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The Analysis of Slavia Prague Supporters' Ritual Behaviour
Šváb, Vojtěch ; Halbich, Marek (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
This thesis deals with a sport audience phenomenon, in particular with the concrete SK Slavia Praha supporters' expressions. This phenomenon is examined primarily from the perspective of ritual. The main concept is based on V. Turner's theory of liminal/liminoid. This theory claims the existence of a certain antistructure sphere in which both an individual and a social group become temporarily free from social power and somehow unhampered. However, there is a different form of this state in traditional and industrial society. This thesis examines the nature of fandom in relation to this theoretical categorization: hence to both the structure and the antistructure and their different forms. These categories are derived from Turner's concept of social drama, which therefore becomes the interpretative framework of the examined phenomenon as well. The second crucial level of the thesis deals with the ritual behaviour of the supporter community (conceptualized as imagined) itself. In this area, the thesis is focused on the concrete symbolic elements analysis, their contextual and conventional meaning and also on the performative aspect of this ritual behaviour. The mutual relation between both of the mentioned rituality levels is also adressed.
World of Pragues Mothers on parental leave..
Brennová, Martina ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with choices made by women on maternity leave living in Prague, predominantly in the area of work and family life. Women's choices do not always represent their preferences and are strongly influenced by the institutional conditions and family interests. Women's preferences are also determined by the idea of maternity preferred by them- Another focus of the thesis is the construction of symbolic boundaries between mothers and childless women. Mothers differentiate themselves from childless women based on moral criteria and from each other based on the understanding of motherhood. Mothers tend to describe maternity leave as a happy period and do not think of it as of a loss of freedom or a sacrifice. However, they admit that long-term maternity leave is stereotypical and can induce feelings of isolation. For that reason, a part of women try to break free, at least partially, from the childcare and return into the realm of adults.
Medico ergo sum. Construction of symbolic inequalities and boundaries between physicians and healers /and their professional identity
Dostálová, Lenka ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
My diploma thesis deals with the relationship and more specifically with the boundaries and inequalities between scientific medicine and alternative medicine from the constructionistic and interactionistic point of view. It explores how the boundaries are constructed by the representatives of biomedicine on one side and the representatives of alternative medicine on the other side. This thesis is based on a qualitative research - semi-standardised interviews with members of both systems of medicine. The state and the role of alternative medicine in czech setting is presented to the reader and the construction of boundaries in this context is explored. The thesis shows that the representatives of biomedicine build boundaries mainly based on moral aspects, while the representatives of alternative medicine have larger and more varied repertoire of boundaries. The fact is probably given by structural conditions and the role of alternative medicine - while the representatives of biomedicine "only" want to maintain the status quo, the representatives of alternative medicine struggle to change their situation, which requires bigger effort.
"How i left to Mexico" (Stories of Czech emigre's)
Štursová, Tereza ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
RESUMÉ In my diploma thesis I have focused on the experience of migration and following adaptation in host society of the czech women living in Mexico. I was interested in how these women went through the departure from the homeland, how their woman identity is being negotiated a constructed in the migration process and particularly in the context of mexican culture and what kind of transformation of their roles is coming up. I have focused on particular migration phases: motives and decision making, departure from the Czech Republic, arrival to Mexico and life in mexican society. My analysis is based on narratives of four czech émigrés, who shared with me their stories and experience. In the analysis I have focused both on the migration process and adaptation process in mexican society. I was interested in where my respondents feel at home, which main distinctions and difficulties they experience in every day life in Mexico, how their roles are changing by the change of social cultural context. I have paid the biggest attention to the topic of women's and men's position within the mexican society and how my respondents deal with it. My aim was to discover if and how their identity is being formed and negotiated in the dialogue with all-society understood roles of men and women. I found out that my...
Gambling as a Black Hole of the Social Universe
Horáček, Michal ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
This master's thesis aims both to present empirical criticism of the published case studies of gambling, in particular the Deep Play by Clifford Geertz, which is the most cited one, and to propose such a methodology which would enable us to derive more meaningful data from the ethnographic material on gambling. In this context it is also needed to question the conventional conceptual categories which are internally conflicting as appears both in common speech and in the works of the social science scholars such as Johan Huizing, Eugen Fink, Roger Caillois, Gerda Reith and Jackson Lears.
The meaning of time and space in the migration process. The experience of two generations of Czechs living in Berlin
Jansová, Lenka ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Mlynář, Jakub (referee)
(in English): This paper is concerned with the interrelation among social structures and individual agency in the migration process. Aim of the thesis is to contextually explain motivations and strategies of two Czech generations who migrated to Berlin. It focuses on generation of Czechs who left homeland between 1968-1989 and migration generation who moved after the accession of The Czech Republic to the European Union. The accent put on the time(s) and place(s) in the migration process enables to compare generations, and is the key to understanding interaction of structures and agency. Theoretical and methodological framework is formed by the concept of the theory of practices from Karen O'Reilly (2012), to interpret the meaning of the time(s) the life course perspective was used, the meaning of place(s) was interpreted by the concept of migration networks and transnationalism. The core of the empirical part is analysis of ethnographic material concerning notes from participant observation and narrative in-depth interviews with biographical elements (micro-level). The interpretation of motivations and strategies of the migration as well as social ties and practice is set in broader structures and events context i.e. historical and geographic relationship between the countries and the political...

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