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ANNOTATED CZECH TRANSLATION OF Lois Lowry: The Remembered Gate and the Unopened Door (Sutherland Lecture, April 2001, dostupné na http:
Dudková, Anežka ; Kalivodová, Eva (advisor) ; Hájek, Matouš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to translate the lecture The Remembered Gate and the Unopened Door by Lois Lowry. Lowry delivered the speech in 2001 and then published it on her website. The translation is followed by a theoretical part, which includes the analysis of the source text, description of the selected translation method, typology of translation problems and typology of translation shifts.
The Significance of Otokar Fischer's Translations for the Czech Translation Tradition
Hájek, Matouš ; Jičínská, Veronika (advisor) ; Svoboda, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis explores Otokar Fischer's translations and their significance for the Czech translation tradition. The theoretical part addresses the status Otokar Fischer had in his time, the ample scope of activities, both creative and academic, he engaged in as well as his problematic position at the boundary between two languages and three cultures during the unstable interwar years. Then, the focus shifts on the way secondary literature, mainly from the field of translation studies, evaluates Fischer's translations. The image of Otokar Fischer and his school of translation promoted by the said literature is subject to criticism in the next chapter which also adds information the relevant books do not emphasize enough or leave out completely. The next part assesses two of the most significant translations done by Fischer - Goehte'sFaust and Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra- and also touches upon his translation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The last section of the thesis deals with the legacy Otokar Fischer left in the Czech translation tradition and the way his students and younger generations of translators approached this legacy.
Annotated Translation: Ahbe, Thomas. Ostalgie. Erfurt: LZT, 2005. Selected parts.
Hájek, Matouš ; Žárská, Monika (advisor) ; Svoboda, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis comprises two main parts: the translation and its theoretical reflection. The first part contains a translation of Thomas Ahbe's sociological studyfrom Germaninto Czech. The study deals with Ostalgie, a phenomena relatively little-known in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part of the thesis, translation analysis based on Cristiane Nord's model is carried out, followed by the setting of the translation method and the description of the translation problems and shifts. The conclusion sums up, primarily, the intercultural aspect of the translation.

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