with a topic of food and food consumption in the history of mankind. The thesis is mostly concerned with the questions of diffusion processes, which influenced the diffusion of the Italian cuisine in the Czech Republic in the 20th century. It explores the changes in the structure of food consumption and in the approaches to food and eating and the impact of international, specifically Italian, cuisine on the Czech culinary culture. Not only these questions are discussed, the thesis investigates the bearers of traditions that have had an important distributing function as well. By accentuating the bearers, be it utensils, cooks, restaurants, shops, expositions or the consumers themselves, the thesis aims to demonstrate their unquestionable importance. Two data collection techniques have been used. The theoretical part of the thesis works with data collected from archival documents and historic period materials such as cookery books or magazines published in the 20th century. Another data have been collected from relevant foreign and Czech literature about national culinary cultures. The theoretical starting points having been explored, the next part of the thesis interprets data obtained from fieldwork. The conducted fieldwork was based on questionnaires...

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