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Bata - Research on Brand's Position
Dlouhý, Petr ; Filipová, Alena (advisor) ; Zeman, Jiří (referee)
The main objective of this diploma thesis was to find out about the position of the brand Bata among consumers of generations X, Y and Z. Thesis is divided in two parts. While the theoretical part examines brand as such, research on the position of the brand Bata is the core of the practical part. The theoretical part takes a closer look at brand's definition, its components, identity, image and personality. Brand's meaning and functions as well as brand equity are also subject to the part of this thesis dedicated to brand. Separate chapters cover Bata as a brand and introduction of generations X, Y, Z. These are main ingredients to the research. The outcome of the research is analyzed in the practical part. Questionnaires were the mean to find out more about the brand awareness and associations with the brand. Furthermore, the questionnaires focused on the characteristics of the respondents as of customers and potential targets for marketing communication. Analysis of the research's results provided an intergenerational comparison of the position of the brand Bata as well as a base for recommendations regarding the targetting of the marketing communication towards generations X, Y, and Z.
Dlouhý, Petr ; Pšenička, Martin (advisor) ; Sarkissian, Alena (referee)
This Bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of one of the most iconic performances in contemporary polish theatre, on (A)pollonia directed by Krzystof Warlikowski. The thesis turns attention to analysing the text origins which lead to the script of the performance and to the performance itself with its main topic, the thought of holocaust. The analysis also includes the interview with the polish theatre anthropologist Małgorzata Chodyna that focuses on the context and position of (A)pollonia in polish theatre, society and thinking. Its aim is to pass an extended statement about very often discussed performance that have been almost unnoticed in czech critical reflections.
Business model of a central heating plant
Dlouhý, Petr ; Křivánek, Mirko (advisor) ; Majerech, Vladan (referee)
Presented thesis deals with the usage of computer simulations in management decision. Modeled environment is selected heat-distribution network, however model and its conclusions can be used for arbitrary heat - distribution network. Model is focused on business management view ofcontrol of heatand electricity generating sourcesdepending on power-producing market, weather and other varying parameters. Powered by TCPDF (
Design of asphalt mixtures and testing of their resistance against permanent deformation
Dlouhý, Petr ; Dašek, Ondřej (referee) ; Varaus, Michal (advisor)
The thesis deals with the testing of raw materials for the asphalt intermixtures development, where the tests of aggregates and asphalt binders were performed. Consequently two asphalt mixtures, Czech mixture ACO 11 and German mixture AC 11 DS, were developed. The mixtures were further on tested for resistance against permanent malformation. Accomplished results were reciprocally compared.
Russian Federation and its position on the global natural gas market
Dlouhý, Petr ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Taušer, Josef (referee)
The bachelor work deals with the world gas market and its development since 2000 focusing on the Russian Federation's standings on this market. The analysis of the role of Russia in the world trade in natural gas is based on a set of data containing world reserves, production and consumption volumes information as well as the main trade flows among the major exporters and importers of this commodity. Very important part of the analysis is mapping of the Russian gas sector and its corporate and political background. The so called shale revolution is also taken into account. Shale gas is about to have an impact on some of the world's commodity markets. The main goal of this work is to assess the position of the Russian Federation on gas market between 2000 and 2012 and then to predict how much and under which circumstances may the position of this country on the gas market shift.

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