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Non-fiction literature in teaching German as a foreign language in elementary schools on the example of working with Miroslav Sasek's book "To je Mnichov"/"München"
Dvořáková, Anna ; Bučková, Tamara (advisor) ; Švermová, Dagmar (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the use of non-fiction literature, specifically a visual guide titled To je Mnichov / München by Miroslav Sasek in teaching German as foreign language in primary schools. It consists of three parts, the first two being theoretical and the third one being practice-oriented. The first chapter delves into the general context of the issue and focuses on the position of the German language. It tackles four main aspects of teaching foreign language: the language as a communication medium, teaching grammer, uncovering culture and history and serving the general purpose of literary and intercultural education. The second chapter further follows the goal of seeing non-fiction literature as a potential source of knowledge and information about the country in focus. The third chapter presents an application of this theory, developer by the author of this thesis. The methodological approach is based on a document titled ABCD-Thesen published in 1990 in Leipzig which introduces the potential in using non-fiction literature in the form of projects. The last section of the thesis can also be used as a direct methododlogical manual for executing the project To je Mnichov / München in primary schools. Furthermore, this thesis can also be used as a based for teachers of other foreign...
Nurse in hospic care
To be a nurse is not only a job, it is a calling. Every department or every medical facility has its own work specifics. A nurse in a hospice care has a very specific work. Like other medical facilities, one of her targets is to meet needs of patients. In a hospice care, it is not meant to fully heal the patient, but to mitigate annoying symptoms and to improve quality of life of an incurably ill person in the terminal part of his life. This thesis aims at a nurse in a hospice care. It is divided to theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on palliative care, definition of a hospice and its history, on needs of incurably ill clients and finally on respite care a care for carers. There were stated two targets in the practical part: to compare specifics of work of a nurse in an inpatient hospice care facility and in an agency of home hospice care. A method of semi-structured interview was used to process a quantitative research. There were 10 interviews assembled, with nurses employed in inpatient hospices and in mobile hospice care facilities. The conclusion was that the work of a nurse in inpatient hospices and in mobile hospice care facilities is almost the same. The only different specific is the environment, where the care is provided. Agencies of home hospice care meet needs of their clients in their home, natural environment. There are no differences in the competences of the nurses. Nurses from both groups stated, that they must be decisive and experienced, but they have no higher competences than a nurse working e.g. in a hospital. This work should serve to students of medical specializations and to public to clarify and refine their knowledge about the hospice care.
Utilization of EEG biofeetback in work with childern who suffers attention deficit disorder
Dvořáková, Anna ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Švandová, Martina (referee)
Subject of the thesis was focused on the utilization of EEG biofeedback for children with an Attention deficit disorder. The objective was to draw attention to one of the possible therapy methods for Attention deficit disorder and describe the EEG biofeedback in relation with it. The theoretical part addresses the attention disorders, their diagnostics, methods of treatment and the EEG biofeedback. The practical part describes use of the EEG biofeedback in work with children with the Attention deficit disorder through a qualitative research by means of in-depth semi-structured interviews. The interviews were handled from the viewpoint of a parent with a child having the attention disorder and from the view of a professional from a specialized institution. The results of the research on the examined cases show that this method of therapy may be effective not only in relation with the attention disorders, but it could also be used for other diagnosis.
Jan Masaryk as radio commentator in wartime BBC
Dvořáková, Anna ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on Czechoslovak radio broadcasting on BBC from September 1939 (when the separate Czech program started there) to the end of World War II in which there were participating political representatives of Czechoslovakia after partial recognition of Czechoslovak government in the exile by the British government in summer of 1940. Main theme of the thesis are the radio speeches of Jan Masaryk, the former (longtime) Czechoslovak ambassador in London and future Minister of Foreign Affairs of the exile government. He launched the Czech Programme of BBC for listeners in the Protectorate on 8th September 1939 and began to appear on the waves regularly once a week in February 1940. The thesis analyzes how he tried (in his speeches and comments) to encourage self-confidence of the nation, how he tried to nullify germanization endeavors of occupiers and quislings to reinterpret Czech historical narrative and by usage of what ideological weapons he was creating the image of small, but internally strong and mature Czechoslovak nation, morally exceeding its inherent German enemy. He used this story as a rhetorical shield against the Nazi interpretation of the Czech tribe, who returned to the womb of the modern Holy Roman Empire, where it belongs as natural part - by the words of the Nazi propaganda.
