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Religion in the USSR - Religious and Confessional Groups in RSFSR and USSR (1918 - 1991)
Semina, Aleksandra ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to examine the relationship between church and state in the USSR at various times. This work contains an introduction, the main part, which consists of six chapters, a conclusion and a list of literature. The thesis points out how the attitude of the Soviet government to religious groups changed from the beginning of the revolution in 1917 to the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The first chapter of the thesis deals with the Church during the first years of the Soviet government. The second chapter focuses on the repression of 30 years. Then the thesis explores the Second World War, the Khrushchev government, and at the end, it reaches the perestroika period. Special attention is paid to Orthodoxy, Patriarch Tikhon, other religious persons, atheistic education of the population and propaganda of atheism in the USSR. Other religions and confessional groups such as Buddhism and Islam are mentioned only marginally. Russian literary sources were used during this work.
Faith and superstition in Moravian folk song
Lukáš, Jan ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the phenomenon of the folk song as it was recorded in Moravia, or at least in the Czech language region, in terms of pagan, biblical and commonly Christian influences giving consideration to heterodox forms of Christianity which acted in the process of shaping of its lyrics. Its aim is to find and analyse motives in the lyrics that draw their inspiration from that kind of influences. The thesis strives afterwards to describe and to analyse these motives and if it is possible to introduce their parallels both inside and outside of our cultural area. At the same time it compares variants of the same lyrics or also variants contained in other songs. Finally there is also impact made by these products of folk culture on later art production represented mainly by the work of K. J. Erben. Chosen songs may in the greatest extent demonstrate the diversity of thoughts and themes, as well as the wealth of sources and springs of inspiration. Thus the thesis targets on the places where the folk culture preserved its peculiarity face to face the Christianity and also where it is founded in some tension with the orthodoxy regardless of the age of such opinions. However the folk culture is much more imbued by Christianity. This mutual connection of Christianity with other elements...
The literary work as a method of researching nonverbal and vocal communication
Hájek, Matěj ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
In my thesis, I will be pondering on the resources of non- verbal material as well as on the methodology of research concerning this topic. The thesis will illustrate the problematics of authentic non-verbal communication derived from scientific publications written by chosen authorities. In the second part, I will introduce the theoretical basis in which I will clarify the reasons why even artistic literature can be considered a valuable tool of research and I will demostrate the effect on chosen extracts with references to the terminology introduced in the first part of my thesis. In this part, I will point out the contribution of artistic literature to the scientific research as well as its possible typology. Key words non-verbal communication, systematization of means, verbalization, interpretation, exposition, discourse, pseudo- reality
Czech Christianity after 1989
Tauerová, Blanka Anna ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
This thesis, Czech Christian Religious Scene after the Revolution in 1989 (Relationships among the Churches and their Development after the Revolution), aims to outline the Czech Christian religious scene and its development since 1950's till present. The necessary historical background in the introduction is followed by the description of legal aspects of church activities both during the communism as well as in democracy. The integral part of the thesis introduces ten most important churches and religious associations in the Czech Republic, their brief history, organisational structure and work in the Czech society. The aim of this brief outline is to point out the variety of church life which also significantly influences ecumenical relationships. The final chapter deals with the ecumenical relationships among the churches, their development, activities in the social welfare, especially in education and medicine, and generally their overall benefit for the society. Keywords Church, totalitarian regime, communism, society, legislation, ecumenism, cooperation, relationships
The Concept of Nature by Francis of Assisi
Junová, Rut ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the concept of nature by Francis of Assisi. This work is divided into two chapters. The first one discusses the franciscan writings dealing with the nature in general, it analyses its rigours, afterwards introduces the key events of Francis' life. The second chapter is more komplex and focuses on the concept of nature in concrete franciscan writings. They are recognized as The Writings about St. Francis and The Writings of St. Francis. The first group consists of three biographies (Vita prima, Vita secunda, Legenda Maior) and one collection of legends about Francis (Little flowers). The second group includes Francis' letters, monastic rule, prayers and praises, among which Canticle of the Creatures stands out. The analyses of particular writings focused on their historical context and the comparison of writings crystallize the particular perspectives of Francis's concept of nature, especially the most outstanding view of nature as God's good creation. Powered by TCPDF (
Religion of Jewish population and lived Judaism during normalization era in Prague
Michalcová, Andrea ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
The diploma thesis ,,Religion of Jewish population and lived Judaism during normalization era in Prague" first explains the historical role of the Jews since their arrival in Bohamia and Moravia till the period of the 1st Republic from political and social point of view. There are depicted features of anti- Semitism as well that has been experienced by the Jews from time immemorial. The part dedicated to the Bohemia and Moravia Protectorate era is mainly built on testimony of those people who had experienced the Holocaust and became victims of extraordinary crime typical of its specific conception, execution and extent. The next chapter deals with the Jews ' return from concentration camps, Liberation Armies and there is not only literary evidence but direct interviews with respondents and survivors as well. This paper describes the way to Jewish religious life, traditions and customs recovery in our country. It also touches political trials in the 1950s ' that demonstrated to be strictly antisemitic. The following 1960s ' showed the era of oficial political strategy reassesment, Jewish matters became legitimate topics. The chapter dedicated to Jewish situation in normalization era demonstrates what then legal system brought to the whole society and its impact on Jewish inhabitans. What was enough to accuse...
A Child, an Adult, and an Elder in the Literary Work of Jan Čep
Hájek, Matěj ; Wiendl, Jan (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on character in early short stories of Jan Čep. It studies the character from the standpoint of narratological categories as well as factual and inner content. It pursues typologization of the characters - from the formal as well as contentual point of view. Further the physicality is explained and structured as another creative principal of Čep's poetics. Two chosen short stories are subject to a coherent and careful interpretation.
Human Rights in Islam
Pousková, Pavla ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
Idea of human rights came from ancienit Greece. Rethought in renaissance period, accompain humankind to nowadays. Euro-atlantic civilization in his modern form is found on the idea of human rights. Maybe we not precieve them, because most of states in euro-atlantic region have human rights confirm in their constitutions. But they are, states which see human rights in different way. Most of them are patriarchalic systems, where not all citizens have same rights. It means we will discusse as a matter of priority about women. From euro-atlantic view this attitude is not correct. But there are some foundantions and red strand which accompain these states and civilizations. And that is what I would like to show in this work. Things which are same, that one which are different, and that one we can discusse. Keywords Human rights, euroatlantic civilization, islam, women
Owen Barfield's Concept of Imagination in Dialogue with C.S. Lewis
Hájek, Matěj ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Štampach, Ivan (referee) ; Balabán, Milan (referee)
The main topic of this disertation is a philosophical and theological reflection of imagination in the thought of two 20th century british thinkers and writers Owen Barfield and C. S. Lewis. The attention is foccused first on C. S. Lewis and his approach to the topic. The analysis of his insights serves as a terminological and interpretative tool for detailed analysis of Barfield's stance which is elaborated later. Lewis's approach is observed in wider context of his epistemology and his theological evaluation of religion. Lewis's concept of imagination is placed from the very begining into the fundamental frame of his life and thought, which is the tension between "rational" and "imaginative" aspect of personality, or between "subject" and "object". It is still more obvious in the course of the analysis, that the tension between "subject" and "object" as well as seeking of its overcoming is an integrating motif of the whole Lewis's corpus. In the conclusion of Lewis's part, there is presented a summary of his intellectual approach to the imagination, which not being a comprehensive theory, still reveals an elaborated philosophical-theological reflection of the topic. Next part deals with the approach of Barfield, whose conception is analysed in more detail. A comprehensive theory of imagination is...

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