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Walterová, Klára ; Bureš, David (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The area around Provazníkova Street and Tomkova Square lost its urban character over time and the current transport solution and preparation for its adjustment from the site made the deserted space. The project deals with the question of whether it is possible to live in the vicinity of a large traffic structure, which makes the site at first sight unattractive.
Automatic pellets boilers
Bureš, David ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first one deals with the research study about pellets used as a fuel, and about automatic pellet boilers. The second part describes experimental measurements on the boiler Verner A251.1, followed by calculation of the efficiency and a comparison of emission, using wood pellets of different diameters.
Differences between czech printed car media and internet car media (based on magazine svet motoru and server
Bureš, David ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Kasík, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis Differences between Czech automotive printed and online media (based on magazine Svět motorů and server is to find and describe the differences between online and print automotive media. The thesis defines the basic concepts which are characteristic for the issue, dissertates about the history of both titles and about their current market position and summarizes the findings of media experts about differences between online and print media. The focus of the work is content analysis, comparing the monitored titles. Based on this comparison, the work seeks to identify differences between the observed titles in practice.
Future Trends for Passenger Car Powertrains
Bureš, David ; Drápal, Lubomír (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyses existing and potential future propulsion technologies in passenger cars. Propulsion technologies are evaluated based on their efficiency, emissions, and amount of vibration. They are then compared with propulsion technologies in current use. Probability of usage from 2020 to 2040 is predicted for each evaluated technology.
Analysis of czech televisin automotive magazines
Bureš, David ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis Analysis of Czech television automotive magazines is to describe characteristic elements of television format entitled motoring (or automotive) magazine. This thesis defines the basic terms typical for the issue, describes the history of motoring magazines in the Czech television environment and through the use of content analysis determines content of today's motoring magazines broadcasted in the Czech television environment. Results of the content analysis are afterwards explained by analysis of historical documents and by an interview with one of the authors of television motoring magazine. The content of the magazines (Auto Moto Revue, Autosalon and Garáž) is also aligned with the British motoring show Top Gear and with the original form of Auto Moto Revue, which ranks among the oldest television motoring magazines in the world.
Unbulit Brno
Bureš, David
The topic is Unbuilt Brno. The subject is unrealized or partially complete architectural and urban projects that were designed for the city Brno and in particular from the interwarperiod. In the interest will be areas in contact with the urban core, for which it is currentlylooking for suitable use (for example South Centre, Academy Square, ...). In addition, areas where a project was started, but for various reasons was not completedand now we thought it escapes (např. Kraví hora, Peace Square). Attention will also focus on the site, who lost his position, but a unique place and can offer huge potential (např. Ponava).
Inventory of urban planning before and now
Bureš, David
The search for parallels in the advancement of urban strategies concerning development and revitalization of the city center during the last 100 years. Topical studying of Rozštlapil's concepts for the localities which have not been satisfyingly planned yet show a similarity to the situation in which the center of Brno found itself a hundred years ago. The construction activity in the historical parts does not have a clear and strong urban-planning concept. Only small parcels are dealt with, without any more profound relation to the territorial unit. Every construction intention in the city conservation areas is assessed anxiously, the important points of view for a global strategy of future development are still missing. Controversial interventions are carried out, contaminating the city forever. Unlike the generation of architects from the beginning of the 20th century, there is a lack of laws controlling the construction in city centers. A continual will of the city representation is absent and so is a vision of any type. Based on the presently available possibilities and needs, the students of the master degree program at FA VUT Brno are dealing with a parallel vision for a concept of construction in the city center. The content of a four-semester work called „Inventura stavění v městské památkové rezervaci“ is a verification and analysis of hidden reserves in the modern city structure. The indication of possibilities of architectural interventions into the historical structure of the center as well as the courage of Václav Rozštlapil's concepts may reach many, not only the architectonic public.
Brno Unbuilt – Academic Quarter at Kraví hora
Bureš, David
One of the largest urban projects in the interwar period in Brno was a project of a university town on Kraví hora and the Academic Square. The most important Czech architects participated in the creation of its form. However it was finally realized only asmall crock.
Brno Unbuilt - Square of Peace (Náměstí Míru)
Bureš, David
Kraví hora surroundings was full of construction activity in an inter-war period. The activity was connected with a development of an "Office quarter" and University campus for Brno. In that period was shaped a conception of the Square of Peace (Náměstí M
Animace v architektuře
Bureš, David
Research in the framework of the project "Intermedia databases and applications with web interface with an interactive user access and applications in audiovisual perception of architects" (hereinafter referred to as Kaviár) demonstrated the potential of animations in architecture and urbanism. Dynamic 3D imaging is for human perception and imagination of the observer closer and easier to understand than static 2D visualization. Breadth of possible applications of animation and new media in the presentation of architect´s work also eases understending of the architecture and urbanism by the general public.

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