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Evaluation of the territorial system of ecological stability in the selected catchment and the proposal for its completion
BERKA, Martin
This thesis is focused on territorial system of ecological stability. In the two cadastral areas are described all the individual parts of the local USES including the characteristics of actual condition. New elements were built, to strengthen the old ones.
Comparison of methods of identification of anaerobic threshold in the cycling part of triathlon
Berka, Martin ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horčic, Josef (referee)
Tittle: Comparison of methodologies for the identification of anaerobic threshold in cycling part of the triatlon Triathlon is an endurance sport combining in a complex of three different sports - swimming, cycling and running. It is a time-consuming sport, where the effectiveness of the training must be at a high level. From the structure of performance in triathlon and the related management training results as the most important prerequisite of effective training to know the individual tracks heart rate and achieved watt performance on the level of the individual anaerobic threshold. To identify and track these values using are used continuous measurements and verifications. One of the most commonly used methods is load diagnostics. Objective: The aim of the thesis is to research literature on load diagnostics. Based on the findings obtained to choose the most frequently used diagnostic test load, which is than applied to the experimental group and the results are statistically compared showing whether there are signifiant differences in the results obtained from the use of different tests. Furthermore, to continue to determine which tests are the most appropriate for evaluation of fitness triathlon in the cycling part of the triathlon. Methodology: The selection and use of selected tests:...
Verification of the Cyclus II for evaluating the performance and level of the training in the triathlon
Berka, Martin ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horčic, Josef (referee)
Title: Verifying the device Cyclus 2 for performance evaluation and training Triathlon Objective: The aim is to verify the suitability of the device Cyclus 2 for triathletes stressful diagnosis and suggest its use for performance evaluation and trénovanosti during RTC. Methods: The work is qualitative in nature with elements of the description and exploration. Results: The result of the work is to create a list of appropriate tests for analyzing training and performance in triathlon and their inclusion in the RTC. Then transfer the user interface device to create and czech manual for its operation in Czech. The most appropriate test for diagnosing trénovanosti and performance in triathlon roundedconsider a test that provides valuable information on growth performance during the annualtraining cycle. Another good test for triathletes is the Wingate test on the ability to work the muscles in the anaerobic mode. Test maximum cadence, maximum strength and CPI test is not stressful for the diagnosis of triathletes too important, but can be used to obtain an overall view of the level of cycling performance. Conconiho test can be used as a simpler butless accurate alternative test round. Keywords: cycling, diagnostics, perseverance
The influence of geometry and cutting tool parameters on residual stress during machining of the pressure containers
Berka, Martin ; Kouřil, Karel (referee) ; Strejček, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the influence of changes in cutting parameters and tool geometry on residual stress inside the material. I examine the influence by deep drilling. Changing the cutting parameters concerns the alteration of the tool feed and the pressure of the coolant during the process. The influence of tool geometry is studied by using two different single edge cannon drills. The research was realized in cooperation with Bosch Diesel Ltd. The theoretical part includes a description of the injection system, in which a high-pressure container is contained. The high-pressure container was used to evaluate the influence of the cutting parameters and tool geometry on residual stress. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the deep drilling technology used and the theory of residual stresses. The practical part shows the measurement parameters and the corresponding results. In the conclusion of this thesis, a technical-economic evaluation of the measurement is conducted.
Tail units design of VUT 100 aircraft made out composite
Berka, Martin ; Cejpek, Jakub (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
This Master´s thesis describes the design of composite horizontal tail of VUT 100 aircraft. Load calculation and selection of the critical load cases is performed. Internal structure of stabilizer and right elevator is designed. Construction materials are chosen and the structure of the composite materials is proposed. FEM models of stabilizer and the right elevator are created in MSC Patran system and consequently the strength test of the models for the selected load cases is executed using MSC Nastran software and COMPOST.
Precision forging
Berka, Martin ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the technology of precision forging. The thesis describes basic distribution of the forging according to the nature of the material flow and his procedure. After the introductory part this thesis deals with the analysis of the methods of the drop forging with fin groove. The next section contains a description, parameters and methods of precision forging. Technical a economical evaluation of the component technology is as a conclusion of the thesis.
Teoretical documents to determining transport erosion for design rainfall
BERKA, Martin
This thesis is focused on erosion and its succesive elimination as antierosion measures. The area of interest is in the cadastral territory of Čížov u Jihlavy. For the calculation of the erosion threat was used the Wischmeier-Smith equation. The proposal has the influence of several factors. It´s rainfall, vegetation cover, soil characteristics, morphology, and other.

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