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The Impact of Mergers and Acquisition Activity on the Time Series Variation in the Stock Size Premium
Kaplan, Robert ; Novák, Jiří (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
This work studies whether intertemporal variation in future takeover activity explains intertemporal changes in stock size premium. Taking into account that takeover activity involves 2-9% of firms every year and building upon existing research stating that small firms are more likely takeover targets, receive 40% higher takeover premium than large firms, we argue that small firms benefit from high takeover activity more than large firms and size premium should be more pronounced in the time of high takeover activity. We study takeover activity as well as stock size premium on aggregate level and test whether size premium can be explained by the expected takeover activity, i.e. its change compared to past. We find that change in takeover activity in the next six months versus last six months is positively correlated with size premium. Additionally, we construct a simple predictive model for estimating future takeover activity. The relation between size premium and change in takeover activity remains significant when we use forecasted values given by the predictive model instead of true future values in the model.
Liquidity creation and banks' capital casual effect: GIIPS countries case
Gjuzi, Gladiola ; Tůma, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
This study observes the impact of regulatory capital on liquidity creation of banks in GIIPS countries over the period 2006-2016. The results are estimated by conducting a panel data analysis and evaluating Fixed Effect model proceeded by a 2SLS regression method. The results show that there exists a negative relationship between regulatory capital and liquidity creation. They give support to policymakers of Basel III/CRD IV to be concerned about the consequences of imposing higher capital requirements. Furthermore, size of the bank is correlated negatively with liquidity creation, and financial crisis does impact the magnitude of the relationship between regulatory capital and liquidity creation. Nevertheless, we suggest that new buffers on liquidity and capital requirements should be accompanied by other prudential tools to ensure a stable financial system in GIIPS countries. JEL Classification E58,F33, G21, G28 Keywords Regulatory Capital, Liquidity creation, Bank Regulation, Fixed Effect Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Interbank markets, monetary transmission and bank efficiency
Lešanovská, Jitka ; Geršl, Adam (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee) ; Fungáčová, Zuzana (referee) ; Brei, Michael (referee)
The dissertation thesis comprises three essays which interlink monetary policy transmission and bank characteristics, particularly bank cost efficiency, in the light of recent financial crisis. The first essay focuses on the development of the interbank market risk premium in the Czech Republic during the global financial crisis. We explain the significant departure of interbank interest rates from the key monetary policy rate by a combination of different factors, including liquidity risk, counterparty risk, foreign influence, interbank relations, and strategic behavior. The results suggest a relevant role of market factors, and some importance of counterparty risk. The second essay examines the pass-through from financial market interest rates, directly influenced or targeted by central banks, to the rates that banks charge firms and households. It examines the pass-through mechanism using a unique data set of Czech loan and deposit products and focus on bank-level determinants of pricing policies, especially cost efficiency, which we estimate employing both stochastic frontier and data envelopment analysis. The main results are threefold: First, the long-term pass- through was close to complete for most products before the financial crisis, but has weakened considerably afterward. Second, banks...
Macro-Financial challenges in Emerging Markets
Jašová, Martina ; Geršl, Adam (advisor) ; Schmieder, Christian (referee) ; Babecký, Jan (referee) ; Jakubík, Petr (referee)
This dissertation thesis consists of three essays on macroeconomics and finance. In these essays, I focus on events which adversely affect emerging markets and present challenges to economic policy and central bank thinking. My aim is to contribute to the existing empirical literature by providing new evidence on the role of private credit, effects of macroprudential policies and understanding of the exchange-rate pass-through. The first essay evaluates policy measures taken to curb bank credit growth in the private sector in the pre-crisis period 2003-2007. The analysis is based on an original survey conducted on central banks in Central and Eastern Europe. The findings reveal substantial policy intervention and indicate that certain measures - particularly asset classification and provisioning rules; and loan eligibility criteria - might have been effective in taming bank credit growth. The second essay contributes to the existing literature on early warning indicators as well as to the discussion on the appropriateness of credit-to-GDP gap as a leading variable for any country for activation of the countercyclical capital buffer instrument in Basel III. We exploit long-run credit series for 36 emerging markets and evaluate their quality to signal a crisis by using receiver operating characteristics...
Bank lending surveys and financial cycles
Mayr, Samuel ; Geršl, Adam (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
In 2003 European Central Bank issued a qualitative survey of financing condi- tions. Called bank lending survey (BLS) and including 22 questions on credit standards, credit terms and conditions, and loan demand, the BLS was supposed to act as an additional information stream for the European Central Bank to be able to differentiate between supply and demand effects. This thesis gathers available BLS answers and evaluates their potential use in an early warning system. According to AUROC analysis of various logit models, based partially on traditional early warning indicators (EWIs) and partially on the BLS data, the study picks 27 BLS variables that significantly improve performance of the current EWIs over the period of 2003-2017. JEL Classification C23, C40, F47, G01, G21, G28 Keywords EWIs, bank lending survey, ROC, financial cycle Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Interaction between Macroprudential and Monetary Policies, and Bank Runs
Kolomazníková, Barbora ; Hlaváček, Michal (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
The thesis focuses on the interaction between macroprudential and monetary policies in the presence of bank runs. In particular, it is examined whether the two policies should be conducted separately or jointly, and whether the occurence of a bank run affects the result. Furthermore, it is studied how a bank run impacts the efficiency of the two policies. \\ The baseline results suggest that cooperation between the two policies is less efficient than when they are determined separately. The reason might be a coordination issue that arises because the same objective is being assigned to both policies in the cooperative case. On the other hand, when facing a bank run the cooperative regime achieves a higher degree of financial stability by reducing the probability of a next run. This is caused by the fact that cooperating authorities choose more aggresive macroprudential policy when a bank run occurs. A bank run itself does not change the ranking of the two policy regimes. However, an occurence of a bank run induces higher efficiency of both policies, irrespective of the regime in place. In addition, the policies are more effective when they face financial shocks, as opposed to a productivity shock.
Analysis of contagion between energy and CEE financial markets
Kosar, Mariia ; Horváth, Roman (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
This work analyzes the contagion effects between energy and CEE financial markets during the two crisis periods (global financial crisis 2008-2009 and energy market crisis 2014), using a sample of daily data from 2004 till 2015. We detect contagion by observing the degree and structure of two dummy variables for specified crisis periods included into the quantile regression models on the basis of a dependence measure called "coexceedances". Our results show that there are significant contagion effects present between the gasoil and CEE stock markets during the 2008-2009 period and mixed evidence of contagion between crude oil market and CEE stock markets. CEE stock markets do not appear to exhibit significant contagion effects with energy markets during the recent energy market crisis. These results substantially differ from those found in the developed European markets. In particular, our results indicate that energy markets and stock markets in developed Europe seem to display significant contagion effects during the 2014-2015 period. Keywords: Central and Eastern Europe, contagion, energy market, quantile regression
Impact of sovereign debt crisis in Greece on its neighboring countries
Papoušek, Radan ; Geršl, Adam (advisor) ; Kuc, Matěj (referee)
In this thesis, I analyze contagious effects stemming from Greece to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, and Turkey during the Greek sovereign debt crisis. Using the VAR framework, I estimate adjusted cross-market correlation coefficients, and then test them on con- tagion. My research is based on examination of 10-year sovereign bonds and stock market indices in time period spanning from December 2004 to August 2012. The thesis finds that contagious impacts arising from the Greek crisis were present in all the examined countries. I also find significant interdependence among some of the examined countries. The existence of transmission channels suggests that the crisis could spread easily from Greece.

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