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The trans-fatty acids in subcutaneous fat and in fat content of breast milk as an indicator of their nutritional intake
Dlouhý, Pavel ; Anděl, Michal (advisor) ; Dostálová, Jana (referee) ; Hrubý, Stanislav (referee) ; Zadák, Zdeněk (referee)
Trans fatty acids (TFA) are unsaturated fatty acids, which have one or more double bonds in the trans configuration. Their main dietary sources are partially hardened fats and food products containing partially hardened fats (margarines, shortenings, bakery products, and fast foods). TFA are thought to increase the risk of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. These fatty acids have adverse effects on blood lipid levels, increasing LDL-cholesterol while decreasing HDL-cholesterol. Consumption of TFA can also impair insulin sensitivity. High intake of TFA is associated with systemic inflammation, activation of immune functions and endothelial dysfunction. Hypotheses also exist that TFA may have adverse effect on the metabolism of essential fatty acids and foetus development. The concentration of TFAs in subcutaneous fat is a very good indicator of dietary exposure of TFA. This concentration reflects long-term dietary intake of these fatty acids. Levels of TFA in human milk are more variable; however, it is quite simple to obtain a sample of human milk. The purpose of our studies was to determine (a) content of TFA in subcutaneous fat samples from persons with coronary atherosclerosis and from persons with no sign of coronary dinase and (b) the content of TFA in early human milk of breast-feeding women...
Principles of HACCP in school catering
Ištvánková, Marcela ; Dlouhý, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis concentrates on the examination of the current situation regarding the application of the HACCP principles in the school canteens in the region Sokolov. Data collection was proceeding over the year 2009 in the 20 canteens chosen at random (30% of the food service facilities in the region). The research focussed on the quality of the HACCP documentation, actual implementation of the stated principles and current level of hygiene quality in the canteens. Only 4 out of 20 examined food service facilities (20 %) applied the principles in practice. In these canteens the presented HACCP documentation met the legislative requirements concerning the formal fulfilment as well as the content itself. Employees of these canteens responsible for the HACCP system proved to be well-informed about HACCP, put the system into practice correctly and had a positive influence over the canteen staff as regards to their active application of the HACCP principles. Employees of these facilities considered the HACCP principles as instructions helping them to keep the canteens hygienically safe as well as useful means enabling them to enforce the legitimate hygiene requirements. The facilities applying the HACCP principles were found hygienically safe, out of 16 remaining canteens only 1canteen fully met the hygiene...
What is the difference in student knowledge of nutrition at different types of universities?
Boháč, Petr ; Dlouhý, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis consists of a theoretical and analytical part. The first part introduces basic knowledge about healthy nutrition, the constitution of nourishment and nutritional recommendations for citizens of the Czech Republic. It also describes a required level of knowledge about nutrition that all high school students should have. The analytical part is based on research that examined the knowledge of 298 university students and high school seniors. The students were from four different universities and one high school. This set of students was examined by a test that consisted of 30 questions. Students answered another four questions about their weight, height, gender and subjective valuations of their knowledge. The answers to these questions were evaluated manually and processed in programs such as MS Excel, MS Word and Epitable. The diploma thesis examines the knowledge of students based on their school, gender and daily life experience. It also shows students' Body Mass Indexes and differences in their subjective valuations of knowledge based on the students' schools. Results are presented in well-arranged tables in Chapter Discussion. The research showed that the best knowledge is to be found among students from Third Faculty of Medicine. Practical questions that focused on daily life...
Modern Guidelines Dietary and Dietary Myths
Říha, Jan ; Dlouhý, Pavel (advisor)
This work supposed to be a simplified and comprehensive overview of the basic nutrition recommendations for citizens. The work is divided into two main chapters - conclusions. The first chapter of conclusions informs a common consumer about the basic expressions used in nutrition and also presents a list of products containing basic nutrients and main risks connected with undue/insufficient consummation of such substances. This chapter educate the common consumer and gives him a chance to better orientation among offered foodstuff. The consumer is therefore able to decide more rationally which recommendations is more suitable for him and why. Very important aim of this chapter is so to provide such information that the common consumer could demark unscientific nutrition suggestions (advertisement) from recommendations positively affecting his health. In the second part of the first chapter are presented data according to which one can follow up and alternate a quantity of received energy, advices about BMI and values where lose of weight are already dangerous. The second chapter of conclusions presents the set of nutrition recommendations that were in the most cases introduced in the corresponding chapters. The suggestions are presented by Society for Nutrition in the Czech Republic and Department of...

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