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Representation of women at the head of state in European countries since 1945: geographical comparative study
BULÍNOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis deals with women representation in the highest politicial positions in the countries of Europe. In the said problematics, it was analysed, in which countries were women elected into the position of president or prime minister. The thesis strives to find the causes influencing the election of women as heads of state or government. The goal of the thesis was to complexly evaluate the women representation as the heads of the European countries.
Sgraffito ornamentation of the house U Minuty in the oldtown square
Bulínová, Kristýna ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Kropáček, Jiří (referee)
Sgraffito ornamentation of the house U Minuty (By the Minute) in the Old Town Square It is sure, that at the house U Minuty we can see two kinds of sgraffitos and therefore the decoration was done in two phases indeed. The sgraffitos are sorted out in the firs two floors and into the third floor with the lunet ledge. We know that the sgraffitos of the third floor were not completed sooner than 1576. In this year the wood-cuts were printed by Jost Amman in Norimberk. It seems that the sgraffitos at the first two floors are younger. 1610 is the important year, when the house is sold for marked higher price then it had been bought in 1601. The creation of both phases of ornamentation can be probably dated between 1576-1610, however, there is also the possibility that the sgraffitos can be dated also later on. Reffering to the iconographic study, we can see in the first two levels scenes from Old Testament, New Testament, stories from ancient mythology, one scene is based on telling from collection of Gesta Romanorum and Allegoric persons of Moralities. All scenes can be read as guides to moralities or to vices. The lunet ledge of the third floor is decorated by medallions of French kings, started by Philip V. up to Henry II.. As was already said these decorations are based on wood-cuts of Jost Amman...
The theme of moralities and depravities in reneissance decoration of sgraffitos in the Czech and Moravia architecture
Bulínová, Kristýna ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (referee)
THE THEME OF MORALITIES AND DEPRAVITIES IN RENAISSANCE DECORATION OF SGRAFFITOS IN THE CZECH AND MORAVIA ARCHITECTURE The thesis is focused on decoration of fronts in the renaissance architecture, there is special consideration to the theme of moralities and depravities and their iconography. Firstly, the theme is in general. There is decribed the sgraffitos technique and it's previous phases in Italy. Hereinafter, there is charakterised the slow perforation to our teritory with the oldest examples and later on with other pieces, and also the splitting of sgraffitos in two units. Thereafter, there is mentioned the sense of humane thinking in previous period, which came to our teritory, and extended idea of the influance of humane literature in our country over the morality tendency in the society. Those chapters are very important base to understand the meaning of popularity of the theme of moralities and depravities in illustrations at that time. Furthermore, there is underlined the signification of the graphic masters for creating sgraffitos decoration of fronts, there are also mentioned the most used themes, that were taken over the sgraffitos later on. After that follows the elaboration about iconography, mainly personification of moralities and depravities from their first illustration till the period...

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