Pupil with specific learning disabilities and mathematics education in the second grade of primary school
Dvořáková, Anna ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
TITLE: Pupils with specific learning disabilities and mathematics education in the second grade of primary school AUTHOR: Bc. Anna Dvořáková DEPARTMENT: Department of Special Education SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Lenka Felcmanová ABSTRACT: The bachelor thesis deals with problems of mathematics education for pupils with specific learning disabilities in the second grade of primary school. Pupils with specific learning disabilities need special education support in mathematics lessons. Mathematics teachers should offer them this support. The level of mathematics education for pupils with specific learning disabilities is dependent on the level of knowledge, skills and the experiences of teachers and on the readiness of a school in dealing with pupils with specific learning disabilities. The theoretical part described problems like the deficits of partial functions, dyscalculia, and pupils with dyscalculia in mathematics lessons. It provides the needed academic foundation for the actual research. The field studies show the results of the qualitative methods of research of the readiness of mathematics teachers and schools in dealing with pupils with specific learning disabilities. It focuses on the needs of pupils and the possibilities for special education support. The thesis evaluates the current situation and...
Boredom Among Children at School and After School
Dvořáková, Anna ; Krykorková, Hana (advisor) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on boredom as a phenomenon at and beyond school. It determinates boredom as a term, further characteristics of boredom among children at school, in their free time and at home. It determinates terms and related fields, especially forming of child life style.
Risk of burnout syndrome at chosen remedial teachers working with pupils with mental or combined disability
Dvořáková, Anna ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kučírek, Jiří (referee)
TITLE: The risk of the syndrome of burn-out at some chosen special educators working with pupils who are mentally or mentally and physically handicapped AUTHOR: Anna Dvořáková DEPARTMENT: Department of Education SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Jaroslava Hanušová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The thesis deals with problems of the syndrome of burn-out at special educators working with children who are mentally handicapped or who have the combined handicap. Education of children with this sort of handicap can easily lead to syndrome of burn-out. Theoretical part characterizes problems of the syndrome of burn-out and education of the pupils who are mentally handicapped or who have the combined handicap. It provides needed foundation for the actual research. Practical part finds out using qualitative methods of research the urgency of external factors of danger of the birth of the syndrome of burn-out and efforts to prevent these factors in some chosen schools. The thesis sets a target to transfer external risk factors of the birth of the syndrome of burn-out into the special teachers' life. The benefit of the thesis is in evaluation of the amount of occurrence of particular external risk factors at the chosen respondents and in creation of recommendations for the management of practical and special schools to know how to prevent external...
Pop-cultural Symbols in Visual Publicism in Tenth years of the Twenty-first Century In Pictures by Teo Adamy
Dvořáková, Anna ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
AbstractAbstractAbstractAbstract This thesis presents one of the first attempts to uncover and analyze the phenomenon of immediately apparent digital photomontage born and developed in the context of the Czech internet, that does not attempt to simulate a photographic reproduction of reality, but instead to regularly comment on political events of the Czech Republic. Using an analysis of photomontages of Teo Adamy (aTeo), the thesis explores their specific hybrid means of expression and the methods through which it completely fulfills the essence of pictorial commentary. Besides describing the creative basis and inspirational founts of the montage artist, it also provides an in-depth insight into the category of the so-called pseudofilm, a specific part of aTeo's internet production, that consists of photomontages feeding off the medium of film, using meaningful parallels in film stories and pop-cultural film references, or even directly inserts chosen political representatives into well-known film scenes and thus draws upon universal mythological structures activated by popular films. The Pseudofilm category is then subjected to a detailed analysis, whose output is a comprehensive description of aTeo's fictionally-realistic film-political photomontage and an understanding of specific features of its...

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