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Prague theatre topography: Russian and Soviet drama on Prague's stages in the sixties
Kreyndel, Ksenia ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
(in English) Prague theater topography: Russian and Soviet drama on Prague's stages in the sixties The bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of Russian and Soviet drama on Prague's stages in the 1960s. The introductory part contains information about the influence of major directors and theaters in this period as well as an overview of the first productions based on the works of Russian and Soviet playwrights in the Czech Lands. The thesis covers ten specific theater seasons for which it provides a list of the premieres of plays by Russian and Soviet authors, and discusses mutual Czechoslovak-Soviet theatre relations. The thesis analyses the development and changing popularity of Russian and Soviet drama in Prague and beyond Prague; it also provides an overview of particularly noteworthy Prague theatre productions based on classical Russian plays and mentions the names of major Soviet theaters that performed in Prague. Keywords Prague, theater, director, play, production, Russian drama, Soviet drama, 1960s
Traditions and customs in Czech and Ukrainian literature of the 19th century
Golovan, Nelli ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Vučka, Tomáš (referee)
(in English) The bachelor thesis deals with traditions and customs of Czech and Ukrainian literature of the 19th century. The thesis contains a historical part with a brief description of the Czech and Ukrainian literature development in the 19th century, which describes the events that had the greatest influence on shaping of this century's literature. The analytical part is dedicated to significant Czech and Ukrainian authors such as Božena Němcová, Karolina Světlá, Karel Jaromír Erben, Taras Shevchenko, Hryhory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, Ivan Kotliarevsky, Ivan Nechuy-Levycky and Mikhaylo Kotsiubynsky. The works of these authors are used as primary literature of the thesis. Based on literature research, the analysis includes traditions, customs and superstitions related to the following life stages: birth, engagement, marriage, and death. The thesis also contains the comparison of folk tradition descriptions in both literatures.
The Vietnamese Czechs - second generation of immigrants in the Czech Republic
Tran, Alex ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Adamovičová, Ana (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with a position of the 2nd generation of Vietnamese in the Czech Republic - their integration into Czech society on the one hand and their establishment within Vietnamese minority on the other. Based on the study of literature of Vietnamese migration and integration, comparisons of Czech and Vietnamese culture and publications of the members of given generation, we described the specifics of the so-called Second Generation of Vietnamese in the Czech Republic, both in psychological, linguistic, cultural and social terms. In the second, analytically focused part of the thesis, we obtained data on the socio-cultural aspects of young Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic. Keywords: Vietnamese language, Czech language, second generation, "banana children", sociocultural aspects, cultural comparison
Student slang in Czech and Russian
Kostin, Pavel ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
(in English) This bachelor thesis focuses on comparing student slang in Czech and Russian. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part, accompanied by a supplement. The theoretical part outlines the subject of national language from the point of view of Czech and Russian linguists, and the definition of the term 'slang' and related terms (e.g. sociolect, argot, jargon, professional language). The individual chapters are dedicated to youth language and student slang. The practical part presents an analysis of the results of an electronic questionnaire on word formation and frequency of use, in which students of Czech and Russian universities participated. Furthermore, the practical part aims to establish an understanding of the level of knowledge of Czech student slang by Russian speaking students from the states of the former Soviet Union through the analysis of the data obtained in a secondary electronic questionnaire.
Czech Artists Abroad at the Turn on the Twentieth Century - a Study of Three Talents (A. Mucha, F. Kupka, V. Preissig)
Varvanina, Tetyana ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is Czech artists abroad at the turn of the twentieth century, namely Alfons Mucha, Frantisek Kupka and Vojtech Preissig. The work is devoted to the three Czech masters of fine art, who lived in the same period and worked abroad for a long time. Based on specialised literature and correspondence (exhibition guides, biographies, letters, etc.), the research explores the beginnings of their creative careers in the Czech lands, work abroad and artistic development in the broader context of European and world art. The thesis, which primarily examines the Czech and international cultural scene at the turn of the century, A. Mucha's, V. Preissig's and F. Kupka's life and work abroad and the Czech artists' influence on the development of Czech art and national culture, describes both the three artists' standing and involvement in the international creative life, on the one hand, and their artistic and personal contact with their homeland, on the other hand.
