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A proposal for the implementation of flood protection measures on the river Lužnice in Planá nad Lužnicí city.
HAVLÍČEK, Ladislav
One of the worst natural disasters that afflict humans and their dwellings immemorial, is flood. And not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide. Mankind has always inventing new flood protection and places them in practice. Cities are trying to build of protective wall, increase the capacity of riverbeds, build dry polders and other measures to prevent most of the disastrous consequences rampage element. Such city is also Planá nad Lužnicí, which approved the construction of levees in the town of the "Flood Prevention II" programme, whose investor was a state enterprise of Povodí Vltavy. This thesis theoretical part analyzes the current state of forces and means of the town Planá nad Lužnicí, which include The volunteer fire brigade Planá nad Lužnicí, the municipal police Planá nad Lužnicí and technical services Planá nad Lužnicí. In the next section analyzes the current organization and implementation of flood protection wall and readiness of the city government on its implementation by the rules of operation of the waterworks and the legislation in the area of flood protection. Then I analyze the experience and technical parameters of similar flood control measures implemented in the same program in the administrative district of Tabor. Finally, the experience of practical exercises implementation of flood line. Comparison of all analyzes performed was proposed methodology which is presented in the next section. In the chapter named results is presented my own organizational design solutions of flood control measures on the Lužnice River for the city of Planá nad Lužnicí. The entire implementation was divided into four phases, which have involved forces and means of clearly defined tasks to ensure the readiness of the technical elements of flood control measures. Furthermore, there are checklists for managers assigned forces and means the city to ensure the effective introduction of forces and means to alert and checklist commander of the intervention, which describes all the tasks necessary for the effective and rapid implementation of a flood line, including the provision of pumping stations and handling slide closures. To verify the design of methodical procedure was organized practical exercises, which have been tested only Phase 3 and 4, that the actual implementation and the removal of flood protection dykes. In the discussion chapter are described in detail the various stages of implementation, including the organization of fire brigade units that will participate in the installation of mobile flood control barriers, and the work of other organizations and city management to ensure control and maintenance of the technical elements of flood protection. The next point is presented optimum state of subjects of town Planá nad Lužnicí, which are involved in implementing flood line, including proposals to achieve optimal preparedness. It also shows the progress of the exercise, which were drilled two phases of practical training and one phase of physical inspection, and the results of exercise. There is also shown photo documentation of identified deficiencies which will be forwarded to the city government for complaint procedure with the contractor. In conclusion chatper I express my opinion that the proposed procedure is correct, as confirmed by the verification of practical exercises and analysis of city management Planá nad Lužnicí and managing officers of the Fire and Rescue Service of the South Bohemian region, Territorial Department Tabor. I outline here also missing conception of realization of flood protection at the strategic level, at least in the administrative districts of municipalities with extended competence of Tábor and Soběslav and ultimately incomplete flood protection of Planá nad Lužnicí city, which leads to flooding of the city center by streams and drainage system of forests in the eastern part of the city.
Christianity and fascism
HAVLÍČEK, Ladislav
This thesis deals with the influence of christian faith on the formation of ideological grounds of fascist movements (French Action, Falanga, Iron Guard) and real activities as social work and charity which result from this influence. The text is divided into four consequential chapters. The specific theme is introduced to a reader in the first chapter. Three fascist movements (their leaders, history, ideology) are described in the following one. The third part deals with the influence of christianity on the formation of the ideological basis of these movements. The final part concerns with real activities of christian-based organisations.

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6 Havlíček, Lukáš
2 Havlíček, Lumír
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