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A study of sustainable management of suburban recreational reservoir
Duras, Jan ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the study was to analyse possibilities of sustainable use of a recreational lake in the outskirts of the City Plzeň. Long term balance between economic, social and ecological aspects was emphasized. After the analyse was made it resulted that for sustainable economic functioning of the locality several measures should be carried out. The extent of the measures should be appropriate in order not to disturb sustainable maintenance of social and ecological aspects.
The World Foods Crisis
Duras, Jan ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Luštický, Martin (referee)
The aim of my thesis was to find out and describe possible reasons of world food crisis and to estimate its impact on society. Then was examined an approach of public to studied area by the means of an internet inquiry and finally were sought out remedial measures. Eight possible reasons were selected out of relevant data and then was discussed their contribution to worldwide food availability. On the basis of my studies of the data refered to each of the selected issues I concluded that the most important reason seems to be protectionism that developed countries use for their markets. This situation should be handled with the highest responsibility otherwise both local and global problems could arise. One of important consequences should be enhanced immigration into developed countries and related problems - for example increased criminality.
Defining of euthropication of standing water bodies caused by erosion phosphorus loads
Krása, J. ; Dostál, T. ; Rosendorf, P. ; Hejzlar, Josef ; Borovec, Jakub ; Duras, J. ; Fiala, D. ; Beránková, T. ; Dvořáková, T. ; Martinec, J. ; Strouhal, L. ; Koudelka, P. ; Mikšíková, K. ; Vrána, K. ; Ansorge, L.
Recently the NAAR agency project “Defining of euthropication of standing water bodies caused by erosion phosphorus loads“ was started. Its purpose is to enhance the water bodies’ protection in coordination with the EU Water Framework Directive aims. Each vulnerable reservoir (standing water body) and its catchment will be fully examined and measures will be recommended.
Impacts of eutrophication on water quality in reservoirs: an assessment of nutrient inputs from catchment and of the anti-eutrophication resistance of reservoir ecosystem
Hejzlar, Josef ; Duras, J. ; Staňková, B. ; Turek, Jan ; Žaloudík, Jiří
The paper describes a methodology for the identification and quantification of nutrient sources in catchments (i.e. mainly point and diffuse sources, fishpond production, atmospheric deposition, natural background export) and for the determination of critical loads of reservoirs with nutrients, which are prerequisite for proposing of effective anti-eutrophication measures in reservoirs. An application of this methodology at the drinking water reservoir of Mostiště and its catchment showed that the results are in agreement with alternative methods of catchment nutrient sources assessment, e.g. ratio analysis among land use characteristics and stream water quality and/or direct determination of nutrient export from agricultural land with exclusion of other sources.
The impact of fishery management at fish ponds on water quality in the water supply reservoir of Mostiště
Hejzlar, Josef ; Žaloudík, Jiří ; Duras, J. ; Staňková, B. ; Mivalt, R.
A balance evaluation of nutrient sources and nutrient utilisation in fish ponds in the catchment of Mostiště Reservoir that was based on an analysis of hydraulic regimes of fish ponds, composition of water inputs and outputs, and nutrient balance of fishery, i.e. inputs by fish stocking and feeding and outputs by produced fish, showed a significant conflict in the legislation of the Czech Republic that determine the permissible pollution of surface waters on one hand and that allow feeding doses in fish ponds on the other hand.
Drinking water reservoir Nýrsko - influence of macrophytes on water quality
Hejzlar, Josef ; Hohausová, Eva ; Komárková, Jaroslava ; Kopáček, Jiří ; Peterka, Jiří ; Duras, J.
The importance of macrophytes in P cycling was studied in Nýrsko Reservoir, an oligotrophic water body in western Bohemia. A comparison of the external P loading with the P content in macrophytes of Nýrsko Reservoir in 2004 demonstrated that macrophytes can play a significant role in P-cycling also in deep, pelagial-dominated water bodies on condition that the external P loading is low and macrophytes have appropriate conditions for their growth (mainly small extent of water level fluctuation). Nýrsko Reservoir is an apparent example of situations from limnological textbooks when macrophytes function as a stabilizer of the aquatic ecosystem with an efficient zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton allowing suitable water quality for drinking water production.

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