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Snow cover detection from webcam images
Fišer, Jan ; Brodský, Lukáš (advisor) ; Jeníček, Michal (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibility of using webcams as a source of spatial data for snow occurrence. The aim of this study is to propose a suitable method of snow cover detection from web camera images. From a sample of 6 webcams of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) the snow cover is detected by pixel classification methods. The effect of training file size on the accuracy of classification is examined and the overall accuracy achieved by the SVM method was shown to be 97.46%. This study also aims to propose a system for determining the proportion of snow-covered areas. The algorithm consists of several sub-steps: filtering and registration of images, detection of snow, introduction of a coordinate system, calculation of the size of the surveyed area and the proportion of snow-covered area. The designed model can be used for automatic processing of images for various webcams. The melting curves of the snow cover are generated from the obtained daily values of the snow covered area. The results are validated using data from selected CHMI stations. The proposed and parameterized model confirms the possibility of successful use of webcams as a complement to ground measurement of meteorological stations and for the validation of remote sensing products.
The influence of moisture on the thermal properties of the gloves
Gawlasová, Žaneta ; Toma, Róbert (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the assessment of the influence of moisture on the thermal properties of the gloves. The first part of the thesis deals with the research of topics related to the given issue as well as with the derivation of the computational relations needed for evaluation of experimental measurements. The main focus of the work lies on defining the hypotheses and experiments that are used to verify the influence of moisture on the thermal resistance of gloves. As for the experimental part, it describes the individual methods of moistening the gloves from which the moistening through the air humidity and the moistening by the immersion were analysed. To verify the suitability of selected moistening methods, the tested glove samples were measured on the thermal manikin both in a dry and a moistened state under the conditions defined by ČSN EN 511 and ČSN EN ISO 15831 standards. Individual states were repeatedly measured and afterwards the progresses of thermal resistance depending on time were graphically displayed. The thesis also includes analysis of measurement uncertainties as well as evaluation of measurement repeatability. From the obtained results, both the defined hypotheses and theoretical assumptions about the decrease of the thermal resistance of a textile material due to the influence of moisture were confirmed in the conclusion of the diploma thesis.
Ventilation and cooling system for an apartment in block of flats
Uřičář, Filip ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
This Master’s Thesis deals with the design of ventilation and cooling of an under roof flat in a tenement building, built in the 1980s, and consists of five main parts. Within the first main part, the thesis is dedicated to the research of the current state of knowledge in the area ofventilation and cooling of residential premises, secondly, there is a detailed description of a particular flat, thirdly, the calculation for the optimal design of ventilation and cooling are made and, in the fourth part, suggested solutions are proposed with the following evaluation of them including the overall summary. The design of ventilation and cooling was carried out according to the design procedures with respect to the relevant standards and optimized to achieve the desired effect with respect to the requirements of the owner of a housing unit. As a solution, the ventilation of a flat by the Jablotron Futura´s ventilating unit and three variants of a flat cooling were proposed. After the evaluation of all cooling variants, the Sinclair´s multisplit system of cooling was chosen as the most suitable one.
Ventilation of the archive
Hudeček, František ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
Ventilation systems for depositories have certain specifics. Their main objective is to provide safe environment for preserving unique cultural or other valuable objects that are being stored for extensive time periods. The economical aspect of the operation should be taken into ac-count and the ventilation system adjusted accordingly. This project also incorporates ventila-tion of secondary areas. Ventilation system is subsequently assessed in terms of indoor air quality (CFD simulation) and energetic requirements (program TRNSYS). Air quality in depositories is evaluated using age of air parameter. The qualitative and quanti-tative outcomes are obtained. Possible measures are then suggested to improve the air quality. The objective of energy simulation is to evaluate overall energy required for a year of opera-tion of main air handling units. In addition, estimation of energy requirements for heating and cooling are made for the whole building. The results are compared and more simulations are carried out in order to lower overall energy consumption.
Experimental investigation of warm-up time of thermal manikin for thermal equilibrium with surrounding environment
Dočekal, Martin ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focus on experimental investigation of warm-up time of Newton type thermal manikin for thermal equilibrium with surrounding environment. First chapter describes the theoretical introduction to heat transfer. The main part of the thesis is consisting of experimental measurement of manikin warm-up from various temperatures and additional cooling experiment. During the test stabilization time on the surface and inside the manikin is measured.
European regulation of virtual currencies, its shortcomings and future development.
Fišer, Jan ; Vondráčková, Aneta (advisor) ; Kunertová, Tereza (referee)
European regulation of virtual currencies, its shortcomings and future development Abstract This thesis is focused on the European regulation of virtual currencies, meaning the current Union legal regulation of this phenomenon including further European Union institutions' activities in the area. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the existing approach towards virtual currencies as well as to find some of the shortcomings and to outline the future development of European regulation of virtual currencies. As a part of this thesis, relevant activities associated with distributed ledger technology as a technology related to virtual currencies will be introduced. To achieve the mentioned, the thesis analyzes mainly legislative and non-legislative sources issued by competent institutions of the European Union, equally important are the jurisprudential texts from the area of virtual currencies and related fields. The thesis is divided into five chapters which are further divided into topical subchapters. Each of the chapters includes partial identification of shortcomings and presents the future development in the area. The introductory chapter addresses the introduction of virtual currencies as such and in the context of financial law. Further, technological bases of virtual currencies are described, namely...
Space heating and ventilation in a bungalow family house
Menšík, Marek ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of ventilation and heating of bungalow single-storey house. The work is divided into three parts. In the first part is presented the design of the house with calculation of heat losses. The second part deals with the design, calculations and regulation of the heating of the house. In the third part there is designed a system of forced ventilation for the house.
Investigation of impact of radiant heating and cooling on car driver thermal comfort
Pavlík, Vojtěch ; Tuhovčák, Ján (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the matter of radiation heating, thermal comfort maintenance and setting optimal operation parameters for heating system equipped with radiation panels. The research section summarizes the effects most important for thermal comfort, methods of its determination, heat exchange distribution between the human body and its environment, and technical possibilities of heating car interiors. The central points of this work are the simulation of car interiors heated with radiation panels and the evaluation of thermal comfort with a virtual mannequin. Thermal state was determined via the equivalent temperature and thermal comfort zones diagram (method by O.H. Nilsson). Forty-two simulated scenarios led us to conclude that thermal comfort is not possible to obtain with panels exuding a maximum temperature of 43 °C and the combination of several heat sources is required. Nevertheless radiation heating considerably contributes to energy savings without the loss of thermal comfort in assessed car.
Reducing energy dependence of block of flats
Bouchal, Patrik ; Fišer, Jan (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on the assessment of energy self-sufficiency of block of flats. The introductory part deals with the block of flats itself. In the second part, it is thoroughly discussed whether there is sufficient amount of rainwater falling on the roof of the huse and it’s further use. The third part deals with the use of photovoltaic panels.
Local Control of Seat Ventilation and Its Impact on Human Thermal Comfort
Matuška, Jaroslav ; Toma, Róbert (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
Diplomová práce je zaměřena na měření ventilovaného sedadla s ohledem na tepelný komfort člověka. Popisuje a shrnuje tepelný přenos lidského těla s okolím a termoregulaci člověka. Dále zachycuje a zhodnocuje vybrané přístupy hodnocení tepelného komfortu. Zabývá se komplexním přehledem tepelně komfortních jednotek v automobilu. Představuje použitou metodu měření tepelného komfortu u ventilovaného sedadla, načež analyzuje a vyhodnocuje jednotlivá získaná data.

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