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Compensation for damage and non-material damage caused by a work accident
Fojtíková, Monika ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of damage and non-material damage caused by work accidents. The first chapter describes the basic concept of legal liability and main functions of the employer's liability for damage caused to employees. The second chapter focuses on the basic assumptions, fulfilment of which creates an obligation for the employer to compensate employees for damage and non-material damage. It also describes the work accident as a legal term and discusses specific situations such as a heart-attack, a work injury during team-building or a work injury during a business trip using interpretation based, in particular, on a review of Czech case law. The employer is not always obliged to compensate employees for damage and non-material damage. Situations in which the employer is released from the obligation to pay damages and non-material damage are described at the end of the second chapter. These situations include violation of legal regulations or instructions, drunkenness or misuse of addictive substances and, last but not least, reckless behaviour of an employee. The third part which is the core of the thesis, deals with individual types and scopes of compensations, namely compensation for loss of earnings, material damage and purposefully spent treatment costs. A particular...
Contribution of consulting service to a change of lifestyle
Fojtíková, Monika ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Tilinger, Pavel (referee)
Title of thesis: Contribution of consulting service to a change of lifestyle Summary: The question of healthy life style has been recently in the centre of frequently discussed topics. The population's lifestyle has changed noticeably in comparison with the past and high-quality nutrition and regular motion activity is frequently neglected. People suffer from stress, lack of sleep and all these factors bring an increased level of heath risk. Among others, the society reacts to this fact by founding an amount of consulting clinics which try to help people to change and achieve a healthier and better quality life style. This thesis is concerned with an effect of a programme individually formed by a consultant on a change of life style and consequently on a change of female physical constitution at the age of 18 - 65. The research is supposed to reveal whether the program itself, regular controls and feed - backs will bring positive changes of life style and if there consequently follows a reduction of body weight as well as improvement of other physical parameters. Objective of thesis: Our aim was to determine what kind of women seek for help and consultations in the area of healthy life style. We were also interested which effect individually formed programme has and whether this change also...

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