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An Empirical Investigation of Wage Discrimination in Professional Football
Blaha, Jakub ; Kocourek, David (advisor) ; Jonášová, Júlia (referee)
Salary discrimination is a phenomenon that arises from ineffective behaviour of economic subjects. Even though its presence is incompatible with the the- ory of profit maximization, salary inequality still persists in the human society. Nevertheless, the investigation of this topic has been largely unheeded in the environment of professional football. In our empirical research, we use the most recent data to investigate the salary gap between white, African American and Hispanic players in the American Major League Soccer. Besides ordinary least squares method that focuses on the impact of ethnicity for the average player, we adopted the method of quantile regression to reveal wage gap between play- ers with below-average pays. Observing each player's performance for 3 seasons, we uncovered salary discrimination against African Americans and Hispanics in the lowest decile of the salary distribution that amounts to 18.9% and 15.3%, respectively. Furthermore, we utilized the difference-in-differences (DID) esti- mator to find no effect of the increasing level of invested money on the wage gap. JEL Classification J30, Z20, Z21, J71 J31 J15 Keywords discrimination, race inequality, football, quan- tile regression, OLS, wages, racism Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Computational analysis of residual stresses in autofrettaged high pressure rails
Blaha, Jakub ; Petruška, Jindřich (referee) ; Vrbka, Jan (advisor)
The master‘s thesis is aimed on numerical simulation of autofrettage of high pressure fuel vessel – rail in Common Rail system. First there is described Chaboche model, which is later used for simulation of autofrettage. There are described different approaches which can be used to obtain sufficient material model. Then there is observed influence of these different approaches on stress state of rail within the process of autofrettage. Suitability of Chaboche model for autofrettage and re-autofrettage simulations is assessed by comparing with more complex Jiang model. In the end there is a study of influence of autofrettage pressure on different properties, especially on residual stresses.
Criteria of Multiaxial Fatigue Life
Blaha, Jakub ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is about fatigue of materials and options of component’s lifetime determination during multiaxial cyclic loading. First it is described mechanism of initiation and grow of fatigue cracks, then the way of determination fatigue life during uniaxial loading and state of stress during multiaxial loading. Then multiaxial fatigue criteria for life time determination are presented. All criteria are based on critical plane and are divided into stress-based, strain-based and energy-based.

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