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Nursing documentation and administration versus direct patient care
DLOUHÁ, Vendula
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to map nursing documentation and administration versus direct patients´ care. Research part of this work was focused on finding out how much time the nurses spent filling out nursing documentation and how much time they spent with the patients. In this bachelor thesis quantitative and qualitative research was used to achieve the aim. In the first part of the research non-standardized questionnaires were used. In the first part of quantitative research a non-standardized questionnaire was used and it was distributed via internet. These questionnaires were filled by 200 nurses working in hospitals in South Bohemia. The first hypothesis assumes that nurse spends more time on nursing documentation and administration then on direct patients´ care. Second hypothesis says that nurse working in intensive care unit spends more time on direct patients´ care then nurse in standard department. In second part of research a hidden observation was applied. And it took place in hospital České Budějovice a.s. in standard department and intensive care unit, where 6 nurses were observed. This observation was described in observation sheet. This thesis provides information material about filling nursing documentation and direct patients´ care and considering what was written in this thesis as beneficial to both professionals and general public. From quantitative and qualitative research is obvious that nurses spend more time with patients then on filling out nursing documentation. Further research of this topic is recommended, also simplification of documentation, which would reduce time spend with administration. Nurses would be satisfied and have more time for patients and could focus on their higher needs.

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8 DLOUHÁ, Veronika
8 Dlouhá, Veronika