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The notions about the origins of nations in 14th and 15th century historical culture.
Bažant, Vojtěch ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee) ; Kalous, Antonín (referee)
Vojtěch Bažant, The notions about the origins of nations in 14th and 15th century historical culture, Ph.D. thesis, Institute of Czech History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague 2020 The thesis offers an analysis of narrative structures in medieval historiography about Czech and Hungarian history, more specifically in historiography either created or read and rewritten in the 14th and the 15th century. The research is focused on a variety of narratives of the origins of nations, i.e. on stories retelling the Confusion of Tongues, the search for land and the building of a homeland, the establishment of a new society and, finally, the Christianisation of the tribe or people. Individual medieval historical works are treated as literary narratives, not as sources to be exploited for a reconstruction of historical events or of the context in which the chronicles in question were created. In this scope, the thesis examines individual narrative motifs as well as the entirety of the narrative; motifs are interpreted in their relation to the whole narrative while the chronicles and histories are approached as both meaningful stories and stylized narrations of these. The discourses on Czech and Hungarian histories are not construed in developmental terms; individual historical texts are rather...
Perception of space in Czech travel writing of the 15th century
Bažant, Vojtěch ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Soukup, Pavel (referee)
The theses analyses ways of literary representations of perception of space in Czech 15th century travel narratives. With special regard to the genre classification of the travel narratives, this study covers a part of travellers' mentalities in the Late Middle Ages. The concept of perception of space represents the ways of viewing the surrounding world. It helps to understand how travellers confronted social stereotypes with their own experiences. The thesis highlights how relations between natural foundations of the Earth and human thought are construed and shows that both bear the same importance for the shaping of the narration.
A portrayal of the French and Burgundy lands in eyes of a late medieval Czech traveller
Bažant, Vojtěch ; Soukup, Pavel (referee) ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor)
The Bachelor paper follows topic of books of travels written by squire Jaroslav and Vaclav Sasek of Birkov. Books of travels were part of foreign policy of Bohemian king George of Podiebrady. Kingdom of France and Duchy of Burgundy serve as exemples for analysis of a portrayal of "the other". Study is based on travellers' narrative strategy due to contemporary context.

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