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Nanoparticles of platinum metals in the environment
Berka, Michal ; Kučerík, Jiří (referee) ; Komendová, Renata (advisor)
Platinum nanoparticles, mainly released from automotive catalysts, pose a potential risk to the environment. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to investigate the effect of platinum nanoparticles on soil properties at different humidities. Specifically, how nanoparticles affect the stability of hydrogen bridges, the stability of aliphatic crystals, and water retention in soil. For the analysis of relations between platinum nanoparticles, water and soil, a method of thermal analysis was used, namely differential scanning calorimetry. The theoretical part is devoted to the general introduction to platinum metals and nanoparticles. And the preparation of nanoparticles, their characterization and their properties. The result of the experiments is that platinum nanoparticles affect the soil properties relatively significantly.
Faktory úspěchu v rané fázi podnikání
Berka, Michal ; Lukeš, Martin (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This thesis discusses factors of success in the process of new business venturing and growth in current business environment. It employs a sample of 200 entrepreneurial cases documented through interviews which were each broken into over 40 mainly quantitative criteria. Aided by simple statistical tools this result is then analyzed and evaluated, leading to a thorough analysis of each of the aspects discussed and finally culminating in conclusion stating which factors are the most significant. Besides purely academic interest, conclusions of this thesis could be of interest to both actual and prospective entrepreneurs.
Financial analysis of the Škoda Auto company
Berka, Michal ; Sieber, Patrik (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor's thesis financially analyses the Skoda Auto company; years 2006-2010. Its first part focuses on methodology and necessary theory, while the second one deals right with the company the financial situation of which is to be scrutinized, with look at the sector as such where useful. The last part summarizes obtained results and attempts to give certain recommendations on how to improve the functionality of said enterprise.

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