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Motivation and Evaluation of Employees
Václavková, Andrea ; Dvořáčková, Dagmar (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with issues concerning motivation and evaluation of the employees. The theoretical part describes suggestions from specialised literature in the field of motivation and evaluation of the employees. The practical part deals with the revealed study results which will be then apllied to the company. The aim of this diploma thesis is to offer possible suggestions based on the information discovered. These suggestions will be used to eliminate revealed imperfections and subsequently help to improve motivation of the employees.
Management of Personal Development
Dvořáčková, Dagmar ; Hubinková, Zuzana (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Diploma thesis „Management of personal development“ is focused on the analysis in the management of personal development in the production company ITAB Shop Concept CZ, a.s. focusing on technical-economic workers, and especially to the managers of company. The theoretical part is focused on the fundamental concepts in this area, defining the manager’s personality, his demands, self-management (time and stress management), training and development employees. It also discusses the internal and external factors acting on managerial development, improving performance through mental hygiene, lifestyle and wellbeing. The practical part focuses on the current status of management of personal development and the rules under which the selection process and the choice of development and education. It is focused on finding the requirements for managers and design of a particular solution that is focused to the opportunities for further development company.
Evaluation of the Quality of Seniors´ Life in Homes for Seniors.
The dissertation describes the quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors. It is difficult to create a generally valid definition of the quality of life because of multidimensional and objektive character of this problem. But it is possible to look for factors having influence on the quality of life and for understanding of needs connected with subjective perception of the quality of seniors' life. The definition of theoretical connections in the first part of the work is concentrated on the problem of growing old and old age in connection with looking into the quality of seniors? life. Special attention is payed to the problem of life quality in general with regard to the quality of seniors? life. In the research part there are results and their use in practice. A quantitative research strategy (especially a method of interwieving) was used to reach the research intent. The author of the dissertation has used a combination of three questionnaires created by the World Health Organization which are focused on seniors´ life quality research ? their standardized Czech version: WHOQOL?OLD, WHOQOL?BREF and the questionnaire concernig attitudes to growing old and old age ? AAQ. The main aim of the dissertation was to find out a level of the quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors, to evaluate the quality of life in various life domains from the point of view of their importance for general satisfaction with the quality of life. The author has researched an influence of sociodemographical indicators on subjective perception of the quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors. In the last part of the dissertation there are mentioned particular fields which influence the quality of seniors´ life and there are described factors participating in the quality of life. Paying attention to the quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors not only by seniors themselves but also by managers of these facilities ? it is a practical benefit of author´s dissertation. Several homes for seniors have showed interest in cooperation to create manuals for key management.These manuals will become a methodical material for creation of individual plans for seniors in homes for seniors. Knowledge of factors impressing the quality of seniors´ life can help to define needs of seniors in homes for seniors and to make easier planning aims of provided services. Other practical benefit of this work is publishing a special scientific publication called Quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors which will be published by Grada Publishing in August 2012. The theoretical solutions and research results of this dissertation will be presented here. The reason of choosing the theme ?Quality of seniors´ life in homes for seniors? was to show an importace of perception of a man based on bio-psycho-social and spiritual level including his subjective outlook on satisfaction of his personal needs. This philosophy is tightly connected with the quality of provided services in long-stay facilities. The quality of provided services can be judged according to objective indicators including subjective perception of particular users.

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