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Vulnerability of timber roof trusses of various types
Bláha, Jiří
Structural differences between rafter and purlin roofs. Summary of vulnerabilities of both types with regard to long-term durability of roof trusses.
Research report from the evaluation of the wooden construction of the movable roof of the garden pavilion Paraplicko in Cesky Krumlov Castle
Kloiber, Michal ; Bláha, Jiří ; Buzek, Jaroslav
The umbrella-shaped roof of the lookout pavilion can be lifted about a meter above the parapet wall by means of a unique lever mechanism. The impulse to write out the report was an order from the Český Krumlov Castle Administration with the seat of the Castle No. 59, Český Krumlov - Latrán which required to assess the condition of all important timber elements using NDT instruments and, in particular, to measure mechanical properties of wood. For that purpose the two apparatuses designed at ITAM were used to measure continually the mechanical resistance during the pressing of the jaws in the drilled hole and the resistance during the pushing of the steel pin to the surface. Gained results should contribute to design a gentle restoration of the unique lifting device
Presentations for tourists of old timber roofs in historic towns
Bláha, Jiří ; Panáček, M.
The present state of knowledge and documentation of historical roof trusses in Czech towns. An overview of the educational and leisure orientated activities of the last decades. Creating the concept of enhancing the historical towns as tourist attractions with the addition of tours accessing historical timber roofs and other significant artefacts of structural history situated in related attic spaces. It is a by-product of long-term research activities focused on building heritage identification and preservation, manifestations of regional cultural diversity and the transfer of historical technological innovations in Europe. Improvement of awareness for both professionals and the general public of traditional building carpentry, construction development and their manifestation in the urban environment. The first experiences of the realization of the tour route “Under the Roofs of the Cheb Houses” which was established in 2017.
Survey report: Construction and technical assessment of the state of timber, trace analysis and surveying of a timbered barn in Skalička 3
Kloiber, Michal ; Růžička, Petr ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Hrivnák, Jaroslav ; Bláha, Jiří
Surveys whose aggregate output is this survey report included the determination of the extent of damage to the timber, surveying, and trace analysis of the original craftsman working of a timbered barn belonging to house no. 3 in the village of Skalička u Hranic, which is located in the Přerov district in the Moravian region called Pobečví. The report has been drawn in response to the demand by the Wallachian Open Air Museum located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which contained a request to diagnose the timber elements using NDT devices and carry out their trace analysis. The findings will contribute to a qualified assessment and proposal of a harmless transfer of this unique timbered building.
Principle of public budgets balance legislation
Bláha, Jiří ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
PRINCIPLE OF PUBLIC BUDGETS BALANCE LEGISLATION The question of public budgets balance belongs nowadays to the most discussed topics, both on the internal and international fields. Today it is quite evident that constant indebtedness of states affects not only their competetive ability and exercise but also global economic balance. The states with high share of debt in gross domestic products, which often arose in propitious years of economics, acertain that ovecoming of recession in this situation is much more difficult and painful - it is not possible to use surpluses of economic activities from propitious years, other indebtedness comes about and in this way the unfavourable economic situation intensifies. Therefore on the level of individual states and international organizations various measures are accepted, their aim is economic stimulation and resumption of economic growth. In a given case public budgets, especially budgets of individual states, and redistribution of resources accumulated in these budgets become very important. However resources of public budgets are not unlimited and it is necessary to draw a lesson from effects or even better to prevent from repeating previous mistakes again and the principle of public budgets balance comes to the fore. In connection with the question of public...
Budgetary rules and their projection in valid legislation
Bláha, Jiří ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
Every branch of law and all system of law is based on certain principles which came into existence by repeated utilization over the years and attested in practises. These principles should affect the existent branch of law and should be followed to be understood well, with the inclusion of thein regularities. However, how do these principles work in such a narrow area such as budget law as a sub-branch of financial law? Which principles do control over budget law and is it possible to find them in existent legal enactments? The thesis entitled Budget Principles in Valid Legal Regulations tries to answer these questions. At the same time the author assumes that by acquiring knowledge of particular budget principles is much easier to get in problems of budget law and of particular stages of budget process - setting of public budgets, budgetary procedure, implementation of budget and also budgetary control. Regarding to the fact that budget principles valid in legal order of the Czech Republic cannot be found completaly modified in any of the valid legal enactment, the main aim of this thesis is to find emergence of these principles or their parts in the legal system of the Czech Republic. However, the situation in the legal system of the European Union is different. Budget principles are there...
Intercultural working environment, culture shock, adaptation and training
Vrba, Martin ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Paták, Milan (referee) ; Bláha, Jiří (referee)
The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English
Repair of the parapet walk with battlements made from sandstone ashlar masonry with the regard to its visual authenticity and historic values – implemented sample procedure
Bláha, Jiří ; Kovářová, K. ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Panáček, M. ; Cihla, M. ; Rafl, T. ; Hejný, L. ; Rybařík, V. ; Chamra, S. ; Schröfel, J.
The multidisciplinary criteria for selecting, preparation and processing of a replacement stone for ashlar masonry were implemented in restoration and conservation of the Castle of Kost battlements – one of the most authentically survived medieval fortification monuments in the Czech Republic. Detailed description of undertaken surveys, preparation and interventions carried out within the repair process.
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Criteria for selecting, preparation and processing of a replacement stone for ashlar masonry restoration – sedimentary rocks
Bláha, Jiří ; Kovářová, K. ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Panáček, M. ; Cihla, M. ; Rafl, T. ; Hejný, L. ; Rybařík, V. ; Chamra, S. ; Schröfel, J.
Geologists, structural engineers, construction historians, conservationists and restorers formulated their views on the relevant intensity of interventions, the replacement stone quality and also the parameters of processing by craftsmen. Methodical guidelines define the necessary level of adequate historical, technological and structural surveys and, subsequently, propose an optimal procedure for laboratory tests and for the following repair processes of a particular structure.
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