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Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Doležal, Libor ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Krejčí, Vladimír (advisor)
The thesis inform the reader about the agents that affect the indoor air quality, especially those related to thermal comfort. It also draws attention to discomfort caused by some of the agents. There are introduced basic methods and measurement procedures of quantities necessary to evaluate the thermal comfort. The thesis is not a direct manual to the measurement of the mentioned quantities but it guides the reader to the most suitable measuring instrument according to the measurement objective and range. Further it provides a review of standards and public notices related to this theme.
Utilization of solar energy for heating and ventilation – warm-air systems
Pospíšil, David ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Jaroš, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis considers summary of application trends with using warm-air systems to space heating and ventilation. Thesis is divided into several sections. The introduction to the topic presents basic facts about solar energy; the origin of it and its availability. The next part defines systems working with solar energy for space heating and ventilation, describes partition of these systems and explains working principles. The final part gives examples in system’s application.
Utilization of solar energy for heating and ventilation – solar façades
Mazáč, Ondřej ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Jaroš, Michal (advisor)
The objective of bachelor´s thesis „The Usage of Solar Energy for Heating and Ventilation – The Solar Facades“ is the description of nowadays used types of solar facades, the examination of their technical parameters and the estimation of theoretical project on chosen building. The first part is focused on general description of solar radiation, the possibility of its usage in the solar system and and the explanation of its principle. The division of solar facades in terms of their basic criteria is described in the next part. The last part deals with particular estimation of buildings which uses the passive solar system in form of the solar Facade.
Air conditioning systems of residential buildings and one-family houses
Verfl, Jan ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Janotková, Eva (advisor)
Airconditioning now a days became important equitment in every household. It keeps optimal microclimate and thermal comfort. The first chapter describes valuatiuon of microclimate and termal condition of enviroment and also termal transport in between human body and enviroment. The second chapter desribes conditioner and its main parts, division of aircondition systems and their estimation.
Ventilation and air conditioning of a car cabine
Viščor, Petr ; Hejčík, Jiří (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
In this work are described kinds and functions of air-conditioning systems which are used in cars. Further is described heat transfer between car cabin and ambient environment and issue of reduction of air-conditioning energy consumption. Last part of the work contains numerical simulation made by the THESEUS-FE 2.1 software package. This simulation was done on a model of the Toyota Prius car and was focused on effect of glazing on a temperature of the air inside the car cabin during hot summer days.
Potential of utilization of wind energy in the Czech Republic
Kolařík, Ivo ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Košner, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis deals with a potential of wind energy utilization in the Czech Republic. This thesis contains description of the wind map of the Czech Republic, analysis of posibility of wind energy utilization for electric energy generation as well as suggestion of criteria for choosing the most suitable for wind turbine construction.
Ventilation of low-energy houses
Kubisz, Pavel ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
Dissertation deals with division and description progressive trends of ventilation of low-energy houses. Forasmuch as ventilation is participant in total heat consumption, It is here practical example how total heat consumption depend on ventilation heat consumption and heat consumption by construction. At the close is showed when is good, or bad, to use ventilation with recuperation.
Comparison of foundation and creation of a limited liability company and a joint stock company
Fišer, Jan ; Kříž, Radim (advisor) ; Kotoučová, Jiřina (referee)
The first part of this thesis describes in general the limited liability company, the advantages and disadvantages it provides to its partners and it is explained why this company form is continuously the most popular business entity type. The second part of this paper introduces the joint stock company, basic terms used in joint stock company law and the advantages and disadvantages this company type provides to its shareholders. Crux of this thesis is in the third part, that describes the process of foundation of both company types and their subsequent enrolment in the companies register. Emphasis is placed on the differences between both company types that the partners and shareholders have to deal with, especially in regard to the content of the Memorandums of Associations of both companies.
Contemporary trends of internet services
Fišer, Jan ; Donát, Jiří (advisor) ; Gála, Libor (referee)
Internet has been a common part of our private and work-related lives for a rather long time, yet it doesn't seem this is going to change. On the contrary - the importance of Internet is steadily growing as well as number of it's users and only few technologies have similar impact on individuals or even whole businesses and industries. But Internet evolves as well and it is not the same that it was 10 years ago. Today, Internet is more than just email or static (business) presentation on the web; it's more an interactive medium and is often associated with so called "Web 2.0". Yet even this concept isn't likely to last forever. That's why I find important to focus on contemporary Internet trends and try to describe some of the most influential ones regarding the future, i.e. social networking, wiki systems and blogs, APIs and mashups, but also Creative Commons licences and possible solution to multiple online identity issue, the OpenID project. Although I'm going to use particular examples of services in order to describe some of the trends, I would like to avoid unnecessary details. I'm going to focus on features the services have in common, not just considering particular service categories, but across the Internet as a whole as well. The aim is to create a survey, evaluation of contemporary Internet services and describe some approaches to solving specific issues related to this environment. Information resources will be mostly technologically oriented servers, blogs and other contemporary trends or particular product related websites. Obviously I'm going to embed my personal experience as well.
Foundation and creation of a limited liability company
Fišer, Jan ; Kalinová, Miluše (advisor) ; Filipinská, Lucie (referee)
The first part of this thesis describes the limited liability company, its advantages and disadvantages and it is explained why this company form is so popular. The second part deals in detail with the process of foundation and the subsequent creation of a limited liability company. Emphasis is placed on the founders of the company and the conditions they must meet. At the end of the thesis there is given a practical example of a particular creation of a limited liability company.

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