Time of Prague spring 1968 reflected in the journal of Literární listy
Maslova, Alina ; Pešička, Jiří (advisor) ; Dolenská, Jana (referee)
The time of the Prague Springof 1968 drawn out in the journal Literární listy This work looks into the profile of the journal Literární listy during the period of the Prague Spring of 1968; my exposition is preceded by a reflection of the political and socio- cultural atmosphere of these times. In the introduction, I give a brief overview of what was happening on the political and cultural scene, since the early loosening of internal relations in the late 1950's as well as through out the 1960's in the former Czechoslovakia (a so-called "melting period"), and an overall evaluation of the situation from a cultural point of view (including the relationship between writers and authorities, the emancipation of cultural journals from the official party and state policies, the development at the 4th congress of Svaz československých spisovatelů (Czechoslovak Writers' Union) and the voiced criticism of the regime. The following pages recall the main points of developments during the months of the Prague Spring of 1968. The vision of this work, to which I dedicate the largest part, is to expound and analyze the contemporary key themes, how it is reflected in the major journalistic contributions to the journal Literární listy: articles on current internal and foreign policy situations, probing the recent...
Prague theatre topography
Kreyndel, Ksenia ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Hasil, Jiří (referee)
Prague's theatre topography The aim of this paper is to present and describe the theatrical life of Prague during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and how it evolved, grew and changed throughout that time. The following pages describe what the theatre meant to Czech people during the National Revival, from which came the tradition of Czech puppet theatre, and look at the beginnings of professional theatre in Bohemia. This thesis will also detail the important contribution of prominent celebrities in Czech 19th century theatre, including Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek, Václav Kliment Klicpera and Josef Kajetan Tyl. Prague Theatre of the 20th century is described in the third chapter. In each individual chapter, emphasis is placed on periods with artistic and historical significance. The practical part is devoted to a list of theatre stages located in both Prague's Old and New Towns during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This section outlines three walking tours with a theatrical theme, each representing a different time period and providing a trail marked on a map. Keywords Prague, history, theater, production, play, director, actor, building, guide, topography
Comic works of Kája Saudek
Militsina, Natalia ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Vučka, Tomáš (referee)
TITLE: Kája Saudek comics AUTHOR: Natalia Militsina DEPARTMENT: Institute of Czech Studies SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Jana Dolenská ABSTRACT: This bachelor thesis topic is Czech comics artist Kája Saudek. The thesis consists of theoretical part, which is concerned with the artist`s biography and the definition of term "comics" and its concise history and practical part which contains analysis of selected works of art from the point of view of progress in style and models in Kája Saudek`s paintings. Practical part is comprised of analysis of four works, which are considered to be artist`s magnum opuses. These works are paintings for films Kdo chce zabít Jessii?, Čtyři vraždy stačí, drahoušku, and comics Muriel a andělé and Muriel a oranžová smrt. This bachelor thesis tries to study the progress of line and style in artist`s works and find out connections between his artworks and biography. For better specification there are contained some illustrative visual sights. KEYWORDS: Comics, Kája Saudek, comics analysis, biography, artistic comics, Czech comics, history, Czechoslovakia
Narrative in Fanfiction - Russian-Czech Comparison of the Fandom of BBC's Sherlock
Kuskova, Ksenia ; Dolenská, Jana (advisor) ; Stárková, Zuzana (referee)
(in English): The bachelor thesis analyses and draw a parallel between Russian and Czech fan fics written in the context of Sherlock BBC fandom. It defines fanfiction and briefly tells about the origin and development of this phenomenon just as at the international level so within Czech and Russian culture medium. The thesis studies Lubomír Doležel theory of Narrative Modes in Literature, also it deals with focalisation in narrative texts; it explores Russian and Czech stories from the perspective of their narrative construction, language characteristics, intertextual relations to the canon, sometimes even to other literary works and compares results collected in each group. The thesis aims at revealing peculiar features and similarities and differences between fanfics belonging to Russian and Czech fans of Sherlock BBC fandom. Klíčová slova (anglicky): fanfiction, narrative, comparasion, Czech fanfiction, Russian fanfiction
Sociocultural competence in teaching Czech for foreigners
Odtsetseg, Tsenguun ; Hasil, Jiří (advisor) ; Dolenská, Jana (referee)
The present thesis tries to approach the issue of foreign language acquisition and foreign language didactics approaches. The main theme of the work is socio-cultural competence in teaching Czech for foreigners. It also states the issue in a broader context. Following is a detailed analysis of that term and its definition in a social frame of reference levels for Czech A1. The main part comprises of individually assessed five selected textbooks of Czech for foreigners. The analysis is carried out based on own criteria which have been determined in accordance with the required components of the socio-cultural competencies according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and J. Průcha methodologies. In the final part of the thesis is made mutual comparison of books with regard to the extent of helping to deepen and develop the student's knowledge in terms of socio-cultural competence. Powered by TCPDF (

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