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Harmony of the visual and verbal component in childrensʼ books over the last seventy years
Dvořáková, Alžběta ; Hausenblas, Ondřej (advisor) ; Reissner, Martin (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the harmony of the visual and verbal component in childrens' books. In the theoretical part, fundamental definitions of the underlying terms (visual component, ilustrator, verbal component in its written context, writer) with respect to scientific literature are given. Further, carefully selected opinions of experts on childrens' literature are delved into and supplmeneted with author's comments. The popularization of books for children is to be credited not only to experts from the specified field, but also to individuals who promote them to the general public by recognition awards. A detailed overview of authors of the past 70 years, i.e. from the turn of the first and second half of the 20th century up until today, is presented. The harmony of both, the visual and verbal component present in their works is further enquired. Selected books are introduced and classified in terms of the connection of their text and artistic components. The practical part of this thesis introduces the aggregate of conclusions drawn from teaching four lessons on the subject of literary education and an additional lesson on art education. The book used in class was Frantisek Skala's "Jak Cilek Lidu nasel". This work presents the preparation materials, descriptions of the lessons...
The real use of operation research method in conjunction with logistics Cross-Docking technology
Dvořáková, Alžběta ; Kuncová, Martina (advisor) ; Fábry, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the real use of operation research method in conjunction with logistics Cross-Docking technology. It is possible to solve this conjunction with either routing problems along with its modifications or simulations methods. The theoretical part describes routing problems, routing problems with time windows, simulations methods with their possibilities of real use and logistics technologies. A model of a Cross-Docking terminal that was created in the program Simul8 can be found in the practical part of this thesis. The goal of the simulation was to ensure smooth flow of products through the terminal without any long queues in the terminal. Routing problems designed to minimize the length of its routes can be found in the second half of the practical part. Other possible real application is routing problems on the real problem. The solution for this task was found using the modelling system MPL for Windows.

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